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    Looking For A Used Nissan NV350 Engine For Sale?

    Are you searching for a used Nissan Impendulo NV350 engine for sale? Most likely your motor seized? We enable you to quickly get in contact with a large network of salvage yards and Nissan engine importers in South Africa.

    Our website will help find the proper engine for your car or truck at a reasonable price. Are you a car seller that needs to rapidly replace a motor? Maybe a repair shop that requires some quotations? Only key in your contact information making use of our online form and wait for the offers from our Nissan dealer group.

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    About The Nissan NV350

    Some History

    The Nissan Caravan was a pickup truck , the Nissan as a minibus or van had offered. The development of the caravan was based on a change in the road traffic regulations of Japan in 1970, according to which minibuses could only be driven with a normal car driving license up to 11 passengers. So Nissan needed a model below the Nissan Homy which was still a development of the Prince Motor Company acquired by Nissan and was designed for a passenger capacity of 15 people. Since this is on the Prince Homer’s truck chassiswas based, the model was technically and optically revised and presented as Nissan Caravan 1973. From 1976 onwards, the Homy largely received the revisions of the caravan and was therefore almost identical in construction.

    As Datsun Urvan , the caravan was offered for export outside of Asia. After Nissan decided to discontinue the Datsun brand, the model became the Nissan Urvan . In Australia and other markets, it was also temporarily offered as the Nissan Kingvan . The models were available with flat roofs or high roofs. In 2001 the export of the Nissan Urvan to Europe ended, which was replaced here by the Nissan Interstar .

    While the 4th and last generation continue to be in Asia and other countriesNorth America was offered. The 4th generation was also produced as Isuzu Como. While the Nissan NV replaced the caravan in North America in 2011 , it was still offered in Asia and other markets until 2012. In 2012 the caravan was replaced by the newly developed model Nissan NV350 . However, the 3rd generation is still produced in Kenya for the African market.