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engine error codesMitsubishi Engine Fault Error codes


On Pajero IO and other models, this code indicates a malfunction in the control system of the electric motor of the front mixing flapP0011

Error code P0011 appears when the camshaft position is incorrect. There are no visible signs of this error in the operation of the power unit, but the motor cannot work with optimal characteristics. Also, this code is accompanied by an increase in harmful substances in the exhaust gases.

Possible causes of this error:

  • wear or damage to the camshaft gear teeth
  • no oil enters the piston chamber or it is supplied in a limited volume, which indicates clogging of the oil channels;
  • VVT valve malfunction due to contamination of oil channels;
  • failure of the electrical circuit in the valve of the gas distribution system due to a break or damage to the contact elements.


Incorrect position of the camshaft of the power unit


Error code P0170 literally translates as a fuel system malfunction, recorded in the first row of cylinders. The on-board computer reports difficulties in the formation of the air-fuel mixture.

Symptoms that appear when the code 0170 appears:

  • fuel consumption by the power unit has increased significantly while the operating mode of the car has remained the same;
  • black exhaust smoke comes from the muffler;
  • the engine troits when operating at idle or speed;
  • arbitrary stop of the power unit, power reduction, jerking when driving;
  • malfunction of the catalytic converter.

Possible reasons for this code to appear:

  1. Failure or malfunction of the oxygen controller and the mass air flow controller. It is necessary to check the wiring of these devices. If the flowmeter (MAF Sensor) is blocked, it can be cleaned using a special tool for carburetors.
  2. Clogged air filter. The device must be replaced in case of contamination.
  3. The appearance of soot on spark plugs or damage to high-voltage cables. Deposits from candle electrodes can be removed using fine-grained emery paper or fire; there are also special tools for this purpose.
  4. Air leaks or leaks in the intake duct. It is necessary to check the integrity of the lines under the throttle mechanism, behind the controllers and under the intake manifold. The last unit must be carefully inspected for damage and cracks.
  5. Failure of nozzles as a result of the formation of soot on them.
  6. Lack of tightness on the exhaust pipe.


Error related to lean air in one of the engine cylinders


On Mitsubishi Galant 4G93 and other models, the P0174 code appears with a lean fuel mixture forming in the second engine bank. The cause of the problem may be the lack of tightness of the intake or exhaust systems.


The combination P0234 (0234) indicates overheating of the turbine. To eliminate the error, dismantle the unit and clean its blades.


Literally, this code translates as “low boost”, the possible causes of the malfunction:

  • breakdown or incorrect operation of a turbocharged unit or discharge device;
  • reduced pressure of the engine fluid in the power unit;
  • malfunction of the exhaust gas recirculation system;
  • excess air in the intake manifold lines;
  • air supply to the manifold is difficult as a result of clogging of the air filter;
  • a malfunction in the boost pressure controller.


The combination P0301 on Mitsubishi Fuso and other models indicates the misfire registered in the first cylinder of the engine


The occurrence of error P0302 is associated with the detection by the control unit of misfire in the air-fuel mixture in the second cylinder


Error code P0303 appears when an on-board computer detects misfire in the third engine cylinder


If errors P0304 or 0304, the engine control unit reports misfire recorded in the fourth engine cylinder


Error P0306 is associated with misfire recorded in the sixth cylinder. The fuel mixture does not ignite properly, which can lead to malfunctions of the engine as a whole.


Error codes P0403 and 0403 are associated with a malfunction in the operation of the EGR solenoid (EGR). The user needs to check the functionality of the valve and make sure that it is in good contact.


P0420 or 0420 codes are associated with low catalyst performance in the first engine bank


Error P0 421 indicates problems in the operation of the catalytic converter. Error code 0421 is often accompanied by a drop in traction and a decrease in dynamics, an increase in fuel consumption, as well as a change in the smell of exhaust gases. There may be tapping under the bottom of the vehicle.

Possible causes of the malfunction:

  • regular use of low-quality fuel;
  • destruction of the catalyst device or its mechanical damage;
  • malfunctions of the second oxygen controller;
  • breakdown or incorrect operation of one of the elements of the exhaust system.


The combination of P0431 or 0431 is associated with low efficiency of the catalyst device during heating, the problem is fixed in the second bank of the engine. The problem may occur as a result of constant refueling of the car with low-quality fuel. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to change the catalyst device or put a “trick” on the oxygen controller.


If error P0505, the microprocessor module indicates a malfunction in the idle speed system. The reason may be a drop in engine compression or a malfunction of one of the components of the ignition system. The user needs to test high-voltage wires, candles, distributor, coils, etc. Also, the error may be in the operation of the IACP – idle controller or its wiring.

The main symptoms of a malfunction:

  • arbitrary shutdown of the ignition system while driving;
  • engine stop when the car is idling or in traffic jams, at traffic lights;
  • “Triple” of the engine with increasing speed, jerking.


Failure or malfunction of the throttle actuator actuatorP1010Malfunction of the oil pressure valve


Error code P1021 indicates a malfunction in the intake manifold control valve system


Error code P1025 appears when there is a malfunction or malfunction in the engine fluid supply valve


Combination P1241 Malfunction in the engine torque system. The error is accompanied by a drop in engine speed, a decrease in power, the impossibility of acceleration to 3 thousand rpm.


Malfunctions in the control system of a turbocompressor device with variable geometry. The cause of the problem may be reduced pressure. It is necessary to check all the sensors, as well as the operation of the turbine. In some cases, the reason may be the lack of tightness on one of the nozzles.


Error code 1313 appears with misfire in one of the engine cylinders. The user needs to check in detail candles, high-voltage wires, their contacts, as well as coils. Sometimes the cause of the problem is a faulty ignition distributor.


The on-board computer indicates a malfunction in the torque system. The user is advised to compare the difference between the actual pulse and the signal level required by the service manual.


Error code P2263 indicates a charge pressure adjustment error


General engine trouble code. It is necessary to conduct a detailed diagnosis of the power unit to more accurately determine the cause of the problem.

How To Read Mitsubishi Fault Error codes


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