Volvo Error Codes & Engine Problems

by | May 17, 2020 | Engine Fault Codes

Volvo Engine Fault Codes

ECM 671D

Incorrect camshaft position. The problem may be a malfunction of the sensor or damage to the pulley itself.

ECM 1507

Turbine malfunction, critically low signal from device

ECM 3501

The control module reports the fixing of misfires in the first cylinder of the engine.

Possible causes of the problem:

  • malfunction of the spark plug: damage to its contact or the formation of soot on the device;
  • failure of the switchgear, the appearance of cracks in its housing;
  • poor compression in the cylinders of the power unit;
  • lack of balance in the formation of the air-fuel mixture, in particular, lack of fuel;
  • malfunction of one or more fuel injectors.

ECM 3502

Misfire in the second cylinder of the engine

P0300 (ECM 3503)

Misfire in the third cylinder of the power unit

ECM 3504

Misfire in the fourth engine cylinder

ECM 6140

Malfunctions of the camshaft adjustment system

P2089 (ECM 6400)

Intake camshaft recovery valve is not working properly or is turned off

P0011 (ECM 640 A)

Error camshaft position of the car.

Possible causes of the malfunction:

  • malfunctioning CVVT phase distribution system;
  • malfunctions recorded in the functioning of the camshaft gear;
  • violation of the flow of motor fluid into the piston chamber VCT;
  • damage to the wiring or contact elements on the connection block of the gas distribution system;
  • VVT-i valve sensor breakdown due to clogging or when replacing the timing chain.

P0014 (ECM 641)

On Volvo Kodtruck, F12, FH13 ACM and other versions, this code indicates malfunctions associated with the functioning of the exhaust shaft adjustment system


The combination P0026 (0026) appears when the solenoid valve for controlling the intake valves breaks. The problem should be sought in the first bank of the car engine.


Code P0027 is associated with a malfunction in the electromagnetic exhaust valve control device. The problem may affect the functioning of the engine, including reduced power and the appearance of detonation.


Violations in the formation of the air-fuel mixture. The code may be displayed as a combination of P017068, depending on the equipment being diagnosed and the software version.

P0171 (ECM 261 A)

Overestimation of the combustible mixture associated with air leaks

P0243 (ECM 6800)

Failure or malfunction of the exhaust gas shutter solenoid of turbine


Low efficiency of the operation of the catalyst device


Violations in the system of additional adaptation of the combustible mixture with air. The problem is in the front row of the engine and may lead to its incorrect operation.


Malfunctions of the second cylinder of the engine. The device might be stuck in one of the positions.


This code can be displayed as a combination of P188918 and indicates a violation of the sealing of the working piston of the engine.

How To Display Diagnostic Error Codes



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