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    Previous Alfa Romeo Engine Enquiries

    2022-01-03 20:27:55 +02:00
    3.2 jts
    Looking for a good alfa159 3.2 v6 GM engine complete
    2021-12-20 16:02:54 +02:00
    am looking for 145 alfa romeo engine
    2021-11-29 17:45:45 +02:00
    2.2 JTS

    I am looking for an Alfa Engine Romeo 2.2 JTS 2006 model. Even if the engine does work it is fine
    2021-11-25 15:41:08 +02:00
    2.0 l
    Price for the AR32310 alfa romeo engine
    2021-11-25 13:27:20 +02:00
    East London
    Good day.

    How much does a complete engine cost for fiat grande punto of Alfa mito? Model 2012 engine code 955a2000
    2021-11-12 05:39:20 +02:00
    1.9 JTD
    Price and availability of an engine for the Alfa Romeo 147 1.9JTD. Engine number 937A2.000.
    2021-11-10 03:02:08 +02:00
    Hi I'm looking for Alfa 147 1.9 jtd engine
    2021-11-08 15:16:40 +02:00
    Pretoria West
    VIN#SALFA2AD8BH232850, front bumper and zennon head lights.
    2021-11-03 16:09:38 +02:00
    Looking for used alfa romeo guilietta 1750
    2021-10-26 08:51:28 +02:00

    Do you have boost pipes for a Alfa Guilietta?
    2021-10-19 21:53:43 +02:00
    2.0 16 valve
    Hi,im looking for a alfa 2.0 16 valve engine or another option alfa 2.5 v6 engine and gearbox
    2021-10-14 17:40:35 +02:00
    I need a front engine mount and a front gearbox mount for my 159 3.2l alfa please
    2021-10-14 16:46:56 +02:00
    Kindly assist me in finding the engine for my Alfa.
    2021-10-13 13:18:56 +02:00
    GTA 3.2 V6
    I am looking for a complete Alfa Romeo GTA 3.2 V6 engine, in good condition.
    2021-10-01 13:00:31 +02:00
    Port Elizabeth
    1.9 JTS
    I am looking for an Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 JTS engine
    More Info

    Alfa romeo engines for sale south africaAcknowledged and thought of on the list of most valued Italian cars, Alfa Romeo is different, chic, classy, comfortable as well as reliable. Therefore, it’s not difficult to understand exactly why Alfa Romeo is among the ordinarily sold makes. Nevertheless, additionally it is important to recognise the high cost of equally buying and fixing these automobiles. Many of the Alfa Romeo owners wind up leaving their passenger cars for a while to save cash for spares and even while this really is necessary, many times, it exposes your motor vehicle to several some other consequences and damages that form when the motor has not operated for a long time.

    Original Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Turbo Engine

    The engine of Alfa Romeo Twin Spark (TS) “double spark”, was used for the first time in the Great Prizes in 1914 . In the 1960s it was used in racing cars such as the GTA and TZ models that allow it to achieve higher performance . In the mid-80s, original Alfa Romeo began to incorporate this technology to their street vehicles in order to improve and comply with strict emission controls.

    The Twinspark engine is a patented technology installed in Alfa Romeo cars based on the use of double spark plugs per cylinder. Initially it is mounted on the Alfa Romeo 75 / Milano and later they were installed on models 164, 155, 145, 146, 156, 166, Alfa Romeo GTV6 / Alfa Romeo Spider 916 and 147.

    The first TS series were 4-cylinder in-line alfa engines with double overhead camshafts ( DOHC ). The original engine with 8 valves was provided with cylinder heads and engine blocks of silicon and aluminum, wet shirts of iron for the cylinders and double chain of distribution for the camshafts. The valves are cooled with sodium, hollow inside, contain a quantity of this metal, which distributes the heat along the stem of the same, cooling the valve head. The design of the engine is similar to the previous generation of bialberos, the famous unbreakable DOHC Alfa Romeo engines, noticeably raised.

    The 16-valve engines have the cast iron block of Fiat origin , with alloy stock, and camshafts driven by belts.

    The main improvement of these engines compared to conventional ones, is the greater facility to consume the burned gases due to the two flame fronts, increasing the yield and decreasing the consumption. 8v and 16v have 2 spark plugs per cylinder, the difference is that in the 8v the same 2 spark plugs per cylinder are used.

    The motors also incorporate other two devices to improve the performance, the camshaft with variator of phase and the variable control of admission, only instrumented in the versions 1.8 and 2.0. At lower rpm the length of the inlet manifold increases, promoting better combustion and quality of the mixture in these conditions, also changes the intake of resonance frequencies.

    The advance of the camshaft inlet of 30 degrees (or camshaft 15 degrees) varies the opening and closing time of the valves. This system acts when predetermined conditions of rpm and load occur, getting that during the compression phase of the engine begins before the camshaft is in this position, thus increasing the compression ratio by increasing the torque. BMW Vanos is based on this operation.

    In the 8V motors the inlet valves are kept open for longer than normal. In the new 16V motors the camshaft variator is used to improve performance and emissions, but it can also be the source for the “diesel noise” everyday problem in these engines to exceed 100,000km, this is due to a wear of the internal mechanism of the part that controls this system. The same variator system is also used in many Fiat / Lancia as the engines used in a Lancia Kappa 5 cylinder, and some models such as the Fiat Bravo, Fiat Barchetta, Fiat Coupe, etc …

    Variable admission

    The variable input makes control in the air intake to shorten its path from the valve, again when the engine reaches a predefined RPM. This works on the principle that the long air intake is a tube that tunes to your frequency ideal in tune with the valves, will allow good air flow and even, and will help fill the cylinders efficiently. This works in a method similar to the tuning of the exhaust system in all modern cars, which creates the pressure exhaust system to extract spent gases from the cylinders. The variable intake system uses the cone inside the negative airbox to reflect pressure waves down the entrance. These waves are used to aid in the filling of the cylinders.

    The remarkable effect that these two devices have on the engine will have a linear power of low RPM up to the red line, without the lack of torque at low RPM, and a power at higher RPM, which is typical on these engines, as they come with cams

    In the lower part of the RPM the air increases the speed of the intake air and improves mixing, combustion, low rpm emissions and torque.

    Variable distribution

    The variable valve timing gave the Twin Spark engine very good performance for its displacement, but it is one of the weakest areas of the 16-valve engine. The cam drive that controls the time. The symptoms are a slight loss of performance and a rattle-type diesel of the top of the engine, which appears at the start and gradually lasts longer. Therefore, it is advisable to change the cam variator every 36,000 miles (60,000 km). The variator has a problem often seen in the previous version 8V Twin Spark, since when using a different system of cam variator, it is also the case for the 16v versions used in the Alfa Romeo 156 and the 147.

    Locating Used Alfa Romeo Engines For Sale with Engine Finder

    With the criteria you’ll want to be aware of, you can certainly locate the Alfa Romeo South Africa dealers. Almost all the professional traders own an respected website that incorporate the information which they offer. In order to find these companies, simply execute a web search for companies that can be found in the vicinity of your home or place of work. You will subsequently be able to use the factors explained above to limit the search results and look for the most effective dealer. Any time you employ these factors, they will restrict your research, and you will be sure of finding the right Alfa Romeo dealership. It’s always generally far better to acquire second hand Alfa Romeo engines from legitimate certified motor spares stores that are allowed to operate in the region. This tends to make sure you get the very best quality and procedures that allow you claim refunds for components that don’t fit the bill.


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