South African Internet Users

It pays to be online! Don't miss out! 28,580,290 - Internet Users in South Africa (2016*) Share of South Africa Population: 52 % (penetration) Total Population : 54,978,907 Share of World Internet Users: 0.8 % Internet Users in the World: 3,424,971,237 Year Internet Users** Penetration (% of Pop) Total Population Non-Users (Internetless) 1Y User Change 1Y…
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What To Do When Your Car Engine Over Heats

The world-wide car industry has dramatically grown, and due to the sophisticated engineering, today’s car engines for sale tend to be sophisticated and complex than ever before. Hence, engine overheating is another somewhat unusual thing these days. Nonetheless, a good couple of years ago, car engine overheating was really a typical worry for motorists. Even so, to…
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