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    Find A Used Find Used Mercedes OM622 Engines For Sale For Sale

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    More Info

    Mercedes-Benz OM622 and OM626 are a family of in-line four-cylinder reciprocating diesel engine with a displacement of 1598 cm 3 and with direct injection technology Common Rail (c pressures up to 1600 bar). The cylinder diameter is 80 mm, the piston stroke is 79.5 mm. The distance between the cylinders is 88 mm. The compression ratio is 15.4: 1. The engine crankcase is made of cast iron, the cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy. ОМ626 and Renault R9M are among the first diesel engines in the world for passenger cars equipped with steel pistons instead of aluminum ones. As such, they are supplied by Mahle GmbH... Gas distribution mechanism - DOHC with four valves per cylinder and two overhead camshafts.

    The engine is equipped with a variable exhaust turbocharger ( VTG ). The turbine rotor diameter is 37.5 mm. The position of the guide vanes is adjusted by the vacuum chamber, which is controlled by an electro-pneumatic pressure converter of the engine control unit.

    The engine is equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. The exhaust gases enter the particle filter, are cooled and re-fed to the compressor. Subsequent treatment is carried out using a selective neutralizer ( SCR ). Thanks to this and other solutions, the engine complies with the Euro-6 environmental standard.


    The Mercedes-Benz ОМ626 power unit is installed longitudinally in combination with a rear-wheel drive. It is offered in two performance levels: 85 kW (115 PS) and 280 Nm of torque and 100 kW (136 PS) and 320 Nm of torque. The declared fuel consumption per 100 km of track is 4.3 liters in the combined cycle.


    The OM622 engine is a reduced performance modification of the OM626, specially designed for use in minibuses. The working volume remained unchanged, however, the layout has changed, due to which the power unit is installed transversely with a drive on the front wheels. The engine power has decreased and varies from 65 to 84 kW.


    is used in Mercedes-Benz Vito vehicles.

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