Honda Check Engine Light Common Causes

Has your Honda Accord, Civic, or CR-V’s check engine light come on? When you notice an engine warning light on your dashboard for the first time, it might be unsettling. The “check engine” warning light may be activated by a broad variety of problems, some of which are more significant than others.

Thankfully, Engine Finder is available to assist you in determining what could be wrong and what to do next. We have included a list below that details the most typical reasons why a check engine light may come on.

Your petrol cap is either missing, damaged, or has become loose.

Problems with the petrol cap may lower fuel pressure and let fuel vapors escape, which will decrease fuel efficiency and increase dangerous emissions.

Failing Catalytic Converter

Over time, particularly with higher mileage cars, your catalytic converter may get clogged with debris. The catalytic converter, which eliminates harmful carbon monoxide, is an essential component of the emissions system. Fuel efficiency and vehicle performance may be significantly affected by a faulty or blocked catalytic converter.

Defective Spark Plugs and/or Spark Plug Wires

You will inevitably find that you need to replace either your spark plugs or your spark plug wires. Your engine is able to start and continue to operate because it has spark plugs that generate a hot spark that burns the air-and-fuel combination that is contained inside the cylinder. Your engine may misfire, resulting in decreased fuel efficiency, performance, or even total failure. Defective spark plugs and spark plug wires might even prohibit your engine from starting.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Your oxygen sensor may need to be replaced since it has been exposed to hot exhaust gas for a long time. The oxygen sensor gives the ECU crucial information about the air-fuel combination. Your car’s computer may over- or under-fuel the engine as a result of a damaged oxygen sensor. An engine that has too much gasoline will produce a lot of smoke and stench, while one that has too little fuel would likely completely fail.

Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor may malfunction when exposed to soiled or particle-rich air. Like oxygen sensors, MAF sensors analyze engine air to maintain correct air-fuel combination. Your engine may misfire as a result of a bad MAF sensor, which will eventually result in poor fuel efficiency, poor performance, and maybe further needless engine damage.

What to Do if the Check Engine Light on Your Honda Comes On

No matter what the circumstance, we always advise visiting a Honda facility when your car’s check engine light illuminates so that one of the skilled mechanics can correctly diagnose and fix your car. The most recent diagnostic tools are available to the service professionals, who can swiftly scan Honda OBD codes.

You can tell what could be wrong with your Honda and how serious the problem is by how your check engine light behaves. In order to better assist you in determining what steps you need to take next, the following potential outcomes have been outlined:

  • Not all circumstances trigger the check engine light: Be careful to pay attention to any changes in your car’s performance if your check engine light starts to come on irregularly. Try driving your car as little as you can before bringing it in for servicing if you do notice a change. Most likely, a component will fail, and if that happens, you face the chance of your car not starting again.
  • The warning light for the engine is on all the time: The onboard diagnostic system in your car has found a problem that has to be rectified. Even if your car may seem to be running well, it’s advisable to take it in for servicing as soon as you can to avoid developing more problems.
  • There is a performance problem and the check engine light is on: If your car’s check engine light is on and you’ve noticed a persistent drop in performance, it’s possible that this is because your car has automatically switched into limp mode to save further damage. In order to avoid causing any engine damage, you should tow the car right away to our repair facility.
  • While driving, the engine check light is on and blinking: Contrary to the previous scenario, in which the light would intermittently flicker, if the check engine light on your dashboard is flashing nonstop, this almost always signals that there is a significant problem with your vehicle, and you ought to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. We advise having your car hauled here if you are far from our service location simply to be safe.

Final Thoughts

You may find that with the visit to the mechanic or service centre, that it’s time to replace your engine. Engine Finder can help you with locating a quality used Honda engines for sale from a network of Honda scrap yards in South Africa.

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Potential issues, causes, and solutions have been identified in the above article based on the experiences of car owners and repairers, as well as web materials such as forum blogs and technical support bulletins. This data is supplied exclusively for the purpose of reference. Only appropriately qualified persons should perform repairs and/or changes on your vehicles.

While it’s important to keep in mind, it’s also important to note that the amount of times anything is mentioned here should not be seen as a sign of its reliability or frequency. Various owners, driving in different ways, and caring for their vehicles in distinct ways will cause two identical vehicles to perform differently.

As previously said, this material is supplied primarily for reference reasons; nonetheless, we hope that by doing so, we will be able to supply you with essential knowledge that will allow you to make informed decisions whenever you encounter any of the aforementioned setbacks.

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