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    Looking For A Used Ford Ikon Engine?

    Looking for a Ford Ikon stripping for spares?  Plenty of good reasons as to why you may be trying to find a Ford Ikon pre-owned motor for sale. The engine could have seized, you may have involved in an awful accident or perhaps the engine is basically very aged and requires substituting. Locating a Ford Ikon motor very quickly is critical, simply because our everyday existence rely predominantly on safe transportation.

    Our website will assist any person in South Africa easily and quickly locate an engine for their Ford Ikon. We shall assist you to immediately communicate with the salvage yards and Ford Ikon engine importers within South Africa, regardless of make or model of the car.

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    About The Ford Ikon

    The Ford Ikon is a popular sedan model marketed and sold by Ford in South Africa from the late 1990s until the early 2010s. It was a compact car designed for the entry-level market. It was known for its affordability, reliability, and practice of several engine options available for the Ford Ikon, ranging from small, fuel-efficient optioonesarger to more powerful engines. The most common machines in the Ford Ikon were the 1.3-litre and 11.6-litre petrol engines, designed to balance fuel economy and performance. These engines were also used in Ford models,s such as the Fiesta and the Escort.

    Ford Rocam Engine

    The 1.3-litre engine used in the Ford Ikon had the engine code “ROCAM,” while the 11.6-litre engine had the Zetec.” Both engines were known for their durability and reliability and were relatively easy to maintain and repair.

    Common Ford Ikon Engine Problems

    Despite their reputation for reliability, the Ford Ikon engines did experience some common problems over the years.

    • One of the most common issues was with the timing belt, which could wear out and break if not replaced on a regular schedule. This could cause significant damage to the engine and lead to expensive repairs.
    • Another common way with the valve stem seals, which could fail and cause oil to leak into the combustion chamber. This could result in poor engine performance, increased emissions, and reduced fuel efficiency.
    • Other issues reported with the Ford Ikon engines included problems with the fuel injectors, which could become clogged and cause misfires or rough idling, and issues with the ignition system, which could cause problems with starting the engine or cause it to stall unexpectedly.

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