engine error codesPeugeot Engine Fault Codes


Failure or incorrect operation of the solenoid valve of the output shaft phase regulator. To fix the problem, you can try to clean the device.


Failure or malfunction of the intake camshaft timing device. The first thing to do to fix the P11A9 error is to try to swap the position of the solenoid valves. Then the error codes must be deleted from the control unit and make a test drive.


Malfunction of the nozzle located in the first cylinder of the engine. The injector is locked in the open position.


Code P15A1 is associated with low engine fluid pressure. The reason most likely is the lack of oil in the engine, so first of all you need to check the amount of consumable. You should also make sure that the engine fluid pressure sensor is working.


Pressure dispersion recorded in the engine. It is necessary to check the tightness of the screws in the valve body, as well as the cylinder head. A possible cause may be damage to the cylinder head gasket.


Malfunctions in the engine positioning system, a failure is recorded in the first cylinder of the power unit


Codes P0170 or 0170 report that the control unit has registered the ratio of air and fuel during the formation of the combustible mixture, which is beyond the permissible parameters. Possible causes of the problem may be a malfunction of the oxygen sensor and air mass flow.


The depleted fuel mixture is fixed in the cylinders of the car engine


The on-board computer of the car recorded a re-enriched air-fuel mixture formed in the engine cylinders


The control unit indicates problems in the operation of the throttle. For an unknown reason, the control module was not able to provide training with the node’s limit position.


Code P0200 is general and indicates a malfunction in the wiring of the power unit injector


Open injector control system of the third engine cylinder


In the error catalog, code P0204 indicates an open circuit in the operation of the injector control system in the fourth cylinder


Breakdown or malfunction of the turbine injection pump


Malfunction in boost pressure control system – operating parameter too low


Codes P0300 or 0300 indicate a moving problem associated with interruptions in the ignition of the engine cylinders. The engine cylinder number is not indicated, so the user will have to find it on their own.


Malfunction of glow plugs or high-voltage wires to which they are connected


Codes P0410 or 0410 indicate a malfunction in the injection system or secondary air supply. It is necessary to clean the block from deposits and deposits.


Combinations P0420 or 0420 indicate a malfunction in the catalytic converter. The problem is to reduce the efficiency of the device, which can lead to malfunctions in the power unit. To solve the malfunction, the unit should be diagnosed and repaired or replaced.


Code 0422 may catch fire if the efficiency of the primary catalyst is below an acceptable threshold. If this error has come out, this may be accompanied by malfunctions in the engine.


Code 0490 appears when the EGR valve fails. If this element is faulty, there will be problems in the operation of the power unit, including a decrease in power.


Malfunction of the thermostat control system. The on-board computer reports problems with communication with the control unit, so a possible cause may be poor contact. The cooling system circuit is open, which may affect the operation of the power unit as a whole.P0638Combination 0638 appears when the throttle actuator is malfunctioning


Malfunctions in the learning mechanism of the variable valve lift system. The code indicates a violation of the relationship, so the problem may be in poor contact.


If the on-board computer issues code P1062, this indicates a malfunction in the variable valve lift system.


Codes P1067 or 1067 indicate a malfunction in the system of variable valve lift, the control unit has fixed an open circuit


Error 1110 indicates the difference recorded by the control unit between the real and calculated valve timing


P1153 or 1153 combinations indicate a learning error with the throttle limit position. The cause of the problem may be a malfunction or incorrect functioning of the control module.


P1160 or 1160 codes indicate problems with the formation of the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders. The malfunction relates to the operation of the intake system – the air flow does not correspond to the normalized parameters. The problem may be with the controllers of the mass air flow rate, the absolute pressure at the inlet, as well as the throttle position.


The code 1278 on Peugeot 407 20 gasoline, HDI, 308 626 and other versions indicates a malfunction of the eighth engine cylinder – the device has jammed in the open or closed position


Code P1336 or 1336 is a moving fault. This combination is associated with interruptions in the ignition cylinders of the power unit. The cylinder number is not indicated, therefore, the user must independently check each element, including compression.


The combination of P1337 (1337) for cars of 2003 and other years of manufacture indicates misfires recorded in the first cylinder of the power unit


The code P1338 or 1338 is associated with misfires registered by the control unit in the second cylinder of the power unit


When combinations P1339 or 1339 appear, the on-board computer of the vehicle reports misfires recorded in the third cylinder of the power unit. It is necessary to verify the operation of the motor in detail.


Errors P1340 or 1340 on a car with an on-board computer 745 IU or another version report misfires recorded in the fourth engine cylinder


The control unit reports “engine over-knock”. This process is an irregular combustion of the air-fuel mixture that appears when the power unit is seriously boosted. The cause of the problem may lie in the knock sensor, as well as in the use of low-quality oil or in the breakdown of one of the components of the ignition system. First of all, it is recommended to diagnose the integrity of high-voltage wires and candles – to clean the latter.


Malfunction of the idle stepping motor, the latter “float”. The movement of the car at idle with error P1544 may be accompanied by engine tripping and a decrease in power.


Code P2101 is associated with a control error of the throttle actuator. The control module reports that the device is overheating, so the user first needs to check the operation of the electric motor of the unit.P2176Minimum throttle position, device learning error


Malfunction in boost pressure control system – parameter received by control unit is too low


Error P2279 indicates a malfunction in the intake air flow. The cause of the problem may be a loss of tightness or a malfunction of the mass air flow sensor. If the contaminants are not critical, you can clean the flowmeter using a special carburetor.


Detection of “over-knock” that appeared in the first cylinder of the power unit.


Reduced air flow required for the formation of the air-fuel mixture. The reason may be a malfunction of the oxygen sensors and the flow meter.


Code P3010 appears when the actual position of the throttle valve does not match the specified one. Perhaps the node itself is blocked.


Error B2AAA – general code for ignition errors. The user needs to check all the components of the ignition system, starting from the distribution unit and ending with candles, as well as high-voltage wires.

How To Read Peugeot Fault Codes


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