engine error codesHonda Engine Fault Codes


Malfunction of the drive mechanism of the variable valve timing systemP0011On cars Honda Insper UA2, Civic 4D and other models, this code appears when the engine camshaft is in the wrong position.

Possible causes of the malfunction:

  • lack of supply or a weak flow of consumables into the piston chamber, which may indicate clogging and difficult patency of the oil channels;
  • damage to the teeth of the gear shaft or other mechanical defects;
  • failure of the phase sensor as a result of clogged channels;
  • failure of the electrical wiring in the gas distribution system.


The malfunction is associated with violations in the production of the air-fuel mixture. When this error occurs, jumps in revolutions, increase in fuel consumption, critical “tripling” of the power unit are possible.

The reasons why this error appears:

  • malfunction of the flowmeter;
  • clogged air filter element;
  • violation of fuel pressure, which may be due to malfunction or malfunction of the sensor;
  • breakage or incorrect operation of ignition coils;
  • a malfunction of the exhaust gas recirculation system that occurred as a result of a valve breakdown;
  • failure of the oxygen controller.


Code P0171 indicates depletion of the air-fuel mixtureP0172The combination 0172 appears when re-enriched mixture in the cylinders of the power unit.

Possible causes of the problem:

  • failure, lack of contact or contamination of the flow meter;
  • malfunction of the air filter, clogged or air leaks on the highway;
  • malfunction of the oxygen controller, damage to the power cable of the lambda probe;
  • malfunction of the adsorber valve;
  • too high pressure in the fuel rail, which is associated with a failure of the sensor or damage to the fuel return system.


Lean cylinder message


The control unit has registered an excess of the permissible speed of the power unit. The engine may not develop sufficient power and function in emergency mode.


The vehicle’s on-board computer recorded random misfire in the air-fuel mixture


Misfire fixed in the first cylinder of the power unitP0302Misfires recorded in the second engine cylinder


In case of error Р0303, the misfire in the fourth cylinder of the power unit is recorded by the on-board computerP0304The vehicle’s on-board computer misfires in the fourth engine cylinder


Error code P0420 or 0420 appears when the efficiency of the catalytic converter is low.

Symptoms of this node:

  1. A long set of speed when driving. It is noteworthy that the problem manifests itself up to a certain point, which is determined by the degree of contamination or damage to the catalyst device.
  2. The appearance of the Check Engine indicator on the dashboard.
  3. Increased fuel consumption.


This code indicates engine problems associated with the operation of the throttle or idle speed sensor. It is necessary to test both nodes; cleaning the controller may be required.


P1009 code for OBD1 indicates a malfunction in the VTEC valve


Malfunctions in the second cylinder of the power unit


1078 is a consequence of jamming the intake manifold valve in the low frequency position


Problems in the operation of the valve timing control system. The problem is typical only for four-cylinder car models.


Misfire on the second head, located closer to the passenger compartmentP1399On Honda HR V, Civic 4D, Accord CC7 vehicles, random or multiple misfires in engine cylinders are indicated.

The main signs in which the code P1399 appears:

  • “Tripling” of the power unit;
  • the appearance of pops in the exhaust system;
  • reduced power when driving at high loads;
  • the appearance of a smell of fuel from a muffler;
  • The Check indicator on the dashboard lights up.

The main causes of the malfunction:

  1. Errors in the formation of the air-fuel mixture of the engine. Over time, the power unit nozzles become clogged with wear products and deposits that are in the fuel. Because of this, the injector cannot supply fuel in full.
  2. Malfunction of elements of the ignition system, high-voltage wires and other components. It may disconnect or interrupt the contact on the coil supply line.
  3. A drop in the compression level or the spread of this parameter across the cylinders. The problem may be due to sticking or failure of the piston rings.
  4. Burnout valves.


Code 1701 appears when there is an error in the ratio of the input and output shaft speeds. The problem may be a malfunction of the digital bus or wiring, poor contact or a breakdown of the frequency sensor.


The P2646 (2646) code for cars 1995, 2010 and other years of release literally means “jamming of the VTEC valve timing control system when the position is off.” To check the error, you will need a low pressure gauge with an adapter, as well as a hose to measure this indicator in the engine fluid.

Diagnostic and troubleshooting steps:

  1. At the first stage, the oil level is diagnosed. In the absence of the required volume, liquid is added.
  2. The key in the lock scrolls to turn on the ignition system. The error code must be deleted using the HDS. Then, diagnostics are again performed using this system. These actions will make sure whether the “disappearing” is a mistake or not. After that, the ignition is turned off.
  3. If the error persists, the EOR controller is dismantled. A pressure gauge is connected, and a regulator is installed in the adapter for mounting it. During installation, a new o-ring must be used.
  4. The engine is starting up, the operation of the power unit must be maintained at about 3 thousand revolutions per minute. Higher load is not recommended. It is necessary to wait until the power unit cooling radiator turns on, in this mode the engine should work for another two minutes.
  5. Then the pressure of the engine fluid is checked. If this indicator increases, then the EOR controller changes; if not, the rocker control valve for the rocker is changed.
  6. The ignition is turned off, all connectors are connected. The ignition is switched back on, the control module data is reset and its programming in idle mode.
  7. A control trip with a crankshaft speed of not more than 3300 and not less than 1300 rpm is performed.
  8. Diagnostics of code 2646 is performed again. If an error occurs, check the quality of the contact or the loosening of the terminal clamps on the rocker control valve.


The combination of P2647 (2647) indicates a stuck VTEC system valve, possible causes of the problem:

  • the use of low-quality or exhausted engine fluid;
  • lack of oil or its low level in the engine;
  • damage to the wiring or disconnecting the cable from the device;
  • blockage of the mesh on the VTEC valve;
  • malfunction of the engine fluid pressure controller on the valve.

How To Read Honda Fault Codes


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