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    Wheel bearings allow the wheels of your vehicle to turn with minimal friction. They carry the full weight of the car, plus lateral force when turning, for hundreds of thousands of miles and thousands of revolutions per minute. As a result, they take a lot of stress. To keep them protected, the wheel bearings are coated with lubricant to perform optimally and then sealed to keep grease inside and dust and sand outside. If the lubricant seal is damaged, this is particularly damaging to the bearing as it means that water can get in, which in turn will cause the bearing to rust. There are two types of wheel bearings. The older type is a very useful set of parts, however most of the bearings in today's cars are whole units, It is important to replace them as soon as you notice anything strange as faulty wheel bearings can be dangerous. Luckily, it is easy to do. In addition, with Engine Finder, you can buy bearings for your car online and at competitive prices , as well as get super fast delivery. SIGNS THAT WARN YOU NEED NEW WHEEL BEARINGS On average, wheel bearings are designed to last around 200,000 kilometers. However, depending on how you use your vehicle, this can be significantly reduced. Whatever type you have, the signs that you need new bearings are always the same. You can perform a visual inspection by lifting your vehicle. Spin the wheel as fast as you can. If you hear any grinding noises, this is a clear indication that the bearing has failed. You can also turn two wheels at the same time - if one turns slower than the other, then you probably have a bad wheel bearing. You can also try moving the wheel from side to side; If it moves more than 4 or 5 inches, then it means the bearings will need replaced. Noise while driving is another clear sign. It is normally a dragging sound but depending on how soundproof your vehicle is it can also be softer and more muffled. The sound should louder and decrease according to how fast you are driving, and may be more noticeable when turning. It should also get stronger the longer you drive, as the lubricant starts to heat up. Another sign that you need to buy wheel bearings is wheel vibration. While this usually indicates a problem with the tire, it can also mean the loss of a bearing. Lastly, faulty bearings can also cause the wheel to "roll" while driving. This is often misidentified as a problem with the steering wheel or tires. FIND WHEEL BEARINGS ONLINE AT ENGINE FINDER When looking for wheel bearings online it is important to make sure that you get the correct ones for your car. That's why at Engine Finder, we've made it simple. With our search function, all you have to do is enter your model and we will find the right product for you in seconds - quick and easy . In addition, buying with us you will also enjoy fast delivery and product tracking so that you know where it is at all times. That is why we are one of the main South African markets for spare parts and accessories.

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