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    Looking For A Used VW Polo Engine?

    Has your Volswgen engine seen better days? Are you looking a second hand VW Polo engines for sale? What ever engine trouble you’ve got, we’ll promptly get you in touch with a huge community of VW engine importers in SA. Our web site may help find the best engine for your vehicle at a good price. Are you a vehicle seller that must quickly replace a motor? Or maybe a mechanic that requires some prices? 

    We are here to help you within your pursuit to find a used VW Polo motor. No matter which VW Polo model you use, no matter whether it’s a 1.6 Tdi or perhaps a 1.4 Trendline let us help you in finding the motor you may need!

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    About The Volkswagen Polo

    About The VW Polo

    Volkswagen Polo is a stylish German B-class hatchback. The fifth generation of the model was introduced in 2014. The design of the car, in comparison with previous versions, has remained almost the same. Specialists changed only the front bumpers, grille and taillights. Also, if desired, the car owner can equip his car with LED optics, which is not typical for cars in this segment.

    Interior VW Polo

    There are more changes to the Polo interior. Drivers can experience the benefits of a new steering wheel, dashboard, climate system and multimedia system, which are in the “base” of the hatchback.

    In addition, the developers equipped the car with a retuned suspension and an emergency braking system in a collision, thereby reducing the likelihood of a second strike. Additionally, you can order a cruise control system, as well as a sports suspension, the shock absorbers of which are electronically controlled.

    Dynamic features

    As for the engine range of the Volkswagen Polo, the car in the “base” is equipped with a 3-cylinder gasoline engine per 1 liter, which produces 60 and 75 liters. from. power. The 1.4-liter atmospheric unit was replaced by a deformed 1.2-liter turbocharged one with a power of 90 hp. The most powerful is a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine with 150 horsepower. Diesel units are available in two versions: a 3-cylinder 1.4 liter with a capacity of 75 and 90 liters. from. They are aggregated by 5- or 6-speed manual gearboxes or by 7-speed DSG “robots”.

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    car engineYou will find a enormous circle of junk yards as well as , motor importers all over Sa. In this instance a single request made with our company goes out to them all. This is truly a Significant way to save time! Calling one dealer to an alternative is unquestionably mind-numbing!

    This procedure is regarded as a “shot gun” tactic (inquire from numerous diverse places offering the same products. By yourself, it’s likely you’ll only phone the companies that are local to you. Each of our businesses are alerted instantaneously and several could be up country, never worry they are able to coordinate a courier service to deliver your engine!

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    Never ever are the prices inflated since you’re doing business direct with the junk yards. The junk yard sells you the motor, so this means costs are not hiked up in in any event. Every single junk yard have a distinct manner of managing their organization, but you’ll be doing business specifically with them.

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    You needn’t be worried as soon as your telephone instantly starts ringing non-stop, considering the fact that all partners are given your message all together! Whenever being given many written estimates you will have the luxury of deciding on the most suitable price that suits your allowance as a result.


    The usage of our services are a no brainer as soon as you essentially understand just how linked our company is with all the engine traders found in SA. Either you call us or make an online enquiry. Just before phoning be sure you have your engine number at hand (upon your vehicle registration papers). Based upon stock availability you should be obtaining estimates from numerous salvage yards from within the country.

    Our business has all the major major automotive brands, rendering it readily available the motor you’re looking for. Save your time and money by accessing our wide community of companies to obtain the motor that’s required without running all over the city on your own.


    Engines that Fit in VW Polo

    The VW Polo is a popular subcompact car that has been in production since 1975. It has undergone several generational changes, and each generation has had different engine options. Some of the engines that fit in the VW Polo include:

    • 1.0-liter MPI engine
    • 1.2-liter TSI engine
    • 1.4-liter TSI engine
    • 1.6-liter TDI engine
    • 2.0-liter TSI engine

    Engine Codes for VW Polo

    Each engine in the VW Polo has a unique engine code, which can be useful when looking for replacement parts. Here are some of the engine codes for the VW Polo:

    • 1.0-liter MPI engine – CHYA, CLPA, CLSA, MPI
    • 1.2-liter TSI engine – CBZA, CBZB, CBZC, CJZA, CJZB, CJZC, CJZD, CYVB, CYVC
    • 1.4-liter TSI engine – CAVD, CTHD, CHPA, CPTA, CZCA, CZDA
    • 1.6-liter TDI engine – CAYB, CAYC, CAYD, CLNA
    • 2.0-liter TSI engine – CJXG, CJXC, CJXB

    Polo Engine Replacement Cost

    If you need to replace the engine in your VW Polo, the cost can vary depending on the engine size and the age and condition of your car. The cost can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of South African Rand. However, with the Engine Finder service, you can compare quotes from different engine suppliers in South Africa to find the best deal for your budget. This service can help you save time and money and quickly get your VW Polo back on the road.
    For more information about the VW Polo, you can visit the VW Polo Wikipedia page.

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