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    Looking For A Second Hand Mercedes W202 Engine For Sale?

    mercedes M271 EngineFinding a used W202 Mercedes engine for sale in South Africa can be hard.

    This is especially true if you do not know where to start looking, or what exactly you are looking for. It’s even worse if the seller does not give you all of the information that they have available about their car parts. You might end up getting ripped off and paying way too much money than necessary!

    Engine Finder makes it easy to find second hand Mercedes engines, gearboxes and other car spares by connecting you with auto salvage yards, mechanics and dealerships across South Africa who sell them at unbeatable prices. Our service allows sellers to list their products on our website for free – so there is no reason why anyone should pay more than they need to!

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    Introduction To The W202 Mercedes Benz

    The Mercedes Benz w202 is a mid-size vehicle class, which was made from 1993 to 2000. In South Africa it’s referred to as the C Class – this would be the first generation of the C Class. The car was equipped with a straight four or a straight five cylinder engine with a transverse mounting and front wheel drive. It also had a low weight compared to its predecessor model which gave it great fuel economy and handling properties. There were three different generations made for this type of vehicle before the w203 came out in 2000. This newer model then replaced all previous generations of that same series (C Class) until 2005 when it got replaced by the w204 . However, you can still some models on South African roads today.

    The W202 was made in different parts of the world such as Japan (Bochum), South Africa (Rosslyn) and Argentina (Santa Isabel). Mercedes Benz made many different versions of this particular model by adding a CDI, a diesel engine or an estate car to name a few. Their main aim while making this vehicle was to build a comfortable drive that would suit a family. Although you could get other versions it is still known to be reliable and durable, especially if cared for well from the start. This means regular service checks at your local dealership, which will greatly affect its lifespan. The w202 carries on being one of the best selling cars in history with over 5 million examples made all over the world until it got replaced in 2000.

    The w202 was designed by Bruno Sacco after he won a design contest. He brought the concept together and it embodied what Mercedes Benz stood for at that time: reliable, comfortable and safe vehicles for everyday use without compromising on speed or driving pleasure. For this reason, the W202 is not only popular among daily drivers but also with fans or collectors who want to own a piece of history which will always hold its value over time and cannot be replicated by other models (e.g. fakes). These particular vehicles can be easily recognized by several key traits such as headlamps that wrap around the front end, five pointed star emblem on both headlights and tail lights plus more subtle details like rounded fog lights.

    If you’re looking for a family car in South Africa, these can often be found second hand at affordable prices in good condition. This is due to the fact that people hold on to them for longer than others since they are built with high quality materials and last longer than expected. You will not be disappointed with this model if you decide to purchase one especially when it comes time for maintenance or repair work. It might cost slightly more than other models but you won’t need another car after this one. That’s how strong Mercedes Benz’ reputation is when it comes to quality cars which carry on serving their owners well even when they get older!

    The exterior of w202 consists many small details that make the vehicle look unique. The W202 Mercedes Benz is one of the most sought after vehicles in South Africa . It has an aesthetically pleasing design that makes it a joy to drive! If you are considering buying a w202, it is important to consider purchasing it from a reputable seller such as MLM Motors ( They ensure that your vehicle is well maintained and roadworthy so that you can enjoy driving your new car rather than struggling with faults and other problems on the side of the roads.

    Even though the headlights and tail lights look like they were made for each individual model, there were several different models which came out around this time: Saloon sedans, hatchback cabriolets, estate cars, etc. Keep in mind that some models might have different interior or exterior features so it’s important to look into this further when shopping for your vehicle. If you are interested in the w202 feel free to look up Mercedes Benz parts online before purchasing one of these beauties!

    One strong point about the w202 was its reliability. It is known that they are still being used today on South African roads which can be quite surprising since they are over 15 years old! The power delivered by the engine makes driving a pleasurable experience everytime. However, if you drive excessively fast or don’t maintain your car regularly, problems may arise with your steering or suspension system. Although they are common issues e ven in newer vehicles, they are even more important to look into when it comes to older models. These problems can be costly to repair so keep this in mind before purchasing your car!

    Since the w202 was first launched it has enjoyed long term success with many special editions being released. This means that you might find a rare model or limited edition for sale at affordable prices. Check out our wide variety of Mercedes Benz Cars For Sale ( classic cars , pre-owned, new) . It’s also worth noting that both petrol and diesel engines were used during production years which will affect the price of the vehicle accordingly! Be sure to check all options before signing any paperwork!

    W202 Mercedes Review

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    About The Mercedes Benz W202

    The Mercedes-Benz W202 was produced from 1993 to 2000 and was the successor to the W201. It was available in sedan, coupe, and wagon body styles and was popular among buyers due to its luxury, comfort, and performance blend. The W202 was offered with a range of petrol and diesel engines, including:

    Petrol Engines:

    • 1.8 L M111 I4
    • 2.0 L M111 I4
    • 2.2 L M111 I4
    • 2.3 L M111 I4
    • 2.8 L M104 I6
    • 3.2 L M104 I6
    • 4.2 L M119 V8 (C 42 AMG)

    Diesel Engines:

    • 2.0 L OM601 I4
    • 2.2 L OM604 I4
    • 2.5 L OM605 I5
    • 2.5 L OM605 Turbo I5
    • 2.9 L OM602 I5
    • 3.0 L OM606 I6

    The W202 was praised for its handling and safety features, but some owners have reported rust and electronic problems. If you need to replace the engine in your W202, it’s essential to consider the cost of the replacement engine. You can use an engine finder service to compare quotes from engine suppliers in South Africa and find the best deal for your replacement engine. It’s also important to consider the condition of your vehicle and whether it’s worth investing in a new engine or if it’s time to consider a new car altogether.