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About The Mercedes W203

The Mercedes-Benz W203 is the second generation of the mid-size C-class cars of the German automaker Mercedes-Benz. It replaced the model W202 in 2000. Initially, the car was produced in sedan and sports coupe, in 2001 a version of the station wagon was added to them ( S203 ). In 2004, the model underwent a restyling, during which it received an update in appearance, interior (new dashboard, center console and equipment) and engines.


The Mercedes-Benz W203 was produced until December 2006, when it was replaced by the W204 model. In total, over two million cars were sold during the production. In 2008, on the basis of the second generation C-class, a separate CLC-class was created.

Work on the design of the new C-class began in mid-1994, and its final version was approved by the executive board in December 1995. Applications for design patenting were filed on April 20, 1998 and March 4, 1999. The first tests took place in 1997 and ended in 2000. In March 2000, the presentation of the second generation C-class. Most of the engines were borrowed from the W202 model, with the exception of the exclusive version of the C320, which offered 160 kW (218 horsepower). Diesel engines get new universal rail system and variable geometry turbochargers. The six-speed manual transmission has become the standard for the entire range of variations, except for the C320.

Externally, the car was similar to the S-Class W220, with the same rounded body, and inside the larger interior due to a more efficient layout. Like its predecessor, the car had several lines of execution – the standard Classic and the more luxurious Elegance and Avantgarde. The car was famous for its efficiency, a significant part of the share of vehicles produced were models with diesel engines.

In October 2000, a coupe version appeared called the C-Class Sportcoupé, which was given the designation CL203. In 2001, the S203 wagon saw the light, and the range of diesel engines was expanded thanks to the C270 CDI, which gave out power of 125 kW (170 hp). The AMG sports model was initially offered with a V6 gasoline engine and was called the C32. In 2002, the first diesel model from AMG – C30 CDI (I5) was introduced, which in 2005 was discontinued.

In early 2004, restyling was carried out. In North America, an updated version appeared for the 2005 model year. The style of the interior has been changed in all three bodies. Were modified dashboard, center console and car audio system. In addition, there is full iPod support and interaction with the phone via Bluetooth has been improved. The proposed version for the North American market version of the C230 received in the basic configuration a sports package consisting of an AMG- styled bumper, side skirts and a rear spoiler. Model C32 AMG was replaced by a more powerful C55 with a V8 engine.

As with the C-Class Estate, production of the Sportcoupé was discontinued in Canada and the United States of America after 2005, in other markets the coupe remained on sale until 2008.

Later in 2004, the new engines were introduced: the M272 and OM642, both V6. In North America, they appeared in 2006. The C 240 and C 320 models were replaced with the C 230, C 280 and C 350. The six-cylinder engines of the new generation have become noticeably more powerful than the old versions (by as much as 24%), with less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. For the variant with a diesel engine, a new model with a 3-liter V6 engine was created. Mounted on the C 320 CDI, the new engine released much less CO2 into the atmosphere and consumed significantly less fuel than the C 270, with a power of 165 kW (224 hp) and 510 N · torque. With the C 220 CDI, the power increased from 105 to 110 kW (from 143 to 150 hp, respectively). In addition, all engines were equipped with a new seven-speed automatic transmission 7G-Tronic.

According to ADAC statistics for 2006, the W203 was the most reliable middle-class car. The last W203 sedan was released on December 14, 2006 at the plant in Sindelfingen

From March 2000 to September 20, 2006, over two million C-class cars (including sedan, station wagon and sports coupe) were sold . Over 30% of total sales were sold in Germany, and over 20% in the United States.

In 2008, liftback received a significant update and was allocated to a separate CLC-class.

Appearance W203 was borrowed from the model of the Mercedes-Benz W220 S-Class. It combines new smooth lines, dynamism and sportiness. The design of the model is softer and at the same time more aggressive compared to the W202. Front optics like the W210 is round, but twin headlights are more like those of the W220.

