Hyundai Engine Error Codes & Problems

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engine error codesHyundai Engine Fault Codes


Code P0011 can literally be deciphered as “an error in the position of the camshaft A. Synchronization or system performance.”

Possible reasons for the appearance of code 0011:

  • use of contaminated or low-quality motor fluid;
  • failure of the valve for changing the valve timing;
  • damage to the power supply circuit of the VTC valve or short circuit of the contact elements;
  • mechanical malfunctions in the operation of the engine;
  • damage to the contacts on the electrical block of the VTC sensor;
  • failure, damage or incorrect operation of the ECM control module.

When this code appears, the engine may run less smoothly at idle, and a reduction in engine power is also possible.


Literally, error P0012 stands for “position A of the camshaft – too long ignition delay.”

Possible causes of the malfunction:

  • poor contact of the controller with the car’s electrical network;
  • contamination of the engine fluid or clogging of the oil channel with contaminants;
  • malfunction of the oil regulator.


The code indicates an incorrect position In the camshaft. The cause of the problem may lie in the sensors, as well as incorrect adjustment of the labels when replacing the timing belt.


Code 0016 appears when the relationship between the crankshaft and camshafts is broken. The appearance of error P0016 may be due to the mismatch of pulses from the controllers. It is necessary to check the operation of the sensors and their wiring. If the problem occurs after replacing the timing belt, you need to make sure that the marks on the pulleys match.


If error P0017, the on-board computer reports a desync signal from the crankshaft and camshaft sensorsP0170

Error code P0170 is associated with a violation of the ratio in the formation of the air-fuel mixture, possible causes of the problem:

  • clogged air filter;
  • a malfunction of the air flow meter or oxygen controller installed before the catalyst device;
  • failure of spark plugs or the appearance of soot and deposits on them;
  • air intake in the intake tract, pipes under the throttle assembly, intake manifold and behind the sensors are subject to diagnosis;
  • nozzle malfunction as a result of the appearance of soot on them;
  • damage to the exhaust pipe.


Error code 0171 is associated with depletion of the air-fuel mixture due to air suction. You need to look for a leak by checking all components of the system for integrity.


Code P0172 indicates an enriched mixture in one or more engine cylinders


Error code P0299 occurs when the pressure recorded in the turbine or discharge device is too low. A possible cause may be the boost pressure controller.


Error code P0300 is general and indicates single or multiple misfires in one of the engine cylinders.

Possible reasons for the appearance of code 0300:

  • incorrect composition of the air-fuel mixture associated with malfunctions in the operation of nozzles;
  • malfunction of high-voltage candles, wires or other components of the ignition system;
  • decrease in compression in the cylinders of the engine associated with the destruction or sticking of the piston rings.


Code P0301 is associated with misfire in the first engine cylinderP0302The control unit registered misfires in the cylinder number 2 of the engine


Error code P0303 (0303) reports the occurrence of misfire in the third engine cylinderP0304On-board computer detected misfires in the fourth engine cylinder


Code P0420 appears as a result of low catalyst throughput. If the device itself is whole, then the combination 0420 may be due to the use of low-quality fuel or the failure of the second oxygen regulator. To fix the problem, the user needs to make sure there is no coolant in the engine, and also check the ignition timing.


Literally, code P0421 stands for “too low heating efficiency of the catalyst device B1”


The combination of P0 422 or 0422 is associated with low efficiency of the main catalyst B1. The operating parameter of the device is below an acceptable threshold. The user needs to check the catalyst unit, as well as to verify the integrity of all highways of the system.


Code P0430 Appears at Reduced Efficiency of Catalyst System


Malfunctions or incorrect operation of the glow plug control module. Motor malfunctions are possible. To fix the problem, you should check the quality of connection of all wires to the candle control module.


The control unit reports malfunctions in the solenoid valve for adjusting the fuel supply


P1123 or 1123 combinations appear as a result of re-enrichment of the air-fuel mixture in one of the engine cylindersP1183The fuel pressure regulator is stuck in the open position. An error may occur due to injector malfunctions.


Failure or incorrect operation of the intake throttle drive mechanism. The cause of the problem may be the motor of the device.


The control unit recorded reduced engine speeds that do not meet the normalized parameters. It is recommended that the user first check the operation of the idle speed sensor.


Throttle actuator control system malfunction. With error 1335, the position of the shutter is out of range.


Error code P1402 is associated with a malfunction in the catalytic systemP1403Code 1403 is related to a malfunction of the leakage diagnostic module valve.


The idle control system of the car works in adaptive mode


The on-board computer reported a malfunction in the IMRC intake manifold control. The problem is in the second bank of the engine – the unit is stuck in the closed position.


Code 1553 appears when the idle valve is constantly locked. The cause of the problem may lie both in the sensor itself and in its wiring.


Malfunction of the clutch that determines the engine torque. The lower limit of the operating parameter does not correspond to the normalized indicators. It is recommended to check the quality of the contact, as well as the mechanism itself. The cause of the problem may be the 4WD control module.


The error appears only on vehicles with a diesel power system and reports a particulate filter malfunction. A detailed diagnosis of the cleaning device is required and its replacement if necessary.


Code P2096 or 2096 appears when the air-fuel mixture is lean in the cylinders of the engine. Information is fed to the control unit from oxygen controllers that record an excess of oxygen and a lack of fuel in the exhaust gases.

Possible causes of the problem:

  • cracks in the exhaust manifold;
  • damage to gaskets or o-rings;
  • fuel injector contamination;
  • failure or incorrect operation of the gasoline pump;
  • clogged fuel or air filter;
  • failure or malfunction of the fuel pressure sensor.


The error is due to a forced voltage limitation in the throttle drive system. The code appears when the motor torque measured as a result of damage to the wiring exceeds the permissible values ​​for a specific crankshaft speed and gas pedal position. The cause of the problem may be a poor contact or an open or short in the power line of the electric motor.


Code 2113 reports a malfunction in the throttle assembly, the user needs to check the operation of the damper


Error code P2119 indicates a malfunction in the throttle assembly. The cause of the problem may be an incorrect signal coming from the device, as well as damage to the throttle body. It is necessary to verify the integrity of the electric motor, high-quality contact, and also that the adaptation of the unit was performed correctly.


When the code P2187 appears, the engine control unit reports a depletion of the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders when idling. The combination is fixed with a working MAP sensor, as well as working controllers for the temperature of antifreeze and afterburning of fuel vapor.

Possible reasons for the appearance of the code 2187:

  • air leakage due to damage to one of the lines;
  • fuel pressure does not meet standardized indicators;
  • PCV valve seizure;
  • coking of injectors.


The combination P2188 appears during the re-enrichment of the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of the engine.

Causes of error 2188 on cars 2004, 2005, 2009 and other years of release:

  1. Clogged air filter located in the engine compartment. The device must be cleaned or replaced.
  2. A clogged fuel pump or its malfunction. Perhaps the cause of the problem is a breakdown of the fuel pressure sensor in the fuel line.
  3. Malfunction of nozzles, due to which the adjustment of the composition of the combustible mixture is disturbed. Devices are subject to detailed diagnostics using the stand.
  4. Malfunction of air pressure controllers or flow meter. Sensors must be replaced or cleaned, if appropriate.


A lean air-fuel mixture when the engine is idling. The problem should be sought in the second bank of the engine.


Code P2191 (2191) is associated with the depletion of the air-fuel mixture during engine operation at high loads


Combination P2192 appears when re-enriching the air-fuel mixture at high engine loads

How To Read Hyundai Fault Codes


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