How To Scrap A Car In South Africa

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When a car has surpassed its days of good use, it’s your responsibility to deregister it and have it scrapped. Often, cars are too old and are no longer worth repairing, or it’s been written off in a nasty accident. In such cases, selling your car for scrap to a salvage yard or someone that can make use of the used parts. You thus likewise have the opportunity to make some money.

So if you are looking for advice on the process of scrapping your car and getting the best price for your car, read on! Unless, of course, your car is appealing, selling a ‘right off’ vehicle could be challenging, and you will probably not trade it for a high price.

Nevertheless, scrapping a car might get you a higher price. The cost of a scrapped vehicle depends upon the current market price for the car’s make, model, weight and size and specific metals. Should you be looking for a precise value for scrapping the car, it is advisable to visit a local scrap yard for a quick appraisal. Should your car be an everyday economy car, scrapping a car in South Africa will be the smart thing to do!

Legal Guidelines For Scrapping Your Vehicle

legal requirements for scrapping a car in south africa

To sell a car for scrap (since it is entirely lawful to scrap a car in South Africa), you must adhere to the legal procedures of discarding your automobile.

South African legislation states you need to adhere to a specific procedure should your car become entirely unfit to be used:

(a) Inform the owner of the vehicle

(b) At the nearest registering authority, fill in the CNP or MVR1A form, inside of 3-months, to declare that the car is now completely not fit for usage

(c) Publish the vehicle’s registration certification towards the relevant registering authority

Subsequently, you must make sure that the motor vehicle’s titleholder, as known as in sub-regulation 1, will take on the duty to:

(a) Inform the proper authority, by filling out the ADV form, inside of 3 months, to state that the car is now entirely unsuitable for usage

(b) Inform the nearest registering authority, within three months, the vehicle has been altogether scrapped by filling out ADV1 form

(c) Hand in the certificate referred to in regulation 13B vehicle’s original registration certificate

(d) Hand in an affidavit stating why the vehicle has been scrapped

(e) Hand in a scrapped certificate such as the date and place of scrapping, and also the address and name of the individual assisted with the scrapping

Thirdly, anytime acquiring the receipt, it’s your responsibility to check with that the registering authority:

(a) That the correct notification receipt has been issued

(b) They have updated the appropriate info of the registered vehicle

(c) That they have accepted of notification receipt on the ARN, as referenced in sub-regulation 1b or 6a

(d) That they have issued a de-registration document, on the VDC form, towards the vehicle’s titleholder, as referenced in sub-regulation 2a, 2b or 7a

4th, when it comes to sub-regulation 3c, if the registering authority approves sub-regulation 1b document receipt, you won’t be responsible for licensing the vehicle. This is effective from the 1st day of the month, following the month where the acknowledgement of receipt was given.

5th, regarding sub-regulation 3b, if the vehicle’s document has been modified, the document update may be stored for five years following the update.

6th, if notice of the destruction hasn’t been supplied with regards to sub-regulation 1b, it’s your duty, inside of 3 months, to:

(a) Inform the registering authority with the CNV form

(b) Adhere to sub-regulation 1a, 1bband 1c

7th, if permanent destruction of the automobile hasn’t been mentioned in the notice referenced in sub-regulation 2a or b, it will be the car title holder’s duty, inside of 3-months of scrapping, to:

(a) Inform the registering authority on the ADV1 form

(b) Abide by sub-regulation a, b, c, d and e.

How much can I get for scrapping my car?

selling car for parts

It all depends on how bad the condition of your car is, but as a guide, you can expect to get between 12 and 20% of the current market price. This used market price is determined by TransUnion and printed in their month-to-month Auto Dealer’s Guide. These tips have been collected by Trans Union by way of thousands of sources of sales prices present within the used vehicle trade and put together in a single helpful guide every month. It’s open to genuine dealers and other associated industry companies for a fee every month.

AutoTrader is another excellent source for figuring out the value of your car, and lots of used car dealerships use AutoTrader as their primary method to obtain vehicle values. Merely visit their website, type in the make, model, and year of the vehicle, and perform a search to determine exactly what the car’s retail price is. You’re going to get a valuable collection of prices based on condition and mileage.

A frequent example of a scrap price for a car

For example, let’s say you want to sell a scrapped 2009 VW Golf GTi; its current market price (at the time of writing this) comes in the vicinity of between R130 000 and R150 000. Based on salvageable parts, the estimated value is going to be between R15 000 and R30 000, utilizing the range of 12 to 20 % of the retail price.

12 to 20 %  is the market standard from scrap yards

However, it will depend, obviously, on how much of the scrapped car is salvageable. The leading spares that need to be salvaged would be the gearbox, engine and differential. If they are beyond repair, then expect a lower price.

It is a wise decision to deregister and scrap your vehicle yourself.

Most scrap yards tend to scrap the vehicles by themselves by following the advice above with the traffic authorities. If the scrapped car, with its VIN in place for the original framework, is bought following this and then re-assembled with used spare parts from yet another scrapped vehicle, it will be ranked as a Code 3 automobile and doesn’t merit regular retail prices. Insurance of these cars is another issue.

It’s recommended that title holders of scrap cars take it upon themselves to deregister an automobile. Follow our guide above for procedures on how to to do this.

Vehicle registration codes

  • Code 1: new vehicles
  • Code 2: used vehicles
  • Code 3 rebuilt vehicles from parts being damaged and scrapped.
  • Code 4 is a scrapped vehicle.

Code 3 vehicles then need to go via the procedure, including clearances on the parts and chassis and roadworthy evaluation to be re-registered for use. However, this isn’t the problem of the owner who’s scrapping a vehicle.

Scrapping a car in South Africa is not only your right, but it’s additionally lawful. We advise you to follow the above steps on lawfully selling your vehicle for scrap to ensure a safe and secure damaged vehicle selling process.

As gathered from gov. za, the info above is only a guide. It doesn’t alter any laws and regulations, as established within the National Road Traffic Regulations or the South African National Road Traffic Act.

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Potential issues, causes, and solutions have been identified in the above article based on the experiences of car owners and repairers, as well as web materials such as forum blogs and technical support bulletins. This data is supplied exclusively for the purpose of reference. Only appropriately qualified persons should perform repairs and/or changes on your vehicles.

While it’s important to keep in mind, it’s also important to note that the amount of times anything is mentioned here should not be seen as a sign of its reliability or frequency. Various owners, driving in different ways, and caring for their vehicles in distinct ways will cause two identical vehicles to perform differently.

As previously said, this material is supplied primarily for reference reasons; nonetheless, we hope that by doing so, we will be able to supply you with essential knowledge that will allow you to make informed decisions whenever you encounter any of the aforementioned setbacks.

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