Ford Ranger 2.2 Engine Price in South Africa

The Ford Ranger 2.2 diesel engine is a popular choice among South African bakkie owners. Whether you need to replace your existing engine or are considering buying a used Ford Ranger, understanding the prices and specifications of the 2.2 engine is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the Ford Ranger 2.2 engine prices in South Africa, compatibility, common problems, and buying tips.

Ford Ranger Engine

Ford Ranger Engine

Ford Ranger 2.2 Engine Specifications

The Ford Ranger 2.2 engine, with codes such as FBB3Q6006EA, 4ESP, QJ2K, PF2K, and QJ2L, is a diesel powerplant known for its reliability and performance. Key specifications include:

  • Engine capacity: 2.2 liters
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Turbocharger: Single or twin-turbo, depending on the model
  • Power output: Varies by model and year

Average Prices for New and Used Ford Ranger 2.2 Engines in South Africa

Engine Type Price Range
New Genuine Ford 2.2 Engine R 80,000 – R 120,000
Used Ford Ranger 2.2 Engine R 25,000 – R 60,000

Prices for new genuine Ford Ranger 2.2 engines from authorized dealers like Barloworld Selby Ford and Mazda Parts Centre range from R 80,000 to R 120,000, with a typical warranty of 6 months or 10,000 km. Used engines, available from suppliers such as Japan Auto and Tonmax Engines, can cost between R 25,000 and R 60,000, depending on factors like condition and mileage.

Ford Ranger 2.2 Engine Compatibility and Fitment

The Ford Ranger 2.2 engine is compatible with various Ranger models, including the T6 (2011-present), as well as the Mazda BT-50. To ensure proper fitment, always provide your vehicle’s VIN number when purchasing an engine.

Common Ford Ranger 2.2 Engine Problems and Reliability

While generally reliable, the Ford Ranger 2.2 engine may experience some common issues, such as:

  • Turbocharger failures
  • Fuel injector problems
  • EGR valve blockages
  • Timing belt or chain issues

However, with proper maintenance and care, the 2.2 engine can provide problem-free performance for many years and kilometers, as evidenced by owners reporting trouble-free operation for 8 years and 170,000 km or more.

Buying a Used Ford Ranger in South Africa

The Ford Ranger is a popular bakkie in South Africa, with the double cab being the most prevalent body style. When buying a used Ford Ranger, consider the following:

  • Have the vehicle inspected by a trusted mechanic
  • Check the service history and maintenance records
  • Be aware of common issues and repair costs
  • Compare prices and conditions across multiple listings

Used Ford Ranger prices vary depending on factors like year, mileage, and condition.


Understanding the Ford Ranger 2.2 engine prices in South Africa, along with its specifications, compatibility, and common issues, is essential for both current owners and prospective buyers. By choosing the right engine from authorized dealers or reputable suppliers and following proper maintenance practices, you can enjoy the performance and reliability of the Ford Ranger 2.2 engine for years to come. For more information on engine types, maintenance tips, and troubleshooting guides, explore our comprehensive resources at Engine Finder.

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