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    car engineLooking for a Land Rover Freelander stripping for spares? Perhaps you are looking to do a Land Rover Freelander engine swap..Finding a good Land Rover used engine for your Freelander can be a daunting and often time-consuming task. However, there are numerous, high-quality used engines for sale in South Africa if you know where to look for them.

    This in itself is not easy if you are doing it by yourself since you have to contact each seller separately. By looking up visiting this page you have come to the right place. At Engine Finder, we are one click away from finding you a Land Rover Freelander Engine for sale.

    We utilize our vast network of Land Rover scrap yards and engine suppliers. You will receive quotes within minutes and all you have to do is choose the best.

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    Why Use Engine Finder

    landrover-freelanderThe Land Rover Freelander is a popular compact SUV that was manufactured by British carmaker Land Rover between the years 1997 and 2014. It was and remains a popular vehicle in South Africa due to its rugged design and good handling. There are various model variations to the vehicle you could choose from. There are a couple of engines to choose from including the V6 Rover KV6 petrol Engine, I4 Rover L Series diesel engine, the I4 BMW M47 diesel engine, and the I4 Rover K-Series petrol engine.

    Buying Used Freelander Engines is More Econmical!

    If you are a Freelander enthusiast or simply love the car, you will be reluctant to part with your favorite vehicle if its engine gives in. The good news is that you do not have to. If you are in South Africa and are looking to replace your Land Rover Freelander engine, you can buy a used engine. It is a better alternative to buying a new car from an economic standpoint and you get to continue driving your Freelander and enjoy its qualities.

    landrover-freelander-engineHow can you find a used engine for a vehicle that is no longer being manufactured? Since the Freelander is a rather popular car and there are thousands of them in the country. In some cases, a new Freelander gets into an accident but the engine remains in a fairly good condition. To reclaim the engine, it is rebuilt and serviced and brought back to good working condition. Sometimes, it only needs new gaskets, crank, bearings, or seals to be back to its original state. Used engines have been known to provide years of service after installation. With a sturdy car such as the Land Rover Freelander, the hassle of looking for a used engine is worth it.


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