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Used VW Engines For Sale in South Africa

Has your Volkswagen engine witnessed far better days? In need of quality used VW Spares? Do you have an engine problem that can’t be repaired? If you answered yes, let us help you find a quality used VW engine for sale.

Engine Finder represents a VW scrapyard network that sells second-hand engines in South Africa. Our website can help you discover the proper engine for your car or truck at an affordable price, regardless of whether you’re an individual, car dealer, or auto repair shop. We will help you in finding a used engine quickly.


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    Recent VW Engine Enquiries

    Brand Engine Size Year Model Engine Number City Message Form Date
    Volkswagen 1.4 2001 Ladismith Hey guys, I am looking for a volkswagen 1.4i top end. My top was badly damaged when my father went on a trip and forgot to check the oil and water in the car, but luckily nothing else got hurt so i am looking for one asap. 18/08/2023 12:04:18 PM
    Volkswagen 1.6 2006 00 Alberton, Johannesburg looking for complete second hand engine of a 2006,1.6, Volkswagen Polo,AAVZZZ9MZ6U030900, please assist. 18/08/2023 11:53:00 AM
    Volkswagen 1.9 2008 ATD Pretoria looking for complete second hand engine ,Volkswagen Polo 18/08/2023 09:48:36 AM
    Volkswagen 1.9 2001 AHF Rustenburg caller looking for complete second hand engine, Volkswagen Gholf 17/08/2023 03:58:50 PM
    Volkswagen 1.9 2002 AHF Johannesburg caller looking for complete second hand engine for Volkswgen , Jetta 17/08/2023 11:22:52 AM
    Volkswagen 1.6 Polo Vivo CLS555979 Cape Town caller looking for complete secopnd hand engine for Volkswagen, Polo, Vivo 17/08/2023 09:58:30 AM
    Volkswagen 1.4l turbo 2009 BLG portshepton i need BLG engine for vw touran tsi 1.4l turbo 16/08/2023 10:24:38 PM
    Volkswagen Bora 1ZJ6213721 Debrecen Goodday rnrnI'm kindly looking VW Bora engines from Zimbabwe, Harare, with the details above.rnrnKind regards rnrnSimba 16/08/2023 02:43:06 PM
    Volkswagen 1.2 2915 Czj402141 Hazyview Mbombela I'm looking for Polo TSI 1.2 engine 16/08/2023 01:16:32 PM
    Volkswagen VW bud polo engine 1,4 Polo BUD 208700 Gaborone Botswana I'm looking for the prize, wanna buy it asap 16/08/2023 01:04:03 PM
    Why Use Us?

    If you are currently in the market for Volkswagen engines, then look no further! Volkswagen engines for sale are often expensive. Buyers can expect to pay several thousand Rands for a Volkswagen engine if bought refurbished or new. Engine Finder helps you to search for a Volkswagen engine that is within your price range. Used VW engines are cheaper than new.

    Locating Volkswagen engines for sale is made simpler when you work with people who are familiar with the market for engines. Engine Finder’s enquiry form has a detailed email contact fill out where you can describe what particular type of engine you are interested in getting. If a Volkswagen engine is not what you need, there are other types available as well. Engine Finder is glad to provide customers with engine models for many vehicle brands. Engines included in Engine Finder’s database include types for HondaFordChevroletToyota and Mercedes. Engine Finder’s enquiry form goes through different types of engine suppliers. The three major types are a scrap yard, engine importer, or a motor spares supplier.

    Engine Finder communicates with scrap yards and engine importers to get you the Volkswagen engine that fits your needs. It is possible to also get an engine directly from suppliers, without having to pay the extra price of employing a middleman. Engine Finder is based in South Africa. South Africa has many junkyards that get old cars with their still usable engines. Used VW engines are often taken from these types of scrap yards in South Africa.

    Scrap Yards are not usually places that people like to visit, but they are a valuable place to get parts that are otherwise hard to find. A accident damaged VW might have a radio that will otherwise get crushed and turned into scrap metal. Engine Finder and their suppliers benefit by recycling engines that would otherwise not be used again.

    More Info On VW Engines

    Volkswagen engines are often air cooled. Air cooling is a simple engine design that uses the atmosphere to keep the engine from running too hot. Volkswagen engines are also frequently located in the rear of the vehicle. An engine location in the rear of the vehicle makes it easier to put a driver seat and cargo compartment in the front. Engine Finder is useful not just for car engines. It is also a tool that you can apply for getting an engine for your truck or motorcycle.

    If it would like to make a telephone enquiry instead of filling out the enquiry form, you can contact Engine Finder at 087-135-2226. This phone number will ring to customer service on Monday through Friday.


    VW Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

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