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    Looking a used Find Used Mercedes OM642 Engines For Sale for sale?

    Finding a quality used engine in South Africa is hard.

    We all know that finding the right part for your vehicle can be challenging, especially when you are looking for a specific make or model. It’s even more difficult to find someone who will deliver it quickly and at the best price!

    Engine Finder helps you save time by instantly contacting our large network of engine suppliers with one click. Receive multiple quotes from different suppliers so you can choose the best price on your next used engine purchase. Our team of experts helps you navigate through thousands of ads to help ensure that you get exactly what you need, without any extra hassle or cost!

    Instantly contact our large network of engine suppliers!

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    More Info

    Diesel engines of the Mercedes-Benz OM642 family are made in a V6 configuration with a camber angle of 72 ? and are equipped with direct fuel injection of the 3rd generation Common rail system (with an injection pressure of up to 1600 bar and piezo injectors), BlueTEC technology , intercooler and turbocharger. Available in DE30LA , DE30LA red versions. and LSDE30LA. The working volume for all variants is 2987 cubic meters. see. The compression ratio is 18: 1. Gas distribution mechanism - DOHC , 4 valves per cylinder. The engine block and piston are made of heat-resistant aluminum alloy. The bore is 83 mm and the stroke is 92 mm. Two integrated camshafts are installed on each cylinder head. The valves are controlled by a roller rocker. The camshaft is driven by a roller chain and a sprocket wheel.

    The engine crankcase is made of die-cast aluminum with a through cross strut and gray cast iron cylinder liners to significantly reduce engine weight. The connecting rods are made of forged steel. The forged crankshaft is made of tempered steel with a wide main journal bearing surface. The maximum combustion pressure is 175 bar. Electronic engine control unit Bosch EDC17.

    The injectors are designed as 8-hole nozzles. Supercharging with VTG turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. Intake and charge tracts with optimized air flow improve charge changeover. The charge air cooler reduces the charge air temperature to 95 ? C.

    To improve environmental performance, the engine uses a cooled exhaust gas recirculation ( AGR ) in the cylinders, a large-volume particulate filter and a storage neutralizer of nitrogen oxides. The regeneration of the filter is carried out without the use of additional substances using the engine management system. Selective catalyst SCR ( Engl. S elective C atalytic R eduction) traps the ammonia formed during the combustion of nitrogen oxides and prepares it for further reactions to reduce the content of nitrogen oxides. It also serves as a filter for retaining odors when cleaning the storage neutralizer of nitrogen oxides from sulfur compounds. The set of these measures is the BlueTEC technology.

    Piezo injectors allow up to 5 injections per cycle. As a result, fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions are reduced, as well as noise emissions. At the same time, the responsiveness and dynamics of the engine are improved. The VTG turbocharger with variable turbine geometry delivers both high power and high torque even at low revs. The VTG turbocharger is electrically regulated for precise and fast boost pressure control. The engine is equipped with a generator control system, which reduces fuel consumption.

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