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Searching for used spares? Let’s help you find that car par speedily! As soon as you give us a call or complete the form, your request will get directed instantaneously onto an extensive community of scrap yards, auto salvage yards in South Africa.

Simply choose the relevant brand and enter your details and submit the form. Then relax and await the quotes from our supplier network! Please be aware we do not guarantee any of the suppliers’ parts, action or services.

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    Audi Models

    Q3 Q5 A5
    A6 Q7 A7
    A1 A3 A4


    Should you be reading this article, chances are you planning to exchange your Audi motor. The car engine might have seized, its possible you have undergone a nasty car accident or the engine is simply far too old and needs swapping. A lot of our day to day lives highly rely on our vehicles allowing us to securely get to the office and return home again, which is the reason you need to find an engine rather quickly.

    Our company can certainly help any car owner living in South Africa quickly find an motor for his or her Audi. Regardless of Audi model you drive, whether it be a A4 or even a Q7 we’ll guide you in finding what you may need!

    Logical Reasons You Should Use Our Business

    There exists a massive community of scrap yards and engine importers. Now we have handled lots of the hard work of finding the businesses that supply Audi motors for sale within South Africa. Once you enquire with our company, it quickly goes to every single supplier listed with Engine Finder. Here’s a HUGE time saver! Calling one dealer to an alternative is definitely monotonous!

    This actually also means that you’ll have significantly better results discovering the engine you’ll need. All on your own, you’ll likely visit the companies which are local to you. After you make an enquiry with us, its likely you could locate an Audi engine from a different location.

    Buy direct from the supplier

    By no means are the prices inflated since you’re doing business direct with all the junk yards. The company sells you the engine, meaning charges are not hiked up in in any event. Each and every company will have a distinctive technique for managing their organization, but you’ll be trading specifically with them.

    Collect various estimations either on the phone or just e mail

    You shouldn’t bothered once your cellphone immediately begins ringing non-stop, due to the fact all businesses are given your message in unison!

    In some circumstances you could potentially view a sizeable pricing in between numerous prices you obtain. At times the most cost effective choice is not necessarily the best!


    We take the fuss from exploring Audi engines for sale around South Africa. Our own phone employees are ready and waiting to take your phone call from Mon to Friday anywhere between 8am – 5pm. Or our online enquiry form is available 24×7! Subject to supply availability you should be receiving replies from different scrap yards from throughout the country.

    Our business has all the major leading car manufacturers, allowing it to be simple to find the motor you are searching for. The old saying: “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking” is no longer valid! Save much time from significantly less calls and less driving to every scrap yard.


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