engine error codesFord Engine Fault Errors


Engine overheating. The causes of the error P1299 are many, starting from a failed thermostat and ending with a burnout of the cylinder head gasket. Detailed powertrain diagnostics required


If you read the transcript for the Ford Escape codes or another model, you can find out that this error indicates a breakdown of the servo-motor. The engine is subject to diagnosis and replacement.


Code P061A reports an incorrect operation of the control module according to the torque readings. Often, such an error appears after chip tuning the engine. It may be necessary to adapt the microprocessor to new operating conditions.


Faulty auto engine fan. The problem may be a failure of the safety device or oxidation of the contacts on the connector of the connection circuit. Detailed line diagnostics and pad cleaning required


Engine coolant temperature is too high. The antifreeze sensor may malfunction if, in fact, the power unit does not overheat


Jam A is jammed on the engine radiator grill. The cooler is equipped with so-called electric shutters; an incorrect signal may come from them. Checking contact of flap motor contact required


Literally, the code can be decoded as reduced quality of the engine fluid. If the lubricant has changed for a long time, then it is necessary to replace it. The engine may have been filled with oil that does not meet the standardP060CMalfunctions in the microprocessor module. The error code reports a malfunction of the main processor


Inconsistency of the gas pedal position. The reason must be sought in the engine control unit


Problems in the nozzle amplifierU2300Faulty vehicle configuration. Most likely, the problem is related to the operation of the engine control unit

C401 64

Error transmitting data from the power unit. When this code appears, check the operation of the engine control module


Malfunction in the power unit control unit. Code P060A indicates problems in the operation of the monitoring system

C40168, C42268

Incorrect data received from the engine control unit. If an error occurs, check the microprocessor connectors

160782, C14000

Invalid data, adaptive engine parameters do not match performance. In practice, problem 16078 is usually associated with the regular use of low-quality fuel.


Increased engine speed. There can be many causes for the problem, but first check the idle sensor


Incorrect operation of the injection pump in the first turbine. Code P0251 may be a malfunction of the device itself or its power line


The code P0500 indicates the inaccuracy of data from the PCM about the speed of the machine. The problem is usually related to the lack of interconnection between the ABS modules and the engine control unit. The latter does not see data on the speed of the car, as a result of which the automatic transmission is in emergency mode


Error code P0606 indicates a malfunction in the engine control unit. When the combination 0606 appears, first of all, you need to check the correct connection of the device, as well as the quality of its contact with the mains. The reason may be a software malfunction of the module; to solve it, you will have to flashing the unit

P0607, P0608

Codes P0607 and 0608 also indicate a breakdown of the microprocessor module. Diagnostic steps are performed similarly.


The process of configuring the microprocessor module has not been completed; verification of the device wiring is required. If the software has crashed, a block flashing is performed


Code 1616 indicates a failure of the flash memory module in the control unit. It is necessary to check the microprocessor firmware


Error P1631 indicates a malfunction of the ECM relay; part replacement is required


Code P2463 indicates a clogged particulate filter. The device must be cleaned or replaced. After fixing the problem, code 2463 should disappear on its ownP2566Incorrect turbocharger performance recorded by the transmission control module


Turbocharger position control performance too high. It is necessary to diagnose the turbine

How To Read Ford Fault Error codes


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