There are a number of potential causes for your Mercedes not to start. The mechanical parts and the security system may all look to be utterly dead in your car. An ignition key may not turn, or the engine might not start. The worst-case scenario is that your Mercedes could start, then abruptly stop without restarting in the midst of traffic.

There are many distinct symptoms, and there are several other probable reasons. Some of the most common reasons why a Mercedes won’t start are discussed in this article, along with some helpful solutions.

If you turn your Mercedes key and nothing happens…

There are several causes of Mercedes starting problems, and there are several techniques to identify them. There are a few things you could notice:

  • Low gasoline level is shown by the fuel gauge.
  • When the ignition is turned on, nothing occurs.
  • The ignition key won’t turn.
  • The ignition cannot accept the key.
  • Despite cranking, the automobile won’t start.
  • The vehicle’s engine smoking
  • The vehicle starts, but immediately stalls
  • Your engine often misfires
  • The battery has expired.
  • Your engine is making odd sounds.
  • Despite the lights turning on, nothing else occurs.
  • However, the engine won’t start

The engine cranking but not turning over is the most typical indication that your Mercedes won’t start.

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Let’s look more closely at the causes of this:


How many drivers almost let their petrol run out is surprising. Some drivers strive to stretch out their gasoline as long as they can just to run out, while others are surprised by a malfunctioning fuel gauge. When you utilize the incorrect petrol type or polluted fuel, fuel issues might also result in your engine cranking but not starting. Even when your tank is full, a blown fuse might prevent the fuel injectors from functioning, which prevents fuel from entering your engine. The fuel pump is similarly critical to a Mercedes’ ability to deliver petrol from the tank to the injectors.


Your Mercedes most likely has a battery problem if the engine turns over slowly but not at all. Your power output will suffer and you’ll have trouble starting your Mercedes if the battery is low or if the terminals are corroded.

Sensor Failure

Camshaft and crankshaft position sensors help start your Mercedes. The engine can’t start if either sensor isn’t working properly. Same goes with the throttle sensor.


Your ignition system and fuel injectors won’t be able to switch on if your starting motor is having trouble. No gasoline and no spark are present in this situation. An engine that experiences this kind of malfunction cranks and produces strange sounds. An engine that won’t even crank will result from this problem if it isn’t fixed.

Security System

Your Mercedes probably features a cutting-edge security system if it is a more recent model. When a vehicle is stolen, the security system may prohibit the ignition from turning on, but it can also prohibit you from starting the car if it breaks down.

Identifying and Solving the Issue

You may attempt a few simple troubleshooting procedures to figure out why your Mercedes won’t start. To start, lift the hood and look:

Is the battery installed correctly?

  • The cable clamps must be correctly linked.
  • Are the battery terminals corroded or rusted?

To determine that everything is working properly, use the following engine-cycling procedures:

  • Repeat the action of turning the key from the “off” position to the “start” position 10 times.
  • Before making another attempt to start the engine, you should wait a few minutes.
  • If this doesn’t work, you may try it again, but don’t keep trying it since you risk damaging your Mercedes.

Last Resort

Finally, you may attempt shifting by stepping on the brakes and putting the Mercedes in neutral. Attempt to start the car. Put your vehicle in park and give it another attempt if nothing occurs. If none of these suggestions help, you’ll need to phone roadside assistance to arrange for a tow to a reliable repair shop.

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