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engine error codesVW Engine Fault Error codes


Common error code. This combination appears in the presence of other faults.


Intake inlet flap malfunction


Compressor electromagnetic clutch malfunction


Spontaneous opening in the operation of the clutch system. Most likely, the disk is worn out.


Malfunction of one of the cylinders, damage to the device


Problems in the operation of the EGR valve, arbitrary shutdown of the device


Exceeding the nitric oxide limit, shutting down the EGR valve


The control unit reports limitations associated with the particulate filter

P10A900 (P10A9)

Malfunctions in the operation of the throttle valve actuator


Error code P261A or P261A00 is the result of damage to the electrical circuit of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning system


Error codes P0016 and P001600 indicate the incorrect relative position of the motor shafts. To solve the problem, a detailed diagnosis of the integrity of the gears on the pulley will be required. Perhaps the cause of the malfunction is a mismatch in the labels.


Literally, the error translates as “the deviation of the angle of advance of the throttle valve.” A malfunction leads to improper intake air pressure.


The control unit detected an incorrect ratio in the intake air pressure readings


Error code P0087 indicates a decrease in pressure in the fuel system.

Possible causes of the malfunction:

  • damage to high or low pressure lines;
  • damage to connectors or electrical harnesses;
  • wear of a pusher TNVD (fuel filter of a high pressure);
  • nozzle clogging;
  • malfunction of the fuel system controller;
  • failure of the pressure control valve.


The control unit reports an incorrect pressure fixed at the inlet. It is recommended to check the operation of the device G71 and F96, from one of them the wrong signal is sent to the microprocessor.


Error code P0121 appears as a result of an incorrect pulse from the throttle potentiometer G69


Error codes P0171 or P017100 appear as a result of depletion of the air-fuel mixture. Defect found in the first row of cylinders.


The combination 0172 appears as a result of the enrichment of the air-fuel mixture in the first row of cylinders


The code P0299 or P029900 indicates a reduced boost pressure.

When this malfunction occurs, the following symptoms appear:

  • on the control combination, the Check indicator lights up;
  • the inclusion of a speed limiter up to 40 km / h;
  • the power of the power unit is significantly reduced;
  • noise appears in the operation of a turbine or compressor on a diesel engine.

The reasons that led to this error:

  • reduced pressure of the engine fluid in the power unit;
  • failure of a turbine or discharge device;
  • malfunctions in the EGR system (EGR);
  • clogged air filter or air intake in the intake manifold;
  • breakdown of boost pressure controller.


Error code P0300 appears as a result of fixing the misfire in one of the engine cylinders. A specific number is not indicated, so you have to search for the cause yourself.


Combination P0301 reports misfire in the first cylinder of the engine.

Symptoms that may occur with such a malfunction:

  • the difficulty of starting the power unit;
  • “Triple” of the engine, unstable engine idling;
  • random stop of the engine when idling, at traffic lights or in traffic jams.


The combination P0302 appears as a result of the appearance of misfire in the second cylinder


Error code P0303 indicates misfires in the third cylinder of the car engine


Misfire detected in engine fourth cylinder


Failure in the fourth cylinder of the engine, the problem may be a malfunction of the ignition control system


Error code P0401 appears when the throughput in the exhaust gas recirculation system is reduced. This combination may be due to wear of the sensors, as well as air leaks.


Error code P040300 appears as a result of a malfunction in the exhaust gas recirculation valve. This refers to the device N18. The appearance of code P040300 may be due to a violation of the tightness of the system, as well as a malfunction of the control unit.


Incorrect control range in the exhaust gas recirculation system


Error code P0411 (0411) indicates a decrease in throughput in the operation of the secondary air supply system


The combination of P0420 (0420) appears as a result of a decrease in the efficiency in the operation of the catalyst system located in the first row. It is necessary to check the tightness of all components and pipes. Damaged lines must be replaced, and weakened clamps are tightened.


Error code P044100 literally stands for “incorrect flow in the system for monitoring the removal of fuel vapor”


The microprocessor module has detected a serious leak in the fuel tank ventilation system


Error code P0456 reports a minor leak in the fuel tank ventilation system


Error code P0491 appears as a result of reduced throughput of the secondary air supply system. The fault is recorded in the front row.


Idle engine speeds above maximum


Invalid signal from throttle control module


Invalid signal received by microprocessor about engine speed


Wrong gear ratio in fourth speed


Error P0811 for severe slip of the clutch in the clutch system. A detailed diagnosis of all elements of the node, including disk integrity, is required.


The nominal value of the readings from the valve of the dampers located on the inlet channels is not reached


Error code P106500 indicates an incorrect fuel pressure control range


The appearance of code 1114 indicates increased internal resistance of the second probe installed in the first row


Re-enrichment of the mixture in the first row of cylinders. Under the load of the power unit, its adaptation does not pass.


