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    Looking For an Import or Used W126 Mercedes Engine?

    Looking for a used w126 Mercedes engine? Our website will help you find the best deal on a used diesel or petrol engine for your W126 Mercedes-Benz sedan or saloon. Get quotes from South Africa’s most trusted engine suppliers, giving you multiple options within close proximity to the location of your vehicle. Search our database and save time, money and hassles by not having to call each supplier individually to get quotes and prices. Just enter your details of your Mercedes-Benz. It’s that easy!

    Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

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    Recent Engine Enquiries

    2022-05-26 12:41:32 +02:00
    W126 280se
    Please give me a quote
    2021-12-31 18:31:27 +02:00
    Hie I am.looking for a Merc w126 engine, 280 or 380se
    2021-09-01 15:51:56 +02:00
    2021-08-05 11:39:19 +02:00
    I'm looking for a Mercedes w126 engine.
    2021-07-26 10:34:27 +02:00
    380SE V8, W126 Series
    Cel. 0633367386, caller looking for an engine.
    2021-07-25 21:08:48 +02:00
    Can you please find me a Mercedes 1983 w126 280SE straight six engine
    2021-06-20 15:32:48 +02:00
    Am looking for W126 M103 engine
    2021-06-19 12:19:40 +02:00
    V8 5.0
    I am looking for a quote of complete new or used engine with it's complete gearbox for Mercedes w126 coupe

    2021-06-19 12:19:40 +02:00
    V8 5.0
    I am looking for a quote of complete new or used engine with it's complete gearbox for Mercedes w126 coupe

    2021-05-01 07:27:24 +02:00
    560 sec
    I am looking for a complete running engen for a W126 , 1991 560sec Mercedes benz
    About Us

    Plenty of good reasons that explain why you could be trying to find a W126 second-hand engine for sale. Maybe you have dealt with a major accident, the motor might have seized, a cylinder top gasket blown, or even more causes. A lot of our daily lives highly depend upon our vehicles allowing us to effortlessly get to work and return home once again, which is why it’s essential to get an engine very quickly.

    There are several scrap yards in South Africa which strip Mercedes Benz for their parts therefore we can help you without difficulty contact them! No matter the make or model, we are able to enable you to contact with scrap yards and engine parts companies through South Africa to discover whatever you require.

    Logic Behind Why You Should Use Our Support

    We will hook you up to our own huge circle salvage yard firms. Along with tremendous diligence, our company has scoured the net to find all junk yards that strip Mercs and then sell their engines. It really means a single request sent to our company will go out to them all. This will save you the period of time attempting to make contact with many different distributors individually all on your own.

    This too suggests that you should have far better results discovering the engine you need. Whenever on the search for you own motor it’s important to sometimes perform a little research or sift through Gumtree advertisements and call each and every seller on your own. As soon as you make an enquiry with our company, its likely that you might find an W126 engine from up country.

    Absolutely no Marked Up Rates

    Under no circumstances are the prices pumped since you’re trading direct with the scrap yards. The business sells you the engine, so this means charges are not hiked up in anyway. The scrap yard will choose to contact you or email you immediately.

    Collect various quotations either by telephone or just e-mail

    You shouldn’t bothered as your telephone all of the sudden begins ringing non-stop, considering all distributors receive your enquiry all at once! In some circumstances chances are you’ll observe huge pricing among numerous quotes you obtain. Sometimes the least expensive choice is not necessarily the best!

    Convenient to use

    The usage of our services are a obvious when you essentially fully understand just how affiliated we are with the engine firms throughout South Africa. Either you ring us or make a web based enquiry. Prior to phoning be sure to have your engine number at hand (located on your car registration documents). Based upon supply availability you ought to be getting estimates from a variety of junk yards from within the region.

    Do keep in mind we will not only help you find Mercedes motors, we locate engines for all car companies in South Africa. Save your time and cash by accessing our vast community of suppliers to find the engine that’s required without the need of running all over the city on your own.

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