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Used Ford Engines For Sale in South Africa

Has your Ford engine performance witnessed better days? Looking for used Ford engines for sale? Are you an automobile dealer that needs to replace a motor rapidly? Or maybe an auto mechanic that requires some asking prices?

Whomever you are, wherever you are based, Engine Finder will assist you in locating virtually all types of complete engines for sale. We permit you to quickly get in touch with an extensive network of Ford engine importers in South Africa. Get estimates from South African Ford motor spare businesses and assess the quotes. We also can assist with Ford spares too!

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    Our selection also features engines from distinguished manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz complete engines for sale and Mini Cooper second hand engines for sale, catering to diverse needs. Our suppliers undergo a strict vetting process, ensuring they meet our high standards for engine quality and customer satisfaction. Choose Engine Finder for reliable, high-quality engine replacements.

    Average Price & Specs of Popular Ford Engines

    Here is a table of popular Ford engines for sale in South Africa with their specs and average prices:

    Engine Model Displacement Fuel Type Valves Power Output (kW) Torque Output (Nm) Average Price
    Ford Ka Endura J4C/D/K/P/S 1.3L Gasoline 8v 44 102 R8,800
    Ford Fiesta FUJB 1.3L Gasoline 16v 51 106 R9,300
    Ford Fiesta A9JA 1.3L Gasoline 8v 44 100 R9,000
    Ford Fiesta/Fusion F6JB 1.4L Diesel 8v 50 160 R12,800
    Ford Fiesta FXJA/B 1.4L Gasoline 16v 59 128 R9,300 – R16,000
    Ford Fiesta SPJA 1.4L Gasoline 16v 71 125 R16,000
    Ford Fiesta FYJB 1.6L Gasoline 16v 74 146 R9,300
    Ford Focus ASDA 1.4L Gasoline 16v 59 124 R9,300
    Ford Focus FYDA/B 1.6L Gasoline 16v 74 150 R9,300
    Ford Focus SHDA 1.6L Gasoline 16v 85 155 R16,000
    Ford Focus PNDA 1.6L Gasoline 16v 85 155 R14,900
    Ford Focus HXDA 1.6L Gasoline 16v 88 150 R16,000
    Ford Focus HWDA 1.6L Gasoline 16v 74 146 R9,500
    Ford Mondeo CHBA 1.8L Gasoline 16v 85 165 R10,000
    Ford Focus EYDC 1.8L Gasoline 16v 85 165 R8,500
    Ford Focus QQDB 1.8L Gasoline 16v 96 172 R13,500
    Ford Focus EDDB/C 2.0L Gasoline 16v 96 178 R8,300
    Ford Mondeo CJBA/B 2.0L Gasoline 16v 107 190 R8,800 – R10,000
    Ford Mondeo NGB 2.0L Gasoline 16v 107 190 R8,300
    Ford Focus MGDA NA 2.0L Gasoline 16v 107 185 R25,500
    Ford Focus MGDA T 2.0L Gasoline 16v 166 320 R50,000