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    Looking For A Used VW Eos Engine?

    Are you searching for a used VW Eos engine for sale? Maybe your motor seized? Engine Finder represents a large community of engine importers who sell used engines in SA. Regardless of whether you’re a individual, car dealership, or auto repair shop, our site will help discover the right engine for your Volkswagen Eos at a reasonable price. Only enter your information making use of our on-line form and await the offers from our group of VW scrap yards.

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    I want to buy a Renault Koleos engine - 2009 model. 2.5
    Looking for a 2nd hand Renault Koleos Towbar
    looking for a new or secondhand engine on a VW Crafter 2.5 Diesel, engine Code BJK, in the Cape Town area.
    About VW EOS

    Last year VW removed the Eos from the program. There are now a few models on the used car market that promise solid, open driving fun at affordable prices with a little attention.

    When the Eos is closed, the trunk holds 360 liters.

    Folding roof convertibles are actually practical, since they combine fixed roof comfort with fresh air pleasure. Your era is still over. In addition to the CC variants of Focus, the Peugeot 308 and the Renault Mégane, the VW Eos also said goodbye to the new car market in 2016 after 10 years. If you want the open golf brother, you have to strike used. This is no longer tragic, because the topless VW is a solid type with few problem areas.

    None for the family

    The Eos wants to be a convertible for everyday life and even for the family. A request that, despite the metal roof and four seats, is only reasonably good. In any case, the children should not be particularly tall, since the rear seats are tight compared to the relaxed front seats. And the trunk of the 4.42-meter-long Eos is also properly sized with 360 liters, but in open mode the luggage compartment is only enough to store briefcases.

    Speaking of the convertible top: You can enjoy fresh air in the Eos in two stages, as the complicated five-part roof construction also offers a sliding roof function. This solution allows partial open driving while the entire roof remains closed. If it is warm enough for a stiffer breeze, the Eos can be converted into an open-air lounge in just 25 seconds.

    The steel roof of the VW Eos takes 25 seconds to open and close.

    Apart from its special roof construction, the Eos is in the best VW tradition. A fairly good level of workmanship, beautiful materials and easy-to-use operating logic are some of the advantages of the CC produced in Portugal. But this splendor also disappears, because in old age certain signs of wear appear on some once chic surfaces.

    Extensive range of engines

    Typical for VW, the Eos offers an extensive range of engines. The former base 1.6 FSI was only available for a short time. With 115 hp it has a lot of trouble with the lavish weight of the convertible. The 2.0 FSI with 150 PS offered in the first two years is more superior. The 1.4 TSI units, which are notorious for timing chain defects, are fundamentally more modern. They were offered from model year 2008 with 122 and 160 hp for the rest of the product cycle.

    A tip for performance-oriented drivers is the 2.0 TSI engine, initially with 200 and from model year 2010 with 211 hp. This GTI drive, which is also optionally available with DSG, harmonises dynamics with moderate consumption. In addition, the V6 units rank, which draw 250 HP from 3.2 liter displacement and 260 HP from 3.6 liter displacement. The extremely rare V6 are thirsty and often tampered with.

    For diesel, pay attention to new engine control

    With age, the interior of the VW Eos also gets its signs of wear.

    An interesting alternative is the 2.0 TDI, which is available in large numbers. They offer a decent torque with moderate consumption values. As a buyer, however, you should make sure in the future that the KBA-compliant engine management system was installed as part of the recall campaign launched in mid-2016.

    As with the engines, the Eos also covers a wide range from chassis to cozy. In the substructure, the Luftikus benefits from the mature and very neutral golf base, with which the driver should be happy in all driving situations. If the overall pleasantly comfortable suspension is not tight enough, you should look for models with sport or adaptive suspension DCC. The latter offers a setup between comfortable and sporty adjustment at the push of a button. With its sports suspension and in sports mode, the torsionally rigid Eos is ideally equipped for the brisk cornering.

    If a diesel is working under the hood, the engine control should be up to date.

    The simple version of the Eos already has some niceties on board. But as usual with VW, there is plenty of room for improvement. If you want a lot of equipment, you usually have an advantage as a used car buyer, because many extras increase the savings potential compared to the new price. Two-zone automatic climate control, cruise control are nice, a wind deflector is even mandatory. Special features such as a start-stop system, an automatic high-beam headlight or the cool leather seats have only been available since the major facelift for the 2011 model year. In terms of safety equipment, the Eos is already based on ESP, ASR, six airbags and rollover protection bars well stocked. At one time, EuroNCAP was only enough for four stars.

    The Eos is actually a car with many strengths. A typical CC weak point is the tightness of the roof structure. Buyers should therefore pay attention to traces of mold in the roof and moldy smells. If it creaks from the roof while driving, the previous owner may have failed to keep the rubber seals supple.

    According to the 2016 TÜV report, the Eos is a rock solid type with exemplary long-term qualities. Especially in older specimens, there are significantly fewer defects in the main inspections than in the average of the compact class. Only in the case of the axle suspension and the brake components are defects found by the TÜV in somewhat older models.

    Conclusion: The once expensive VW Eos has become affordable. The folding roof model is represented in large numbers on the German used market and there is the right copy for almost every budget: You can get the lifestyle model from just 5000 euros. Buyers should pay attention to leaks in the roof and signs of wear on the suspension and brakes. Otherwise, there is little to be said against older vehicles, because the TÜV attests that the risk of defects is low.


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