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Toyota 4Y Engine Specs

Specification Value
Production Years 1985-1997
Displacement 2.2 liters (2237 cc)
Fuel System Carburetor
Power Output 90 – 95 hp
Torque Output 175 – 185 Nm
Cylinder Block Material Cast Iron
Block Head Material Aluminum
Cylinder Bore 91 mm
Piston Stroke 86 mm
Compression Ratio 8.8
Features OHV
Hydraulic Lifters Yes
Timing Drive Chain
Phase Regulator No
Turbocharging No
Recommended Engine Oil 5W-30
Engine Oil Capacity 3.5 liters
Fuel Type Petrol
Euro Standards EURO 0
Fuel Consumption (L/100 km) for Toyota Hilux 1990 City: 10.5, Highway: 7.9, Combined: 8.8
Engine Lifespan ~320,000 km
Weight 155 kg

Toyota 4Y Engine FAQ

Is Toyota 4Y a Good Engine?

The Toyota 4Y engine is known for its reliability and longevity. With regular maintenance, this engine can deliver consistent performance over a long period. It's a straightforward engine with minimal electronics, making it easy to repair and maintain. The 4Y engine is also known for its decent power and torque, making it a popular choice among various vehicle applications including light trucks, forklifts, and other commercial vehicles.

Which Cars Use Toyota 4Y Engine?

The Toyota 4Y engine is predominantly found in commercial vehicles and industrial applications rather than personal cars. Some of the notable vehicles equipped with a 4Y engine include:
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Stout
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Toyota TownAce
Additionally, it's a common engine used in forklifts and other industrial equipment.

What is The Difference Between 2Y and 4Y Engine?

The primary differences between the 2Y and 4Y engines lie in their specifications and applications. The 4Y engine has a larger displacement, typically around 2.2 liters, compared to the 2Y's smaller displacement, which is around 1.8 liters. The 4Y engine is generally more powerful and torquey, making it more suitable for commercial and industrial applications. The 2Y engine, on the other hand, is designed for lighter duty applications and is often found in smaller vehicles.

What is The Fuel Consumption of Toyota 4Y Engine?

The fuel consumption of the Toyota 4Y engine can vary based on the specific vehicle it's installed in, its load, and the driving conditions. However, it's often praised for its fuel efficiency, especially in commercial applications where cost-effectiveness is crucial. On average, vehicles equipped with a 4Y engine might achieve around 8 to 12 kilometers per liter, depending on the aforementioned factors.

What is Toyota 2Y Engine?

The Toyota 2Y engine is a smaller displacement engine compared to the 4Y, with a capacity of about 1.8 liters. It's a part of the Y-series engines from Toyota, known for their simplicity and reliability. This engine is often found in lighter duty vehicles and is appreciated for its fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for many motorists.


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