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Toyota Corola 1zz/3zz/4zz low mileage import available For Sale

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Toyota Corola 1zz/3zz/4zz low mileage import available Specs

Specification Details
Fuel Type Petrol
Displacement 1zz: 1.8L, 3zz: 1.6L, 4zz: 1.4L
Valvetrain DOHC
No. of valves 16
Power Output in KW 1zz: 100KW, 3zz: 81KW, 4zz: 71KW
Torque Output 1zz: 171Nm, 3zz: 150Nm, 4zz: 130Nm
Bore x Stroke 1zz: 79.0 mm x 91.5 mm, 3zz: 79.0 mm x 81.5 mm, 4zz: 79.0 mm x 71.3 mm
Compression Ratio 1zz: 10.0:1, 3zz: 10.5:1, 4zz: 10.5:1

Toyota Corola 1zz/3zz/4zz low mileage import available FAQ

Toyota Corola 1zz/3zz/4zz engines
These engines are renowned for their excellent longevity.

This article will look at the history of these engines, common problems to look out for, and that Engine Finder can help uncover where there are used Toyota engines for sale in South Africa.

History -

The first engine is a 1ZZ-FE petrol engine which was fitted to the 1999 Corolla CE110 model. It has 16 valves and an aluminium alloy block with cast iron cylinder liners, utilises SPFI electronic fuel injection, has a 81mm bore x 77mm stroke with a compression ratio of 10:1 producing 100 kW (136 ps) at 6000 rpm and 163 Nm at 4400 rpm. A twin-scroll IHI turbocharger ensures instant throttle response particularly from low revs.

The second engine is a 3ZZ-FE petrol engine which has an aluminium alloy block with cast iron cylinder liners, utilizes SFI electronic fuel injection with dual VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing intelligent) variable valve timing with intelligence on the intake cam for both inlet and exhaust valves. It has 16 valves that are actuated by roller finger followers having finger followers driven by a silent type timing chain.

It utilises MFI internal combustion system that combines the highly atomised effects of fuel injection with swirl control providing efficient air / fuel mixture throughout the compression stroke. The 3ZZ-FE produces 119 kW (162 ps) at 6000 rpm and 183 Nm at 4400 rpm .

The third engine is a 1.4 L 4ZZ-FE petrol engine, also using SPFI fuel injection. It utilises VVT-i on both the intake and exhaust camshafts, high compression domed pistons, iridium spark plugs, lightweight plastic thermo-coupler-less distributor, aluminium alloy inlet manifold integrated into the cylinder head casting for faster engine warm up, two stage induction system (TSS) with electronically actuated waste gate to allow for greater torque at low engine speeds and a stainless steel 4 into 2 into 1 extractor type exhaust system .

The Corolla was sold in South Africa until towards the end of 2003 when it was replaced by an all new model which carried over most of its engines but added another - a 1.6 L 4ZZ-FE petrol engine with VVT-i and MFI fuel injection, producing 128 kW (173 ps) at 6000 rpm and 187 Nm at 4200 rpm .

Common problems -

Carbon deposits on all of the above engines is high likely due to the lack of a 3-stage direct fuel injection system that utilises electronically controlled injectors that provide precise amounts of fuel during each combustion cycle (at low load/low speed) and multiple injections during the compression stroke (at high load / high speeds). The result is less carbon build up in the intake valves, smoother idle and more power.

The second main problem would be on the 1ZZ-FE which had two types of bearings fitted: split full-circle type for engines with over 30,000 km or half-bonded type for engines under this mileage. The former tends to develop a rattle sound while the later exhibits poor oil pressure .

Other problems are common amongst Toyotas - brake pad wearing down due to rust build up on pistons and calipers not opening properly which results in lack of braking power. Engine overheating can also be an issue if coolant level is low or thermostat has failed resulting in loss of cooling efficiency.

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