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Toyota HiAce 3.0D 5L engine Specs

Specification Details
Fuel Type Diesel
Displacement 2986 cc
Valvetrain SOHC
No. of valves 8
Power Output in KW 71 KW
Torque Output 200 Nm
Bore x Stroke 99.5 mm x 96 mm
Compression Ratio 22.2:1

Toyota HiAce 3.0D 5L engine FAQ

Finding a good quality second-hand toyota HiAce 3.0D 5L engines for sale in South Africa is no easy task, especially if you are on a tight deadline. If you are in the market for toyota HiAce 3.0D 5L engines for sale, Enginefinder is your best bet when it comes to finding toyota engine suppliers in South Africa who can deliver on time.

We have toyota engine importers and scrapyards throughout South Africa at our disposal which means that everyone will be able to receive an offer without delay. Buying locally is better than importing even though it might seem cheaper because local dealerships must adhere to strict regulations regarding warranties and guarantees. This also protects the buyer from being scammed in any way, so it is always better to buy toyota HiAce 3.0D 5L engines for sale from a trusted toyota engine supplier in South Africa.

Enginefinder has toyota engine importers that some are also members of the Automobile Association which means that they are fully certified toyota motor dealer, this ensures that all toyota engines suppliers in South Africa follow strict business guidelines when trading with customers.

If you are not interested in toyota HiAce 3.0D 5L engines for sale but require genuine toyota parts or car accessories, Enginefinder can help you find what you need because we have access to an extensive network of scrapyards throughout South Africa who specialize in selling used car components.

Submit your enquiry if you are looking for toyota HiAce 3.0D 5L engines for sale or toyota parts in South Africa via our online form and we will be more than happy to assist you as soon as possible.

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