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Are you searching for used Nissan engines for sale? Maybe your engine blew a gasket? Whatever engine problem you might have let us assist! We represent a huge network of Nissan salvage yards offering imported engines for sale in South Africa. Obtain quotations from numerous dealers and assess the offers. You could be reviewing different quotes in less than an hour!

Whether you are a mechanic, car dealer or driver it doesn’t really make a difference. Just key in your contact details utilizing our online form and anticipate the estimates from our motor spares network.

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Each of our suppliers is handpicked based on a rigorous quality check, encompassing years of experience, warranty offers, customer feedback.


    Featured Nissan Engine Importers

    Rojan Engines

    Rojan Engines

    star rating e1704626483704 220+ Reviews
    📍6 Linroy Street, Steeldale, Johannesburg

    "Great place! Extremely neat and the best prices in Joburg!!"
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 20+ Years Experience

    engines for africa

    Engines For Africa

    4-star-Rating235+ Reviews
    📍Branches Nationwide
    "I always get low mileage good used engines for my clients and so far never had a problem with my customers."
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 27 Years Experience

    MYM Auto

    MYM Auto World

    4-star-Rating563+ Reviews
    📍Branches Nationwide
    "I had great experience, from the time I was looking for the quotations up until yesterday when I got the engine."
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 20+ Years Experience

    Engine Den

    Engine Den

    4-star-Rating340+ Reviews
    📍311 Stephenson Rd, Pretoria West, Pretoria, 0183
    "Good place to shop fir for second hand import engines. Trade in are also welcome. "
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 30+ Years Experience

    Motors & More

    Motors & More

     4-star-Rating 130+ Reviews
    📍1 Traka St, Stikland, Cape Town, 7560
    "I received good service advice when I bought my engine from them and they make sure you happy..."
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 15+ Years Experience

    Snap Change

    Snap Change Engine Importers

     4-star-Rating 41+ Reviews
    📍8 6th Ave, Elsies River Industrial, Cape Town, 7490
    "Thanks to Coenie Botes for amazing job done to my 3.2L Ranger. Had a problem sent it back and got it sorted."
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 1 - 3 Month Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 5+ Years Exp.



     4-star-Rating 820+ Reviews
    📍Branches Nation Wide
    "Not your average auto parts store, this place is above all, my experience : superior service and pleasant staff..."
    ✓ Engine Importer / Scrapyard ✓ Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 20+ Years Exp.

    Tonmax Engines

    Tonmax Engines

    4-star-Rating 65+ Reviews
    📍680 Pretoria Main Rd, Wynberg, Johannesburg, 2090
    "Very professional and friendly stuff.The quality of engines sold at this place is excellent.they didn’t hesitate to start the engines.."
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 10+ Years Exp.

    Engine Hero

    Engine Hero

    4.5 star-rating 15+ Reviews
    📍Unit 4, 16/18 Eagle St, Okavango Park, Cape Town, 7560
    "The staff at engine hero are so well manned and helped me to there best ability ...good quality engines, ...thanx to Jody."
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 4+ Years Exp.

    John’s Engine & Gearbox

    John's Engine & Gearbox

    4-star-Rating 75+ Reviews
    📍231 Commissioner St, Boksburg, 1460
    "Very satisfied with the service received. We bought a 4JA1 Isuzu Engine from the company at a very competitive price..."
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 15+ Years Exp.

    Home of Engines

    Home of Engines

    4.5 star-rating 11+ Reviews
    📍Zwartkops Raceway, Pretoria St Centurion, 0137
    "Good engines and come with a 3 month warranty. Thank you Petra and your mom. Awesome service!"
    ✓ Engine Importer ✓ 90-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 3+ Years Exp.

    Reddy’s Metal Worx

    Reddy's Metal Worx

    4.5 star-rating 45+ Reviews
    📍666 Cromwell St, Lenasia South, Johannesburg, 1829
    "I asked them to find very scarce part from them. Really great service, easy to engage with..."
    ✓ Scrap Yard ✓ 30-Day Warranty ✓ All Brands ✓ 6+ Years Exp.

