Nissan Engine Error Codes


The combination 0008 appears as a result of the extension of the timing chain, which indicates its wear. It is necessary to check the integrity of the product, and if it really stretched, then replace it.


Code P0011 or 0011 indicates an incorrect camshaft position. The cause of the problem may lie in the sensor, as well as in the wear of the pulley gears. A visual diagnosis of the shaft is necessary.


The code P0014 indicates a low efficiency of the gas distribution system or a malfunction of the camshaft sensor. A detailed diagnosis of the controller is performed.


Code 0015 indicates incorrect camshaft position


The combination 0016 appears as a result of an incorrect ratio of crankshaft and camshafts (row 1, controller A)P0017Code P 0017 reports the incorrect position of the camshaft and crankshaft. If the circuit is stretched, the problem may be in it. However, first of all, it is recommended to check the operation of the sensor, as well as the integrity of the shafts. A possible cause may be gear wear.


Code P0021 or 0021 is literally translated as “camshaft position – excess of time or system performance”. A possible cause may be the wear of the gears on the pulley. In some cases, the reason is the sensor itself.


Code 0022 literally stands for “Exceeding the Camshaft Delay Time (Bank 2)”


The literal translation of the error is “lower input circuit of the flow of mass or volume”. It is necessary to check in detail the operation of the engine, starting with the main sensors.


On cars of 2014 and other years of production, this code stands for “high intake circuit for intake air temperature”P0118Code 0118 appears as a result of engine overheating (high level of antifreeze temperature). Prolonged use of a car with such a problem will lead to breakdown of the power unit. If, in fact, the engine does not overheat, the malfunction may consist in a malfunctioning refrigerant temperature sensor.


If the error 0171 or P0171 lights up, this indicates that the mixture in the engine cylinders is too lean.

Possible causes of the problem:

  • clogged nozzles or fuel filter (requires purging and cleaning elements);
  • air leaks (it is necessary to diagnose all pipes and lines going from to the intake manifold);
  • damage to the collector device (a node integrity check is needed);
  • suction at the installation site of the idle speed sensor;
  • malfunction of the fuel pump or its incorrect operation.

Signs that may indicate depletion of the air-fuel mixture:

  • overheating of the power unit;
  • burning rings mounted on pistons;
  • valve malfunction;
  • quick muffler wear, exhaust pipe damage;
  • high consumption of engine fluid and antifreeze;
  • decrease in engine traction while driving, power drop.


Codes P0172 (0172) on Nissan Example N12 and other models report the enrichment of the air-fuel mixture.

The main causes of this problem are:

  • clogged air filter;
  • malfunction or clogging of fuel injectors;
  • failure of the pressure controller;
  • malfunction of the air flow sensor.


Depleted air-fuel mixture in engine cylinders


Enriched air-fuel mixture in engine cylinders


Error P0234 appears as a result of overloading the power unit. The car engine is running in heavy duty, there can be many causes of a malfunction. It is necessary to fully test the motor, from measuring compression to sensors and control unit.


The combination P0238 stands for “high circuit of the turbocharger boost sensor A”. Detailed device diagnostics are required.


Combinations P0300 (0300) are literally deciphered as “random or multiple breakdown in the engine cylinder.” The problem is the misfire. A possible cause may be a malfunction of the timing control solenoid on the intake shaft. Using the program, it is necessary to check the angle of rotation of the device and compare it with the normalized value.P0301Microprocessor module detected misfire in the first engine cylinder


Malfunction in the second cylinder of the power unit. Diagnostics of compression and the device itself is required.


Code 0304 indicates a malfunction in the fourth cylinder of the engine


Code P0 350 (0350) indicates a malfunction of the primary or secondary circuit through which the ignition coil is connected. You need to check the wires connected to the device, the problem may be oxidation or damage to the contacts.


  • unstable engine idling (troit motor);
  • spontaneous stop of the power unit at traffic lights or in traffic jams;
  • difficulty starting the engine.


Code 0380 indicates a malfunction of the glow plug heater. It is necessary to check the operation of each element, including its conductors.


The error is due to a malfunction in the exhaust gas recirculation system. This unit is responsible for preventing environmental pollution, so you can turn it off if necessary. But first of all, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics of all nodes and branch pipes of the system for lack of tightness, to clean lines and filters.


Error in the operation of the catalytic system. In practice, the code P0420 or 0420 usually indicates a malfunction of the oxygen sensor mounted below or above the catalyst. A possible reason may be the failure of the controller itself, as well as its poor contact with the network. Sometimes the problem is the oxidation of the regulator contacts.


Code P0488 indicates a malfunction of the EGR valveP05050505 – malfunction of the idle control system


Code 0745 indicates a malfunction in the pressure control solenoid


Failure of the pressure solenoid. If P0746 or 0746 errors, the problem may be a device jam.


Combination 0868 reports low oil pressure in the secondary circuit. The cause of the problem is a jammed pump pressure reducing valve. You need to diagnose the device and replace it if necessary.


Malfunction of solenoid B, an error indicates damage to the electrical circuit


Code 1021 indicates engine turbine problems. In some cases, the power unit will not start. It is necessary to check the operation of the device and make sure its integrity.


Code 1154 indicates re-enriched mixture in the second cylinder of the engine


High pressure pump malfunction. It is necessary to check the operation of the device and all the contacts connected to it.


Code 1212 also indicates problems in the operation of the throttle assembly. Diagnose the position sensor. First of all, the damper is checked – the mechanism could be stuck in the open or closed position.


Code P1220 indicates a malfunction of the throttle control system


P1225 indicates a throttle assembly malfunction; diagnostics of all system components are needed


Code 1272 indicates a malfunction in the cylinder. First of all, it is necessary to diagnose the oxygen sensor.


The code indicates violations in the formation of the air-fuel mixture.

Action to be taken to resolve the problem:

  1. Check the fuel pump, in particular the filter.
  2. Diagnose and clean nozzles if necessary. Perhaps the cause of the problem is a violation of the tightness of the devices.
  3. Check fuel pressure sensor.


Cylinder number 7 is in the open position


The combination of P1320 indicates the absence of an ignition signal (“ignition signal primary”). To find the reason for the appearance of code 1320, you must first check the operation of the spark plugs and the switchgear. Also, the ignition lock is subject to diagnosis, in particular, its contact area and the “larva”. The cause of the malfunction may be the wear of the high-voltage wires or their poor contact with the distributor.


Code P1525 usually indicates a particulate filter malfunction. It is necessary to check the operation of the filtering device, its cleaning is unlikely to solve the problem, so the part will have to be changed.


Throttle Control Module Malfunction


Failure or incorrect operation of the inductive signal coupling of the torque converter


Common Throttle


Throttle malfunction


Code 2263 appears as a result of a charge pressure control error


Error P062B on-board computer Nissan Premer, Tiana and other models indicates a malfunction of the control module in relation to the parameters of the fuel injectors. The main symptom of the problem is unstable engine operation. If the “symptoms” are gone, but the error remains, this indicates that the nozzles are clogged, but not critical.


No ignition signal


Radiator fan malfunction. The device may be operational, but the control unit has detected damage to the electrical circuit. The defect is minor if the fan starts, but it is still recommended to check the integrity of the wiring.


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