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Looking For A Used Nissan NV350 Engine?

Should you be reading this, chances are you needing to change your Nissan NV350 IMPENDULO engine. Possibly you have experienced a car crash, the motor may have seized, a cylinder top gasket blown, or perhaps a lot more reasons. Getting a pre-owned Nissan NV350 motor swiftly is vital, mainly because a lot of our everyday lives rely significantly on safe vehicles.

There’s a lot of salvage yards in SA which strip Nissan IMPENDULO’s for spare parts therefore we can help you without difficulty contact them! We are going to enable you to quickly get in touch with the junk yards and Nissan NV350 engine importers inside SA, no matter the make or model of your automobile.

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Latest Nissan NV350 Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2020-03-24 23:43:26 +02:00
Im looking for a engine for my nv350 nissan bus.
2020-03-11 09:35:29 +02:00
Rahube Sebetlela
2014 Impendulo
I need an engine for a 2014 Nissan impendulo. 2.5litre
2020-02-17 16:54:26 +02:00
2017 / NV350
looking for a second hand engine.
2020-02-12 13:00:08 +02:00
2015, NV350, QR25
sub assembly
2020-02-10 11:44:49 +02:00
2015, NV350
2.5 Petrol
I need an engine for a 2015 Nissan NV350, 2.5 petrol, I am situated in Escort KZN, please call back.
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This strategy serves as a “shot gun” tactic (ask lots of different companies that offer identical things. When ever on the search for you own motor you must frequently do some research or search through Gumtree advertisements and contact every company your self. All our suppliers are notified instantly and many could be up country, but never worry they’re able to set up a courier service to deliver your engine!

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You needn’t be worried as your phone all of the sudden starts ringing non-stop, because all traders pick up your enquiry all at once! By several proposals, you can get you the best bargain in order to get the motor that’s required and get your Nissan NV350 restored.


We really take the bother away from locating Nissan NV350 engines for sale found in South Africa. All of our phone agents are waiting to take your phone call from Mon to Fri in between 8:00 am – 5pm. Or our website’s online enquiry form is ready 24 / 7! Depending on supply availability you ought to be receiving replies from companies from around the region.

Our service is definitely not restricted by just the Nissan company, we find engines for all brands. This makes us a portal to assist any individual find any kind of motor for just about any brand of vehicle. Save time and money by being able to access our broad community of dealers to get the engine that’s required without having driving across the town on your own.

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