On the Passat B5 2008 and other models, this code indicates the depletion of the combustible mixture in the first row of engine cylinders. The specific number must be verified by the diagnostic method. The control unit indicates that this malfunction occurs when the engine is idling.


Invalid load accounting data


Overspill of the mixture in the first row of cylinders. The problem is related to problems with adaptation.


Error code 1165 appears as a result of re-enrichment of the mixture in the first row of cylinders


Incorrect control range in the injection timing control system


Fuel level too low


Invalid signal from second cylinder injector pump valve


Error code 1273 appears when you exit the control range of the signal coming from the valve of the pump injector of the fifth cylinder


Malfunction in the cooling system.

The reasons for this error can be many:

  • breakdown of one of the antifreeze temperature sensors (disconnecting the connector, contact oxidation, wire damage);
  • lack of refrigerant in the expansion tank;
  • boiling antifreeze, leading to overheating of the power unit;
  • lack of tightness associated with damage to the nozzles;
  • errors in the functioning of the control unit;
  • malfunction of the thermostat or its incorrect operation.


Pressure reduction in the pipeline between the turbocharged unit and the throttle body


On the Volkswagen Passat CC with a gasoline engine and other cars, this code indicates a violation of the control range in the exhaust gas recirculation system.


The throughput in the secondary air supply system is too low, fixed in the first row of cylindersP1479Error code P1479 indicates a mechanical malfunction in the brake booster vacuum system.


Throttle Control System Failure


The literal translation of the error is “the wrong ratio of the height and pressure controller signals in the intake manifold”. With this problem, engine malfunctions may occur.


The error is literally translated as “fuel pump dispenser-N146: upper limit”P1582Upper limit of adaptation in idle control system reached


The combination P1570 can literally be deciphered as “blocking the engine control unit”. Most likely, the cause of the problem is associated with a regular immobilizer.

Possible malfunctions:

  • breakdown of the control module by the motor blocker;
  • damage to the immobilizer antenna;
  • chip malfunction;
  • damage to the wiring, oxidation of the contacts on the connector;
  • the use of auto-start alarms, which led to a conflict between the standard immobilizer and the additional one.


Invalid signal from terminal 30-J317 power relay


Error code P1649 indicates the absence of messages from the control module of the anti-lock system. The cause of the problem may be the data bus. It is required to check the loop on the ABS control unit (ABS) and the microprocessor module.


The second fan of the V177 cooling system is blocked or its operation is difficult. The cause of the problem may be the poor contact of the device with the on-board network, as well as damage to the wiring. Sometimes a malfunction consists in oxidizing the contacts on the connector.


Error code 2002 appears as a result of a malfunction of the particulate filter mounted on the first row of cylinders. The device must be replaced since it is not practical to clean it.


Error code P2015 (2015) indicates a malfunction in the intake manifold flaps.P2096The combination indicates an excess of the depletion limit of the air-fuel mixture. The problem, most likely, is the oxygen controller installed after the catalyst in the front row.


Oxygen controller mixture enrichment control limit exceeded. It is necessary to check the sensor installed in the first row after the catalyst.


Throttle Malfunctions


Injector Power (s) B: Short to Ground


Error code P2177 (2177) indicates a lean mixture in the first row of engine cylinders when it is idling


Lean mixture in the front row of the engine when idling


Error code P2004 (2004) reports that the intake flaps of the first row of cylinders do not close


The lean mixture in the cylinders of the power unit at speeds above idle


Error code 2181 indicates a malfunction in the cooling system. This is a common mistake, so the user needs to diagnose all components of the node.


On a car with a turbodiesel, this code often appears when enriching the air-fuel mixture. The control unit indicates that the problem may be a malfunction of the first oxygen controller installed in a row of 1 cylinders.


Mechanical damage to turbocharger bypass N249


No turbocharger pressure detected, mechanical failure


Turbocharger malfunction


Error code P2279 indicates a leak in the intake system. It is necessary to check all the lines, as well as their connection. Possible weakening of the clamps or damage to the nozzles.


Particulate filter problem. If error P2463 is most likely, the filter element will have to be changed.


Error code P2637 indicates an incorrect torque pulse of power unit


Error code 3014 or 014 indicates a short to ground or damage to the wiring of the second boost pressure relief valve N274


The combination indicates problems in the operation of the throttle control unit. When the power unit is idling, the air supply to the cylinders is insufficient.


Error code 3081 on the Touareg 32 and other Volkswagen models indicates a low engine temperature. The causes of the malfunction can be many, but you need to start the diagnosis with the quality of antifreeze and the efficiency of the thermostat.


The basic settings of the mechanical stop of the inlet flaps in the closed position have been violated


Error code 3139 reports that the pulse from the intake flap is out of range


On Volkswagen T4, T5 and other versions of the data, the code indicates a malfunction of the intake flaps. The control unit calculated the violation of the basic parameters of the installation of the mechanical stop in the closed position.

How To Read VW Fault Error codes



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