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Looking For A Used VW Passat Engine?

Should you be reading this, then chances are you preparing to replace your VW Passat engine. Possibly you have experienced a major accident, the motor might have seized, a cylinder top gasket ruptured, or perhaps a lot more issues. Finding a used VW Passat engine very quickly is important, seeing that much of our every day activities depend predominantly on transportation.

Which is exactly where Engine Finder can come in to help you within your search to locate a second hand VW Passat engine. No matter what the brand, we are able to allow you to get in contact with junk yards and motor spares firms through Sa to locate whatever you need.

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Latest VW Passat Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2020-03-24 15:15:14 +02:00
2005, Passat
I need an engine for a 2005 VW Passat, 1.9 litre, Engine code AVF, I am situated in Randburg, please call back.
2020-03-24 11:08:39 +02:00
2004, Passat
1.8, 20 Valve
I need an complete engine for a 2004 VW Passat, 1.8 litre, 20 Valve, any of the engine codes AWT, APY, AMK, BAM will work, I am situated in Boksburg, please call back.
2020-03-17 08:44:03 +02:00
looking for a complete engine on a VW Passat 2 liter, 2005 year model, engine number: BVZ250010, in the Kimberley area.
2020-03-03 10:48:47 +02:00
looking for engine for Passat 2005 2.0TDi engine no. BKP, BWV, BVE
2020-02-13 21:32:23 +02:00
Amen Machewu
Looking for a vw passat 2.0fsi bvy engine
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Together with tremendous time and effort ., our company has scoured the world wide web to seek out all junk yards that strip VW Passats and then sell their engines. One enquiry is all it’s going to take to automatically get in touch with all of our engine partners. This will save period of time endeavoring to communicate with many companies one by one by yourself.

This process is actually a “shot gun” tactic (inquire from numerous diverse suppliers that supply exactly the same thing. While in search of you own motor you must frequently perform some research or search through Gumtree advertisements and phone each and every supplier on your own. After you enquire here, its possible that you can get an VW Passat engine from a different city.

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You inquire direct with our vendors. The junk yard sells you the motor, this means prices are not marked up in either way. The junk yard will choose to call you or email you directly.

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No matter whether you’d rather talk with someone on the phone or maybe get a few emails which you can print and check alongside each other, you’ll get several quotes from suppliers by way of telephone or email. Now and again you could view a sizeable price contrast between the several quotes you will get. At times the least expensive option is not really the most suitable!


We really take the headache from finding used VW Passat engines for sale located in South Africa. All of our call employees are patiently waiting to take your phone call from Mon to Fri anywhere between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Or our website’s online enquiry form can be used 24 / 7! Based on inventory availability you should be getting feedback from many salvage yards from round the nation.

Do not forget we won’t main support you in finding VW Passat engines, we uncover motors for every automobile companies in SA. Save time and funds by taking advantage of our extensive network of dealers to discover the motor you require with no driving all over the town yourself.


More info on the VW Passat

Volkswagen Passat is a modern D-Class sedan. Manufacturers introduced the eighth generation of models to the world in the fall of 2014. Volkswagen designers are conservative in their approach to creating the look of their cars. They are convinced that a reliable “long-playing” design is better than constant experimentation. The Passat model clearly shows the Volkswagen brand, but at the same time there are individual features. For the sedan used completely different parts than for the previous generation.

Specifications Passat

At the heart of the Volkswagen Passat, as in previous models, is the modular platform MQB. However, the new car is lighter in weight and has a stiffer body. It is also well equipped. It has:

  • emergency braking system on city roads;
  • front control system;
  • adaptive cruise control system with the ability to completely stop the car;
  • a system that prevents secondary collisions;
  • a system that monitors blind spots;
  • a system that helps the car to maintain the selected lane and much more.

Special attention should be paid to a retractable display called Head-up, which displays important information for the driver about vehicle speed, navigation data, etc.

Dynamic characteristics

Volkswagen Passat can be equipped with three gasoline units (1.4, 1.8 and 2 liters) and one diesel (2 liters). The power of the first is 150, 180 and 220 “horses”, and diesel – 150 hp. They are aggregated by a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed robotic gearbox.

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