engine error codesMazda Engine Fault Codes


Code P0011 reports an incorrect camshaft position; the following actions are performed to fix the problem:

  1. Perform electrical diagnostics of the phase controller. The user must ensure that there is no trace of oxidation on the contact elements, as well as the integrity of the wires.
  2. Visually check the phase controller. On the case of the device there should not be traces of cracks and pollution by soot. Such problems usually occur with untimely replacement of motor fluid.
  3. Diagnose the VVT ​​valve timing with a multimeter set to an ohmmeter operating mode. It is necessary to check the resistance level, which should be about 6.5-7.5 ohms. You should also apply a 12-volt voltage to the valve when the controller is dismantled to make sure the rod moves.
  4. Perform a visual inspection of the camshaft for defects.


Error P0012 (0012) on Mazda CX, GF. 323F and other versions literally stands for “camshaft desync”.

Elements that need to be checked in order to eliminate the error on cars 1999, 2005, 2008 and other years of release:

  • camshafts for integrity;
  • crankshaft for possible damage to the pulley;
  • OCV valve operation;
  • the camshaft controller (you need to make sure the sensors are working, check their contacts, and also ring the wiring).


The increased signal coming from the mass air flow controller, possible reasons:

  • errors in the formation of the air-fuel mixture;
  • malfunction of one of the components of the ignition system;
  • failure of high voltage wires;
  • clogged flow meter.


Code P0171 appears when a lean (“poor”) air-fuel mixture. The cause of the problem may be air leaks.


The control unit recorded the re-enrichment of the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of the power unit.

Possible reasons why this error might appear:

  1. Clogged air filter device. This item needs to be replaced to address the cause.
  2. Malfunction of the fuel pump, which creates too high a pressure level in the fuel system. The fuel pressure sensor may not work. Injector malfunction. To diagnose these components, a test with a stand will be required.
  3. Malfunctions in the operation of air pressure and mass air flow controllers.

If the mixture is really re-enriched and this error is not accidental, then the problem will manifest itself with the following symptoms:

  • the appearance of a detonation sound in the exhaust pipe and deformation of the muffler, the catalyst device may break;
  • the formation of oil sludge on the exhaust pipe, which appeared as a result of unburned fuel;
  • the appearance of black smoke from the muffler;
  • a decrease in driving dynamics, the appearance of failures when operating at higher or lower speeds.


Code P0300 appears when there are random or multiple misfires in the operation of the ignition system when igniting a combustible mixture. Diagnostics of all components of the node is required, starting from the candles and ending with the control unit.


Misfire recorded in the first cylinder of the engine.

Possible causes of the problem:

  • mechanical failure in the operation of the power unit, it is necessary to test the compression level of the cylinders;
  • damage to candles, the formation of soot on them, failure of elements;
  • high voltage cables are faulty;
  • failure or malfunction of the ignition coils;
  • nozzle malfunctions;
  • air leaks;
  • problems in the operation of the microprocessor device.


Error code P0302 appears when misfires are detected in the second engine cylinder


Error codes P0303 or 0303 appear with misfire recorded in the third cylinder of the power unit


The on-board computer indicates the misfire recorded in the fourth cylinder of the engine


Codes P0420 or 0420 are associated with low efficiency of the functioning of the catalyst system


The problem is with the intake manifold control system. An error indicates sticking of the first bank in the closed position.


Failure in the operation of the solenoid valve of the intake manifold geometry measurement system. The problem is fixed in the first bank of the power unit, the valve freezes in the open position. Mechanical malfunction of the device is eliminated by replacing the regulator.


Solenoid malfunction, visual inspection of the device is required. This problem does not affect the operation of the engine, but may report excess air leaks


Malfunction of the VRIS solenoids. The user needs to test the functioning of two valves located behind the intake manifold. The tubes should also be checked for integrity and lack of tightness.


The on-board computer reports that the intake flaps located in the first row of cylinders do not close. It is recommended to test the operation of the device position controller.


Code P2006 appears when the throttle vortex valve malfunctions, this device is located under the bypass regulator. The element may stick in the closed or open positions as a result of a malfunction of the spring element.


Combinations P2088 or 2088 are associated with a malfunction in the drive unit A of the timing system. The engine control unit receives too low a signal. The user needs to diagnose the valve timing, if necessary, the device is cleaned with a carbocliner. If the vehicle’s mileage is more than 150 thousand km, it is possible to stretch the timing chain. If it is seriously worn, it must be replaced.


The combination of P2096 (2096) on the Mazda CX7 and other versions is associated with the receipt of information on the depletion of the air-fuel mixture to the control unit. Data is supplied from oxygen controllers installed after the catalyst device. This code indicates that a lack of fuel and an excess of oxygen are recorded in the exhaust gases.

Possible causes of the problem:

  • the appearance of cracks and other mechanical damage in the exhaust manifold;
  • damage or wear to gaskets or o-rings;
  • nozzle contamination or failure;
  • failure or malfunctioning of the fuel pumps;
  • fuel pressure sensor breakdown;
  • clogged filter elements.


Throttle malfunctions. This problem can affect the quality of the power unit and the formation of the air-fuel mixture. It is necessary to check the assembly and verify the integrity of the actuator control circuit.


The error code indicates the depletion of the air-fuel mixture.

If the problem is not the idle speed sensor, then the causes of the malfunction will be as follows:

  • failure or clogging of the flow meter;
  • a malfunction in the EGR valve (the device is designed to return a certain amount of exhaust gas to the cylinder);
  • malfunctions of the intake system or throttle assembly position controller;
  • breakdown or malfunction of the absolute pressure controller located in the intake manifold (the device is designed to determine the density of the air flow and the formation of a combustible mixture);
  • incorrect marking on the shafts of the gas distribution system;
  • malfunction of the oxygen controller;
  • clogged or damaged nozzles;
  • fuel pump breakdown, incorrect ramp pressure, lack of tightness.

If the error is not accidental, then it is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • difficulty starting the engine;
  • at the beginning of the movement, the power unit stalls;
  • the motor operates at idle, the latter float and arbitrarily increase up or down;
  • low power ICE;
  • when you press the gas, the engine practically does not respond;
  • tremors while driving.


Code 2178 is the result of an error in the system for adjusting the composition of the air-fuel mixture. It is necessary to check the operation of all sensors, including oxygen and mass air flow controllers.P2187Error code P2187 indicates the depletion of the air-fuel mixture. Such a problem is accompanied by a decrease in engine power and a deterioration in vehicle dynamics during movement.


The on-board computer registered the re-enriched mixture in the cylinders of the power unit. The user must check the filter element for clogging, as well as the performance of the nozzles. To check the latter, it is better to contact specialists so that diagnostics are performed using a special stand. Also, the cause may be a malfunction or clogging of the flowmeter. To clean the sensor, you will need a special tool.


Low efficiency in the operation of the turbocharger boost system or supercharger compressor. With such an error, first of all, it is necessary to verify the tightness of the vacuum component of the turbine control drive. In addition, the so-called blades can jam on the unit. Sometimes the cause of the problem is a clogged air filter device or a breakdown in the boost pressure controller.


How To Read Mazda Fault Codes

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