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    Looking For A Used Toyota Aygo Engine?

    If you’re scouting for used Toyota Aygo engines for sale, you have arrive at the right place. We allow you to effortlessly contact a large network of Toyota junk yards and engine importers in South Africa. Save time and money by getting in contact with numerous trustworthy suppliers instantly.

    Whether you are a vehicle dealer that must rapidly replace a motor, or perhaps a repair shop that needs some quotations…Let us help you find a second hand Aygo engine easily and quickly.

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    Read More Info On The Toyota Aygo

    The History Of The Toyota Aygo

    The decision to produce these entry-level cars was made on July 12, 2001, when the presidents of Toyota and PSA Peugeot Citroën , Fujio Cho and Jean-Martin Folz , decided to produce a small car jointly to share the development costs and guarantee prices from 8,500 euros.

    The Citroën C1 , Peugeot 107 and Aygo are built in the TPCA factory , a joint venture between PSA Peugeot Citroën and Toyota in Kolín in the Czech Republic. These three vehicles were presented as a world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show and launched in series onFebruary 28, 2005. They are available from 2005 to 2014 then replaced by the second generation Citroën C1 and Toyota Aygo and by the Peugeot 108.


    The Aygo stands out with its front lights, its airy grille (unlike the C1 and 107 where it is closed) and its more reduced ventilation grille. The rear part, the doors and the front fenders are specific to it unlike the C1 and 107 which share these elements. Its dimensions are: 3.41 m long by 1.62 m wide and 1.47 m high.

    Competitors are the Renault Twingo II , Smart Fortwo , Fiat Seicento , Daihatsu Cuore II , Daewoo Matiz II , Fiat Panda II and Volkswagen Fox .

    The Aygo was restyled in december 2008. During the first restyling, it received more visible modifications on most of the bodywork elements. She is the one who benefited the most from the aesthetic changes, and she seems to be the most “rejuvenated” of the three models.

    After a second restyling, in 2012, the Toyota Aygo retains a new grille inspired by the Yaris, Avensis restylée and Verso-S with two side vents, but also new diode shields.


    The Aygo is 1 3,415 m long, 1,615 m wide and 1,465 m high. It is available with 1 petrol engine with a displacement of 1 . It consumes in the combined cycle from 4.3 L / 100 km or 99 g of CO 2 per km 1 . The trunk is 139 dm 3 2 .


    The proposed engines are:

    • the 1 liter original Daihatsu petrol block;
    • the 1.4 liter Diesel HDi, with common rail.

    This engine has not been offered since 2011.
    The petrol engine, which benefits from Toyota’s expertise, is equipped with a VVT-i system for variable timing of the continuous distribution, managed by computer (depending on acceleration, load, …).

    The engine has only three cylinders. At Toyota, this engine is itself taken from the “small models” section of the brand, that is to say the Daihatsu brand. It will be found on many models of small Japanese cars, and even on a future Subaru strongly resembling an Opel Agila.

    The 1.4 liter diesel displacement is a 4-cylinder original PSA model.

    Petrol engine Diesel motor
    Engine 3 cylinders in line 4 cylinders in line with turbo
    Number of valves 12 8
    Displacement 998  cm 3 1,398  cm 3
    Max power 68  hp at 6,000  rpm. 55  hp at 4,000  rpm.
    Max torque 93  Nm at 3,600  rpm. 130  Nm at 1,750  rpm.
    Gearbox 5 speed, manual or Sensodrive robotic gearbox
    Max speed 169  km / h 154  km / h
    0- 100  km / h 13.7  s 15.6  s
    Consumption (in L / 100 km) 4.5 4.1
    CO 2 emissions (in g / km) 106 109


    The two gearboxes offered are:

    5-speed manual transmission on all models;
    the optional 5-speed robotic manual transmission, available only for the 1.0i petrol model.
    The robotic manual transmission can also function as an automatic.

    Car Review Of The Toyota Aygo


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