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Essentially the most tricky issues with seeking used Ford Mondeo spares in SA would be the hunt for 2nd hand Ford engines. South Africa has lots, or even thousands, of 2nd hand scrap yard businesses. If you find yourself on the go to acquire a 2nd hand engine, contacting everyone is not a wise use of time. Our team is aware that you will need a dependable used Ford Mondeo engine within the quickest time frame achievable. If prices, dependability and time are your top consideration, we then have the solution for you! Simply phone us or complete the enquiry form and you will be 1 step closer to finding your replacement motor.

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Latest Ford Mondeo Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2018-09-07 23:09:54 +02:00
Cape Town
2.5 v6 duretac
Looking for a ford mondeo si 2.5 duratec v6 engine
2018-09-05 01:46:43 +02:00
port elizabath
need a engine control box
2018-07-30 15:22:20 +02:00
Need second hand engine for ford Mondeo 2lt 16valve 2001 Model
2018-07-14 15:16:17 +02:00
johann burger
cape town
I`m looking for a 2.0 lt Duratec or Zeetec engine in good condition.
2018-07-06 11:53:57 +02:00
Clayton Bihl
1.8 lt Zetec Mondeo
complete ford mondeo enjin
Common Ford Mondeo Engine Problems

Ten Engine Warning Signs

Whenever your Ford Mondeo’s motor fails, it’s a total hassle. It will not only put your Ford Mondeo out of working order, but it may also be tricky to assess and much more complicated to fix. Whether or not the problem is arising from your Ford Mondeo heating up, a back firing or the engine light turns on, the systems within your Ford Mondeo typically display special warning signs that point out upcoming failure.

What May Be the Trouble?
Here are a couple of the common Ford engine problems and just how you can find these.

Diminished lubrication.
Your Ford Mondeo should have oil between its turning parts. It will minimize friction, but it will simultaneously eliminate heat. That is why failing to substitute oil at the suggested intervals may ultimately severely ruin your Ford Mondeo engine. Unbalanced lubrication can cause overheating and may even lead to your Ford Mondeo engine breaking down. Lower volumes might indicate leakage and also burning.

Oil pump fail.
When a vehicle’s oil pump is not functioning, the engine definitely will seize from too little oil that will almost always cause beyond repair damages. Be sure that you’re making use of the best type of oil in your engine, mainly in the higher-risk overhead cam motors.

Mucky engine oil.
Once engine oil is scummy, instead of rendering an obstacle amongst combustion chambers and intake vales, it results in by-products that creates overheating. It will also break a automobile’s bearings any time foreign matter becomes stuck on the surface. To successfully counteract this, substitute oil as consistently as possible and ensure your oil filter is not stopped up.

Worn spark plug.
Small and yet imperative, a spark plug is what makes the automobile move. It ignites pressurized gasoline by transferring electrical energy from the spark plug’s end to the electrode in the engine. A used spark plug results in a poor spark. It may well in fact prevent ignition totally, or initiate ignition at the inaccurate instance. This wear may lead to an inadequate or non-existent ignite, which in turn brings about engine failure.

Spark knock.
Detonation, or engine knock, is a type of combustion a result of the build-up of an excessive amount pressure and heat inside the motors ignition chamber. A person can listen to engine detonation quickly, while it creates a loud, ringing tapping sound. A tiny degree of knocking usually would not induce severe damage, however a constant or intense detonation will be a large problem for your Ford Mondeo. Every time a knock is found, the camshaft is not running in addition to the pistons.

Damaged or problematic oxygen sensor.
Inside of the engine there is a sensing unit that quantifies o2 expenditure from your exhaust system. Then it talks the Ford Mondeo’s computer system what amount petrol is in the petrol tank. A problem with the o2 probe / sensor indicates the automobile draws completely wrong information.

Low compression.
In the event the fuel and air flow are not properly combined in unison, the engine can’t perform its combustion process effectively. If combustion is not taking place, the engine will not operate. You can get many issues at which compression may be faltering, like cylinders and pistons.

Coolant loss.
Should your engine is consistently overheating, you may well be dealing with coolant loss. The ending hot temperatures can certainly damage the motor and it is also costly to repair. Avoidance is the greatest solution to increasing the resilience of your motor so abide by your vehicle’s proposed schedule for flushing the coolant system.

Stopped up radiator.
Much like oil, coolant can be unclean as time passes. Deposit coming from grimy coolant inhibits air flow from passing through the radiator that will likely make the motor to overheat. Your radiator may also get corroded if hard water is utilized.

Unfastened or missing petrol lid.
Among the most straightforward automobile related difficulties to solve is definitely a wobbly or missing gas cap. Loose fuel caps unleash gasoline gases into the economy which could minimize a vehicle’s gas mileage and perhaps increase the sum of money expended on gas. In case you are observing that gasoline is exhausted a lot before it should, you should buy a new petrol cap.

In case your “check engine” signal springs on, you should not stress. Whatever you may think is awry it’s essential that you get hold of a motor vehicle repair expert. If you do wish to swap your motor, then let us help you to get quotes from our big network of scrap yards in SA.