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    Looking For A Used VW Touareg Engine?

    car engineWhatever VW Touareg vehicle you drive, whether it’s a V6 Tdi or even a  4.2 V8 TDI, we’ll help you in finding what you need! We have a large selection used V8 engines for sale including engines for the VW Touareg. We are connected to a vast network of VW engine importers and scrap yards in South Africa. Simply complete the form with your details and our suppliers will get back to you if they have stock of your specific engine.

    Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa


    Latest VW Touareg Engine Enquiries

    2022-06-22 16:47:14 +02:00
    4.2 litre v8
    Good day.

    Looking for a vw touareg motor. 4.2 l v8. Price and pics please
    2022-05-13 12:43:57 +02:00
    am looking for a complete engine for a 2009 vw touareg 3.0 tdi v6, urgent urgent urgent. good used or brand new
    2022-05-09 11:13:27 +02:00
    I need a complete engine
    2022-05-06 14:21:43 +02:00
    Touareg V8
    Engine needed
    2022-05-06 14:21:42 +02:00
    Touareg V8
    Engine needed
    2022-04-29 09:45:16 +02:00
    Price list
    2022-04-18 17:49:25 +02:00
    Port Elizabeth
    V6 3.6 FSI
    I am urgently looking for an engine for the VW Touareg 3.6 FSI 2011, engine number CGR007687. You may please contact me on 0825059832.
    2022-03-30 17:37:16 +02:00
    3.0L Diesel
    Looking for a 2010 or later VW Touareg 3.0tdi engine
    2022-03-28 12:40:39 +02:00
    Hi I'm looking for an engine for vw Touareg R5 BAC engine code
    2022-03-28 12:40:37 +02:00
    Hi I'm looking for an engine for vw Touareg R5 BAC engine code
    2022-03-27 08:34:38 +02:00
    Port Elizabeth
    3.6 FSI
    I am looking for a VW Touareg 3.6 FSI engine.
    2022-03-21 12:41:16 +02:00
    VW TOUAREG V8 4.2

    Engine needed
    2022-03-19 21:37:59 +02:00
    R5 2.5 tdi
    Do you have 2005 Touareg r5 tdi engine and how much is it?
    2022-03-19 12:25:25 +02:00
    Need engine for 2011 VW Touareg chassis WVGZZZ7PZCD002545
    2022-03-17 18:57:37 +02:00
    Why Use Engine Finder

    car engineImmediately contact an in-depth circle of engine organizations. Along with good efforts, we’ve searched the web to get all salvage yards that dismantle VW Touaregs and then sell its motors. After you enquire with Engine Finder, your enquiry quickly goes to every single supplier listed with our company. This will save you the period of time attempting to make contact with multiple firms individually all by yourself. This also shows that you should have greater opportunities to seek the motor that’s required. When searching for your own motor, it’s important to frequently perform some research or search through Classified advertisements and visit every company yourself. All of our suppliers are notified automatically, and many could be from different parts of the country. Never fear there’re able to organize courier service to send your engine!

    Buy direct from our suppliers On no account are the prices inflated as you are doing business directly with the salvage yards. VW Touareg motors for sale are available from the company, and you’ll buy from that supplier. The trader will possibly call you or email you immediately.

    Collect different estimations either by phone or just email.

    You needn’t be surprised once your phone immediately begins ringing non-stop, mainly because all firms receive your message all at once! By having several quotes, you can get the best deal to get the engine required and get your vehicle repaired.

    User-friendly We take the difficulty away from finding second-hand VW Touareg engines for sale within South Africa. Making a request is also effortless: fill out a few fields within the enquiry form (all information that you’ll sometimes know or perhaps be able to find on your own engine easily), and click on submit. Depending upon supply availability, you ought to be getting replies from several companies from across the region. Our service is not confined to just the VW Touareg brand. We find motors for all car models and makes. This makes us a gateway that will help anyone find any engine for almost any make of car. Our service helps save an immense period of time by preventing you from phoning every junkyard on its own.

    More info on the VW Touareg

    The car is equipped with a new multimedia system through which you can easily access the Google Earth and Street View applications. Moreover, the travel options are much easier and safer, thanks to which the system itself switches the high beam to the low beam, prevents collisions from the front, and also maintains the set speed of the car.

    Our suppliers sell original spare parts  and Volkswagen Tuareg engines

    No matter how high-quality the car is, its parts wear out or may be damaged as a result of improper operation of the car or accident. If it’s time to change parts, go to the Autoparts online store. The catalog contains spare parts volkswagen touareg bu from Poland in excellent condition. The range of components includes:

    engine parts
    body parts
    security system details,
    doors, trunk and components,
    wheels and tires
    headlights, lights, mirrors,
    air conditioners and more.


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