The shape and design of the body were developed in order to get the best drag coefficient, which eventually amounted to 0.26. Removable and easily collapsible modules are included in the structure of the front part of the body, allowing them to be replaced quickly and without cost after an accident. In a collision up to a speed of 15 km / h, the front module absorbs the impact energy, leaving the spars of the body intact. To reduce the level of vibrations transmitted from the front wheels and the engine to the frame, an aluminum subframe is used, on which the suspension and powertrain are mounted.

W203 interior after restyling
The interior of the W203 is characterized by soft and rounded shapes contrasting with the traditional use of strict lines. This is most noticeable on the new multi-function steering wheel, which the driver can customize at his discretion, and the dashboard. Ergonomics and cabin space were increased compared to its predecessor due to the increase in the length of the car body, but one of the key parameters – the distance between the points of interfacing of the cushion and the back of the front and rear seats – remained unchanged: 785 mm.

Standard equipment of the W203 includes a central display, an onboard diagnostics system (for gasoline engines), an auxiliary heater (for diesel engines), automatic switching of low beam headlights and more.

Custom equipment includes a navigation system with a display of the current traffic situation. Automatic air-conditioning units. Thematic and Thermotropic with an activated carbon filter. A COMAND audio system , including a radio tape recorder, a radio and a CD player; voice control system with radio and telephone Linguatronic, TV, sliding hatch with memory function, Tele-Aid system, in case of an accident, automatically sending an SOS signal to the nearest station of the rescue service, and the systemTeleDiagnose , which transfers all the data that is important for repairing a breakdown, to the Mercedes-Benz customer support center.

Unlike its predecessor, in which the front suspension is double-lever, the new C-Class has received McPherson struts . The rear suspension has remained multi-link. There were more “sharp” rack and pinion steering gear and ventilated disc brakes of a larger size. W203 could be not only rear, but all-wheel drive. For the distribution of axles on the axes responsible proprietary system 4MATIC . This option was available on versions C240 ​​and C320.

In the standard version, all cars (except C320) were fitted with a manual 6-speed gearbox. At the request of the client, the vehicle could be equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission 5G-Tronic . Since 2004 (after restyling), the 7-speed 7G-Tronic automatic transmission has become available .

The standard for any vehicle equipment are ABS and ESP .

The basic equipment of the car includes more than twenty technical innovations, previously used only on models of the highest class. The cabin has two front (adaptive – two-stage actuation) and two side airbags, as well as two side “curtains” of safety for the front passengers. You can order two side airbags for the rear passengers. After the modernization of 2004, four pillows were already included in the minimum equipment of the W203.

According to the results of crash tests Euro NCAP, the second generation of the C-class performed much better than the first. Mercedes-Benz engineers did an excellent job on active and passive safety, with the result that the car in 2001 received four “stars” out of five possible. In 2002, the model was re-tested and received already 5 stars.


W203 Engines

ModelTypePower, [email protected]
C 1601,796 cc (16V I4) supercharged – M27190 kW @ 5200
C 1801,998 cc (16V I4) – M11195 kW @ 5500
C 180 Kompressor1,796 cc (16V I4) supercharged – M27105 kW @ 5200
C 200 Kompressor1,998 cc (16V I4) supercharged – M111120 kW @ 5300
C 200 Kompressor1,796 cc (16V I4) supercharged – M271120 kW @ 5500
C 200 CGI1,796 cc (16V I4) supercharged – M271125 kW @ 5500
C 230 Kompressor1,796 cc (16V I4) supercharged – M271141 kW @ 5800
C 230 Kompressor2.3 supercharged – M111143 kW @ 5500
C 2302,496 cc (24V V6) – M272150 kW @ 6100
C 2402,597 cc (18V V6) – M112127 kW @ 5500
C 2802,997 cc (24V V6) – M272170 kW @ 6000
C 3203,199 cc (18V V6) – M112160 kW @ 5700
C 3503,498 cc (24V V6) – M272200 kW @ 6000
C 32 AMG3,199 cc (18V V6) supercharged – M112260 kW @ 6100
C 55 AMG5,439 cc (24V V8) – M113270 kW @ 5750

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