    About Nissan Engines

    nissanNissan, renowned for its innovative and efficient engines, offers a range of powertrains well-suited for the diverse South African landscape. Nissan engines, especially in models like the Qashqai, Navara, and X-Trail, are celebrated for their balance of power and efficiency. Popular models are often equipped with engines like the 1.6-litre turbocharged or the 2.5-litre diesel, known for their performance and fuel efficiency.

    Each Nissan engine has a specific code (e.g., QR25DE, VQ35DE) that provides vital information regarding its specifications and compatibility, aiding in precise identification for maintenance and replacement needs.

    Engine Finder: Your Trusted Resource for Nissan Engines in South Africa

    In search of a used Nissan engine? Engine Finder connects you with a network of verified suppliers, ensuring you receive high-quality, compatible engines.

    Submit your engine inquiry through our online form or call us, and we’ll present you with multiple quotes from reputable sources. Our commitment is to offer you a hassle-free experience in finding the ideal Nissan engine at a competitive price.

    List of Common NISSAN engines with specs

    Engine Model Bore / Stroke (mm) Compression Ratio Power Output (kW) Displacement (cc or L) Fuel Type Engine Type Aspiration Max Torque (Nm) Fuel Economy (L/100km or MPG)
    QR25DE 89 / 100 9.6:1 130 2.5 L Petrol Inline-4 Naturally Aspirated 244 7.5 L/100km
    VQ35DE 95.5 / 81.4 10.3:1 194 – 228 3.5 L Petrol V6 Naturally Aspirated 336 9.4 L/100km
    YD25DDTi 89 / 100 16.5:1 106 – 140 2.5 L Diesel Inline-4 Turbocharged 356 6.5 L/100km
    HR16DE 78 / 83.6 10.7:1 81 1.6 L Petrol Inline-4 Naturally Aspirated 153 6.3 L/100km
    MR20DE 84 / 90.1 9.9:1 102 – 108 2.0 L Petrol Inline-4 Naturally Aspirated 200 7.9 L/100km
    K9K 76 / 80.5 15.2:1 55 – 78 1.5 L Diesel Inline-4 Turbocharged 220 4.5 L/100km
    RB26DETT 86 / 73.7 8.5:1 206 – 220 2.6 L Petrol Inline-6 Twin Turbocharged 392 11.7 L/100km
    VG30DETT 87 / 83 8.5:1 208 – 224 3.0 L Petrol V6 Twin Turbocharged 419 10.6 L/100km
    VQ40DE 95.5 / 92 9.7:1 194 – 198 4.0 L Petrol V6 Naturally Aspirated 394 11.2 L/100km
    SR20DET 86 / 86 8.5:1 147 – 162 2.0 L Petrol Inline-4 Turbocharged 275 9.5 L/100km
    GA15DE 73.6 / 88 9.5:1 77 1.5 L Petrol Inline-4 Naturally Aspirated 128 6.1 L/100km
    TD27Ti 96 / 92 21.9:1 74 – 85 2.7 L Diesel Inline-4 Turbocharged 215 8.2 L/100km
    KA24DE 89 / 96 9.5:1 114 – 118 2.4 L Petrol Inline-4 Naturally Aspirated 210 8.7 L/100km
    RB20DET 78 / 69.7 9.0:1 155 2.0 L Petrol Inline-6 Turbocharged 264 10.2 L/100km
    VH45DE 93 / 82.7 10.2:1 207 – 213 4.5 L Petrol V8 Naturally Aspirated 407 12.4 L/100km

    Please note that the specifications listed in this table are based on available data from various sources, including manufacturer information and public databases. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, there may be variations or updates not reflected here. It’s advisable to consult the manufacturer or an authoritative automotive resource for the most current and detailed information regarding these engine specifications.

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