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    Jeep scrap yards offering used Jeep Wrangler parts

    Drive with peace of mind with our huge selection of used Jeep spares. Whether you’re a classic 4×4 devotee, or into the latest generation, choose from a huge range of parts, sourced from accident damaged models at scrap yards across South Africa. We offer one of the most extensive online selections available, and as one of South Africa’s leading vehicle spare parts suppliers, we ensure that even if you have the most obscure model in mind – we have it!

    We have salvage yards in all parts of South Africa such as Limpopo, Northern Cape, Free State, Eastern Cape, North West, Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga. Our suppliers stock a large number of Jeep Wrangler spares and can also offer parts for most Jeep models. Their prices are very competitive and our service fast and efficient. Free delivery is available on some Jeep parts (subject to parts being in stock). 

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    Different kinds of Jeep spares our salvage yards provide

    They provide many parts which are works with many Jeep models found in SA.

    Whether you are looking for a Tailgate, Alloy Wheels, Fuel Injection Pump, Shock Absorber, Seat, Body Panel, Gearbox, Differential, Car Heater, Exhaust System, Catalytic Converter, Engine, Axle, Transfer box, Air Conditioning, Wiper Motor, Bumper, Fuel Tank, Wing Mirror, Boot Lid, Headlamp, Brake, Wheel Hub, Power Steering, Throttle, Airbag, Ignition, Grille, Distributor, Parcel Shelf, radiator, ear Beam, Cylinder Head, Alternator, ABS Pump, Steering Box, Battery, Suspension, Starter Motor, Bonnet, Window Winder Motor, Wishbone, Turbo, Seat Belt, Drive Shaft, Dashboard, Car Door, ECU, Air Flow Meter, Flywheel, Diesel Pump or an Injector Pump, for your Wrangler, we are able to help!

    Are second-hand parts from our salvage yard network less expensive than those from Jeep agents?

    Jeep parts available from our network of salvage yards are reasonably priced and are more affordable than agent parts.

    This doesn’t mean the parts are of poor quality. Spares are sourced from original part suppliers, meaning our stores commonly are capable to provide the same parts as Jeep retailers at inexpensive prices.

    Our Suppliers Offer Parts For The Following Jeep Models

    All of our scrap yards supply used Jeep parts for all latest and past models. But, if your vehicle is not listed here, make an enquiry anyhow since most of our salvage yards will do what they can to find the part you will need.

    Find spare parts for these Jeep models:

    Our supplier network carries an in-depth selection of high-quality Jeep spares, for any widely used Jeep models – new and old – on the South African roads. Call us when there’s a component you need!

    About The Jeep Wrangler

    jeep wrangler

    The Jeep Wrangler is a small SUV that succeeds the famous WWII Jeep Willys MB. The vehicle got a new JK chassis and became considerably bigger than its predecessor in the following generation, which started in 2006. It comes in two versions: a two-door with a short wheelbase and a four-door with a long wheelbase. A robust modular version of the Wrangler roof is offered as an option. The basic Wrangler roof is a fabric, folding roof.

    The vehicle has numerous additional features compared to its predecessors, and its safety has been improved. For the first time, the Wrangler JK’s engine, gearbox, and, to a lesser degree, brake system, as well as lighting and auxiliary functions, are all controlled electronically. Every year, several upgrades are made; for example, in 2011-12, the interior was updated, a new V6 gasoline engine was installed, and the Wrangler now has the option of an in-line 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine.

    Different configurations enable you to choose the precise Jeep Wrangler model depending on your needs. The Sahara, for example, will be as comfy on a long trip as well as in the city.  Command-Trac plug-in all-wheel drive system, 17-inch alloy wheels, leather steering wheel and gearbox handles, power windows, body-color wheel arch extensions, tubular side steps, 5-speed automatic transmission, climate control, Alpine audio system with subwoofer, heated mirrors, automatic headlights are all included in this Wrangler version. The Rubicon option is the most well-equipped choice for off-road adventures. The Rock-Trac all-wheel drive system is standard, as are the automatic front stabilizer shutdown function and other features.

    The VM Motori 2.8-liter RA 428 diesel engine features a common rail direct injection system and a power reserve of 200 horsepower (torque – 410 Nm), enough to propel the Wrangler to a maximum speed of 169 km/h in little over 13 seconds. Fuel usage in the city is 10.2 liters per 100 kilometers, whereas outside the city it is 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The Pentastar 3.6 V6 petrol engine has a variable valve timing system and has a power output of 284 horsepower (347 Nm), a top speed of 159 km/h, and a fuel consumption of 15.6 l/100 km in the city and 8.8 l/100 km outside the city. The diesel engine comes standard with a 6-speed manual gearbox, with a 5-speed automatic transmission as an option.

    Constructed on a spar frame and independent suspensions with continuous axles front and rear, the Jeep Wrangler is a classic design. All of this enables you to drive the vehicle in the most challenging off-road situations. The front stabilizer bar ASBS may be disabled in extremely tough circumstances, allowing for greater suspension travel and improved off-road performance. The Wrangler Sahara comes standard with the Command-Trac II all-wheel drive system, which has a 2-speed transfer case and the flexibility to choose the preferred mode for the current driving conditions at any time. The Rubicon’s two-stage Rock-Trac transfer case has a high downshift ratio of 4.0: 1 (compared to 2.7: 1 for Command-Trac), providing the wheels with a massive amount of torque required in severe conditions. .. A Trac-Loc rear limited slip differential is offered as standard (for example, Polar Edition) or at an extra expense (depending on trim level). Tru-Lok front and rear axle locking are available on the Rubicon variant.

    The 2017 Wrangler comes standard with electronic stability control. All models come with an anti-lock braking system that has been optimized for off-road usage, as well as traction control. Front airbags with various degrees of inflation, side airbags, and an energy-absorbing and injury-resistant steering column and steering wheel guarantee the driver and passengers’ safety. The body is made of high-strength steel, and the beam incorporated into the B-pillar extends all the way to the bottom, improving passive safety in side crashes, vehicle strength, torsional stiffness, and high-speed handling.


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