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    Looking For A Used VW Touran Engine?

    Engine Finder will help you to locate a motor for your VW Touran. Regardless of vehicle brand, Engine Finder will allow you to get in contact with scrap yards and motor spares firms all through South Africa to find whatever VW engine you need.

    Volkswagen Touran is a modern L-class compact van that can accommodate 5 to 7 people. The third generation of the model, the German developers introduced in the spring of 2015.

    Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

    Latest VW Touran Engine Enquiries

    2022-01-20 08:17:05 +02:00
    Bloekombos, Kraaifontein
    4.2l petrol V8 automatic
    looking for a complete secondhand engine
    2022-01-19 11:30:38 +02:00
    2l petrol
    looking for a complete secondhand engine
    2021-11-27 19:53:51 +02:00
    Good day,

    I am looking for a price on a 2012 VW Touran 2.0 Tdi CLC motor.

    Please can you assist
    2021-11-25 16:19:52 +02:00
    Cape town
    Hi I'm looking for avw 2.0 fsi engine for a touran. Thank you very much. Regards Gunter
    2021-11-24 21:55:10 +02:00
    Cape town
    How a Vw touran brand new engine
    2021-11-13 07:13:33 +02:00
    I'm looking for a VW BXE engine code motor. Availability and price is important.
    2021-10-27 09:57:28 +02:00
    1-9 TDI
    Please let me know if you have engine for VW 358-Touran engine number BLS866587 and price
    2021-10-02 08:37:27 +02:00
    2.0 tdi
    I'm looking for bkd engine 2.0
    2021-09-25 18:43:00 +02:00
    Mt Ayliff
    I need a top engine for vw Touran tsi
    2021-09-21 11:17:49 +02:00
    2021-09-20 16:20:03 +02:00
    1.9 TDi diesel
    6 speed manual gearbox,
    2021-09-06 16:30:10 +02:00
    We are looking for a VW Touran 1.9 TDi engine.

    Engine Code - BKC
    2021-08-23 20:43:19 +02:00
    Cc 1400
    Can your help engine Volkswagen touran cc 1400
    2021-08-05 11:03:36 +02:00
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Looking for 1.4L TSI VW Touran Engine
    2021-08-04 10:43:49 +02:00
    1.9 TDI
    looking for a complete 2nd hand engine on a Volkswagen Touran, 1.9 TDI, 2004 year model, engine code: BKC, in the Durban area.
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    Now we have done most of the labor of finding the junk yards supply VW Touran engines for sale within Sa. Once you make an enquiry with Engine Finder, it instantly goes to each and every seller listed with us. Dialing each and every organization is difficult specifically when you are in an urgent situation of not having car transportation! This process works as a “shot gun” tactic (request from several different sources that provide identical things. When in search of you own motor it is important to sometimes perform some research or search through Classified ads and call each junk yard your self. All of our firms are informed automatically and several may be from different areas of the country, but never fear they’ll organise a courier service to supply your engine!

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    Engine Finder makes it simple to find VW Touran engines for sale everywhere in SA. You can give us a call or make an online enquiry. Before phoning ensure that you have your engine number at hand (upon your car license documents). Once you have made your enquiry, you only need to wait for the replies from our circle of VW Touran salvage yards. Our company offers all the major car manufacturers, rendering it easy to find the motor you are searching for. Our assistance helps you to save an immense amount of time, from keeping you from calling every junk yard on their own.

    More info on VW Touran

    The technical data of Touran has changed a lot compared to the previous version. The car is made on a modular platform MQB, which allowed engineers to make it 62 kg less in weight. At the same time, the size of the wheelbase not only did not decrease, but increased by 113 mm. The compact van has become longer, wider and taller.

    Inner space

    Inside, the salon is equipped in such a way as to make each trip as practical and comfortable as possible. For example, second-row seats move 200 mm, making room for passengers’ legs. The same situation with the third row, although there is not so much space. Trunk volume is 1,040 liters, making Volkswagen Touran a leader in capacity among cars of this class. And this is far from all: due to the folded seats, you can get space for the transportation of medium and large cargo with a volume of 1980 and 1857 liters. The fifth door with the appropriate equipment can be opened with the foot, if the hands are busy. The developers also envisioned a place for “little things”, making 47 small compartments for them throughout the cabin.

    Car dynamics

    The Volkswagen Touran engine range is:

    • 110-, 150- and 180-power TSI petrol units with 1.2, 1.4 and 1.8 liters, respectively;
    • 1.6- and 2.0-liter 110-, 150- and 190-power TDI diesel engines.

    All of them are aggregated by the “Start-Stop” system and the energy storage system during braking, due to which the car consumes 19% less fuel. For example, a 1.6-liter diesel engine “eats” only 4.1 liters of fuel per 100 km of track.


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