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    Looking For A Used Scirocco Engine?

    car engineShould you be reading this, chances are you ready to substitute your Scirocco motor. Its possible you have experienced a crash, the motor might have seized, a cylinder top gasket blown, or a lot more issues. Whenever your Scirocco is your main method of getting around, you must get a brand new motor as soon as possible so you can get back to regular life.

    Which is where our company come in to help you in your search to track down a used Scirocco motor. We are going to allow you to immediately communicate with the junk yards and Scirocco engine importers within South Africa, no matter what the make or model of the car.

    Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

    Latest VW Scirocco Engine Enquiries

    2022-05-12 14:20:47 +02:00
    I'm looking for a engine to replace my CCZ ea888 engine for my 2L tsi scirocco, preferably a swap if possible.
    2022-04-12 20:30:52 +02:00
    2022-02-10 13:31:08 +02:00
    PTA North
    complete engine
    2021-11-26 14:04:47 +02:00
    looking for a plastic throttle bypass flap
    2021-11-26 14:04:46 +02:00
    looking for a plastic throttle bypass flap
    2021-09-14 12:10:23 +02:00
    1.4 Turbo
    complete engine.
    2021-08-17 07:15:06 +02:00
    1.4 tsi
    HI im looking for a vw scirocco 1.4 tsi cav engine can u get me the price plz
    2021-08-04 16:02:29 +02:00
    Good day I'm looking for a complete engine for Scirocco TSI DSG 2.0
    2021-08-04 15:36:02 +02:00
    Good day I'm looking for a complete engine for Scirocco TSI DSG 2.0
    2021-08-04 15:34:54 +02:00
    Good day I'm looking for a complete engine for Scirocco TSI DSG 2.0
    2021-07-15 13:20:51 +02:00
    Good day I'm looking for a complete engine for Scirocco TSI DSG 2.0
    2021-05-06 10:07:04 +02:00
    2l TSI
    complete engine
    2021-04-26 13:51:32 +02:00
    looking for the body harness.
    2021-01-12 15:35:12 +02:00
    Good day. Its a Scirocco . speedy response will be appreciated.
    2020-10-11 00:48:08 +02:00
    I'm looking for a scirocco 1.4 CAV engine
    About The VW Scirocco

    About The VW Scirocco

    Volkswagen Scirocco is a compact C-Class hatchback. A restyled version of the 3rd generation was released in the spring of 2014. The car has several options for body color, has an elegant silhouette with a tendency to horizontal lines.


    Scirocco is based on the same platform that was used for the VW Golf. For the model, 3 modes of adaptive chassis are available, which are able to change the stiffness of the suspension and electric power steering. Typically, the volume of the luggage compartment in hatchbacks is very small. Scirocco model has a small capacity, like other similar cars. At the same time, the mechanism of the rear seats allows them to be folded, thus freeing up space for luggage. So the standard 292 liter trunk turns into a 755 liter trunk. And for greater cargo safety, the developers have provided a special net that secures the luggage.

    Car dynamics

    Volkswagen Scirocco has a wide range of powertrains. The model is equipped with:

    • 1.4 liter gasoline engine rated at 125 hp;
    • 2-liter gasoline engine rated at 220 hp;
    • two diesel units of 2 liters with a capacity of 150 and 184 liters. from.

    They can work with a 6-speed “mechanics”, as well as with a 6-band robotic gearbox.

    Strengths and weaknesses in the Scirocco

    With the relationship to the Golf, the VW Scirocco also takes over its faults. But: They can be found and eliminated. And then there’s a lot of fun for the money.
    Kto believe aum: Simple rear brake discs for the VW Scirocco already exist for a paltry 10.22 euros on the Internet. A positive consequence of VW’s modular strategy: The Scirocco “only” carries golf genes under its dress – spare parts are correspondingly cheap . However: With axles, motors and the like from the pool of the universal brother, the coupé also inherits the trouble. The worst evil likes to rattle and is called the timing chain . More on that in a moment. The Scirocco can do well. It often comes from loving and caring hands. It has four full seats and even a trunk suitable for everyday use (over 300 liters). There are also powerful engines (petrol engines up to 280PS , as well as powerful TDI with up to 184 PS). In addition, the Scirocco busily throws itself into bends – a chassis that is tuned to the hard limit helps it. And you can buy the flask cheaply.
    Overview: Everything about the VW Scirocco

    VW’s timing chain slingshot also affects the Scirocco

    Healthy engines run fairly inconspicuously. If something is wrong, you can hear it. Therefore: Pay attention to noises.

    We took a representative look at a car from 2009: 7890 euros cheap, walked a good 120,000 kilometers, manual transmission, quite sophisticated and powerful 122 hp from a 1.4 turbo gasoline engine. A typical representative. With – back to the timing chain – pretty typical problems. The chain between the crankshafts and camshafts stretches excessively and can then tear or skip. Then it gets expensive. So what to do? There are three ways to check: Either the VW dealer gives out the “History” repair list, then you can see that the previous owner may have already changed. That would be optimal. If not: prick up your ears. After the cold start, the engine could make a rattling sound. That has to go away after a few seconds. Further acoustic disturbances: ticking sounds indicate a declining high-pressure pump of the fuel supply or indicate faulty camshaft adjusters. In short: healthy engines run quite inconspicuously in terms of noise.

    Technical specifications
    engine Four-cylinder / front across
    Valves / camshafts Feb 16
    Displacement 1390 cm³
    power 90 kW (122 hp) at 5000 rpm
    Torque 200 Nm at 1500 rpm
    Top speed 200 km / h
    0-100 km / h 9.7 s
    Tank / fuel 50 l / super
    Gearbox / drive Six-speed manual / front wheel
    Length Width Height 4256/1810/1404 mm
    Trunk volume 312-1006 l
    Empty weight / payload 1295/395 kg

    Back springs occasionally break on the lower turn

    Incidentally, the body sometimes makes a noise. But it doesn’t matter, because the protruding doors work in the cutout is part of the good tone of the sports coupé . The rear springs can break. Nasty: This happens in the lower pot, is difficult to see. So, contort for testing, take a mirror or feel the swirl. If broken: A new feather would come cheap, costs from 25 euros. Modular just.


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