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    Are you looking for an engine for your car, boat, or truck? Let us help you quickly find the right supplier with the best price! Engine Finder is a network of scrap yards in Cape Town, importers, and suppliers that you can instantly contact with your enquiry. Whether you are looking for engine importers in Cape Town or other parts of the Western Cape.

    Make an enquiry using our form and sit back and wait for all our suppliers to respond. Remember that some of them won’t respond if they don’t have stock for the particular engine you are after. Below you will see our interactive map with the locations of each supplier. When making your enquiry, a good tip is to always ask for their policies regarding guarantees and returns.

    Western Cape Engine Importers & Scrap Yards

    Recent Customer Enquiries

    Brand Engine Size Engine Number City Message
    Mazda F6 Mazda capella F6 engine
    BMW N/A Cape Town Called to get a quote for BMW Conversion, Cape town.
    Volkswagen AZZ Cape Town Called to get a quote for a VW AAZ TDI 1.9liter Engine, Cape Town.
    Nissan M9RG836c006133 Port elizabeth Good day im looking for a nissan X-trail 2.0 dci engine delivered in port elizabeth eastern cape
    KIA G4SJ Cape Town Called to get a quote on a Kia Serato Engine, G4SJ, Strand Cape town.
    Volkswagen Cape Town Called to get quote on VW Polo, based in Cape Town, Caller needed a quicker way to get the quote and was provided with WhatsApp number.
    Chevrolet F18D4 Cape Town Called to get a quote on a Chevrolet engine, F18D4, Cape Town.
    Toyota Cape Town Im looking for engine in cape town Toyota tazz 1.3 engine 2e
    Hyundai G4FCBW332764 Somerset West Complete engine. Location should either be Johannesburg or Cape Town
    Ford 0281012871 Cape town Called to get a quote on ECU for Engine/computer Unit for a Ford ranger, Bosch WE01, Part number 0281012871, Cape town
    Volkswagen BAH338119 Cape Town Called to get a quote on VW polo, BAH338119, Cape Town.
    BMW N20 Cape Town Called to get a quote for an engine for a BMW 328, 2012, N20, Cape town.
    Mitsubishi Clanwilliam Called to get a quote on Mitsubishi Trison parts, left door and complete ignition, Based in Clan William Western Cape.
    Opel Cape Town 2016 Opel Mokka 1.4T Enjoy Engine.rnThe Engine number is B14Net.rnI am looking for stock in Cape Town.
    Volkswagen cktd Cape Town Called to get a quote on VW CKTD, Cape town.
    Lexus 3uz0253537 Eastern Cape Called to get a quote on Lexus V8 , 3uz0253537, Eastern Cape.
    Peugeot 4liter Cape town Called to get a quote for a Peugeot 308, 4liter 2014, Cape Town.
    Ford 1.5liter Cape Town Called for someone to call him back regarding engine for a Ford Figo, 1.5liter 2019, Cape Town.
    Mercedes Benz 2.1liter 651 Cape Town Called to get a quote for Mercedes Benz 651, 2.1liter , Cape Town.
    Honda 2.4liter K24Z4 Cape Town Called to get a quote on Honda Engine K24Z4, 2.4liter 2012 , Cape Tow George.