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Looking For A Used Toyota Land Cruiser Engine?

Essentially the most troublesome facets of seeking Toyota Landcruiser spares in SA certainly is the search for used Toyota engines. There are lots of junk yard businesses and getting in touch with the entire group for quotations will not be the very best use of your time and effort. We understand the desperation of discovering a trusted used Toyota Land Cruiser Engine. Whether your main priority is pricing, reliability of the motor, or turnaround period to receive the engine, this site has solutions which will accomplish those goals. Be a step nearer to locating a high quality replacement Toyota motor, by giving us a call or completing the enquiry form.

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Latest Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2018-09-03 15:44:11 +02:00
Alwyn van ZYL
4.0 L
I am looking for a 4.0l petrol engine for a landcruiser Prado 20094 model
2018-09-01 18:03:28 +02:00
Wildu Mostert
4l straight 6 diesel
Looking for a 2nd hand 4l straight 6 Diesel engine for a 1989 Landcruiser 60 series
2018-08-14 14:24:05 +02:00
Joseph Mothibeli
I need 4.2 diesel complete engine for Landcruiser pickup.
2018-08-06 09:49:05 +02:00
Pieter Kriel
2UZ V8 ?
Good morning, I am looking for a Land Cruiser 4.7 V8 engiene
2018-07-17 13:12:59 +02:00
C J Robbertze
6 Silinder Desal
ikz1013795 Engin nom 3
Looking for a engine similar to this one.Land CRUISER PRADO
ikz1013795 Engin nom
10 Common Engine Problems

10 Most Common Engine Problems and the way to Identify them

Engine failure is never great news. Not only is your car functional but it really can be tough to diagnose your engine’s issue and much more hard to fix the issue. Whether the issue is coming from your car heating up, a misfiring or the engine light iluminates, the systems in your car generally show unique warning signs that suggest impending failure.

What Might Be the Problem?
Whether or not the issue is stemming in your vehicle over heating, a misfiring motor or the engine cautionary light flashes on, the systems inside your automobile often show special warning signs that point out approaching failure.

Many of us observe the “check engine” caution and inevitably predict potential disaster as an alternative to seeing this as a great tool that signifies possible car engine difficulty. A motor mechanic might find any one of the next few challenges:

Lack of lubrication.
Your car needs oil between its working components. Not only will this bring down friction, but it’ll too remove heat. As a result, receiving a frequent oil exchange is really important for the running of one’s vehicle. Improper lubrication causes over heating and could contribute to your car engine breaking down. Oil cuts down rust in addition to stops harmful debris from accumulating so maintaining acceptable levels is important.

Oil pump failure.
Whenever oil has got the improper thickness, then it could cause problems for the pump that moves oil around the car engine. This could certainly contribute to an issue described as oil starvation, which ends in critical engine failures. Make sure you’re using the best type of oil for your engine, especially in the higher-risk over head cam motors.

Dirty oil.
When ever motor oil is not clean, instead of supplying an obstacle in between intake valves and ignition chambers, it results in by-products that create overheating. Additionally it may break a car’s bearings as soon as foreign matter gets set on the surface area. A blocked oil filter can trigger serious harm to the engine plus decrease your car’s fuel efficiency.

Worn spark plug.
A spark plug really is a very small yet necessary piece of the vehicle’s assembly since it lets a car to move. It lights pressurized petrol by transferring energy from the spark plug’s end towards the electrode inside the car engine. Dated spark plugs can cause the electrical energy to escape which makes a weak spark. It can make the engine to misfire or prevent ignition completely. A substandard spark plug increases the pollution levels originating from a automobile and decreases it’s fuel economy.

Spark knock.
Detonation, or spark knock, is a kind of combustion caused by the accumulation of a lot of heat and pressure within the engines ignition chamber. You can hear engine detonation effortlessly, because it creates a noisy, ringing knocking disturbance. Constant detonation can impart cracks in your motor or else can drastically harm the engine’s structure. Any time a knock is present, the camshaft isn’t really functioning in conjunction with the pistons.

Defective or faulty oxygen sensor.
In your engine is a sensor that determines oxygen output from the exhaust. This monitors the car’s info system by gauging how much fuel is left within the petrol tank. A problem with the o2 sensing unit signifies the car draws erroneous information. Often, this would lead to increased fuel usage.

Weak compression.
If air and fuel aren’t accurately pressurised, the car engine can’t execute its combustion procedure. If combustion isn’t taking place, the motor won’t operate. You’ll find several factors at which compression might be malfunctioning, like the pistons and cylinders.

Coolant loss.
If the engine is consistently over heating, you may be suffering with coolant loss. Automobile engines use coolant to be a constant source of heat reduction, and losing the liquid brings about extraordinary heats. Avoidance is the greatest treatments, therefore steer clear of this kind of damage by ensuring the coolant is clean as well as the cooling system is within very good working shape.

Blocked radiator.
Grimy coolant may cause multiple complications. If ever the radiator results in being heaped with deposit via soiled coolant, it will likely cause your engine to get too hot. Corrode also occurs whenever hard water is utilized.

Unfastened or absent petrol cap.
Securing or replacing of the gasoline cap is amongst the easiest and cheapest repairs your car will need in its life time. However, it’s also an important one. Wobbly petrol caps discharge petrol vapors into the economy that can reduce a vehicle’s fuel economy and possibly increase the amount of money spent on petrol. If you’re recognizing that petrol is used up a lot before it ought to, you really should get a brand new petrol cap.

Engine Finder Is Your Solution To Finding Used Toyota Engines

If you think you have an engine problem, it really is vital that you call a repair shop. The important technology in your own land cruiser typically show detailed indicators so speak to an car mechanic as quickly as possible. With the aforementioned knowledge you will have a far better notion of what might be amiss along with your engine. In case you at some point must exchange your motor, call us and we’ll get the best quotation from our network of South African scrap yards with minor or no hassle for you.

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