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Used VW Caravelle / Microbus Engines For Sale in South Africa

Are you a car dealer that needs to quickly replace an engine? Or maybe a auto mechanic that needs some quotations? If you’re on the lookout for a used Caravelle engine for sale, you have arrive at the right place. What ever engine problem you could have, we’ll promptly allow you to get in touch with a huge network of vw engine importers in SA. Get quotes from a number of suppliers and assess the quotes.  Simply key in your contact details making use of our on-line form and await the offers from our VW scrap yard network.

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    Used Imported VW Caravelle / Microbus Engines For Sale

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    Engines that Fit in VW Caravelle/Microbus

    The VW Caravelle/Microbus is a spacious and versatile van designed for both personal and commercial use. It has been in production since the 1980s, offering a range of engine options to meet various needs. Some of the engines that fit in the VW Caravelle/Microbus include:

    • 2.6 L engine
    • 2.5 L TDI engine
    • 3.2 L V6 engine
    • 3.0 L engine

    Engine Codes for VW Caravelle/Microbus

    Each engine in the VW Caravelle/Microbus has a unique engine code, which can be helpful when looking for replacement parts. Here are some of the engine codes for the VW Caravelle/Microbus:

    • 2.5-liter TDI engine – AXD, AXE, BPC, BLJ, BPD, BNZ
    • 3.2-liter V6 engine – BAA, BDL

    VW Caravelle/Microbus

    The VW Caravelle, also known as the VW Microbus or VW Transporter, is a popular van used for various purposes, including family transportation, camping, and commercial applications. To learn more about the history and specifications of the VW Caravelle/Microbus, you can check out its Wikipedia page: VW Caravelle/Microbus.

    Caravelle/Microbus Engine Replacement Cost

    Replacing the engine in your VW Caravelle/Microbus can vary in cost depending on the engine size and the vehicle’s age and condition. The cost can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of South African Rand. With the Engine Finder service, you can compare quotes from different engine suppliers in South Africa to find the best deal for your budget. This service can help you save time and money and get your VW Caravelle/Microbus back on the road quickly.

    Recent VW Caravelle / Microbus Engine Enquiries

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    Volkswagen 2.5L AAY engine Rustenburg, North West looking for complete second hand engine for Volkswagen Caravelle 24/04/2024 02:08:39 PM
    Volkswagen 2.2 1998 Adz513208 Vanderbijlepark Looking for 1998 caravelle engine 13/04/2024 12:53:28 PM
    Volkswagen 2.5 2001 ACV390320 Polokwane Looking for a complete a second hand engine for a 2001, Volkswagen Caravelle Kombi, 2.5L. Please assist 27/03/2024 09:48:03 AM
    Volkswagen 2.6 l 1999 Potchefstroom, South Africa I am looking for a radiator/condenser for the aircon of my 1999 VW Caravelle kombi.rnCan you please help 01/03/2024 11:19:05 PM
    Volkswagen 2005 Bkk002667 Durban Ineed a complete front electric wiring for vn 750 caravelle 14/02/2024 04:07:55 PM
    Toyota 2gr Johannesburg Vw Caravelle AXE Manual Gearbox neededrnrnHyundai Tucson G6B 4WD AutornI need Gearboxrnrn2007 Range Rover sport HSE TD V8 GearboxrnEngine: 02094rnI'm looking for GearboxrnrnJetta 3 VR6 2.8 AAA, manual Gearbox neededrnrnFord ranger 2.2 engine tdci QJ2WrnrnToyota 2GR 3.5 V6 engine with gearbox?rnrnKia RiornG4FArnEngine needed 17/01/2024 04:57:37 PM
    Volkswagen 2.6 1987 AVD..... Johannesburg VW Caravelle/Microbus 2.6 engine complete. 10/01/2024 06:21:08 PM
    Volkswagen 256f 2017 Middelburg Mpumalanga Need a 5 sylynder volkswagen caravelle engine complete 18/12/2023 12:15:07 PM
    Volkswagen 2.6 VW Caravelle Grahams Town I need an engine for my 1996 Caravelle. 29/11/2023 10:36:58 AM

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