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Searching for BMW E36 engines in SA is often infuriating if you are with limited time. SA is home to scores, if not 1000’s, of used motor spares businesses. If you are on the go to obtain a 2nd hand BMW motor, dialling each one isn’t a clever usage of time. We know the desperation of discovering trustworthy used car engine. If savings, credibility and time are your main concern, then we have the solution for you! Get one step closer to obtaining a top quality BMW engine, by calling us or finishing the online enquiry form.

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In case you’re looking over this, chances are you interested in exchange your E36 motor. The actual top gasket might have blown triggering damage to the motor, the motor may have seized or else you where mixed up within an crash. A lot of our everyday life highly rely upon our automobiles permitting us to securely get to the office and in addition return home again, which is the reason it’s good to obtain an motor swiftly.

Our company will assist anybody residing in South Africa efficiently find an engine for his or her E36. Whether you are looking for a bmw e36 318is, bmw e36 328i, bmw e36 m3, bmw e36 m3 3.2 engine or a e36 320i engine. We are going to assist you to immediately get in touch with our network of junk yards and BMW engine importers within South Africa, no matter what the make or model of the vehicle.

Latest Enquiries

2019-11-19 16:20:40 +02:00
Thapelo Molefe
Hi. I need M40B16 or M52B28 complete engine to fit on my e30. Could you please assist. Most reliable.
2019-11-15 08:38:08 +02:00
I need a completed engine for a 1998 BMW E36 M3, I am situated in Alberton, please call back.
2019-11-13 16:27:27 +02:00
Gellis Meyer
E 36 328i or M3
Afternoon Gentlemen. I am looking for an E36 BMW 328i or E36 M3 engine and gearbox. Could you help and what do these engines and gearboxes cost? Please advise. I reside in the Roodepoort area on the West Rand of Johannesburg. Many thanks.
2019-11-08 08:58:18 +02:00
316i 4 cylinder petrol
looking for an engine, with a chain.
2019-11-07 12:19:45 +02:00
I need an engine for a 2000 BMW 380is, E36, VIN #0AA52258, I am situated in Johannesburg, please call back.
2019-11-05 11:29:53 +02:00
I need an engine for a BMW E360i, I am situated in Johannesburg, engine must have the standard crank shaft, please call back.
2019-10-29 09:28:13 +02:00
looking for an engine.
2019-10-25 13:20:07 +02:00
looking for a complete new or secondhand engine on a BMW 320 Diesel E46, 2003 year model in the Durban area.
2019-10-23 13:41:35 +02:00
16valve 318i s twin cam
looking for a secondhand engine top.
2019-10-22 21:46:24 +02:00
Mochawe Tlowana
I'm looking for a BMW e36 M3 engine.
2019-10-21 16:11:22 +02:00
I am looking for a bmw engine 316i, Wat is the price
2019-10-13 15:03:59 +02:00
Complete engine with finstall any car

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We will hook you up to our own big circle scrap yard businesses. We’ve handled all of the effort of selecting the scrap yards offer E36 motors for sale in Gauteng. Only 1 enquiry is perhaps all it will take to automatically get in touch with all of our engine distributors. This saves you the time of attempting to email or call many distributors separately by yourself.

This method serves as a “shot gun” approach (request from lots of diverse companies that supply identical things. When on the search for you own engine you will need to frequently perform a little research or search through Classified advertisements and contact every seller oneself. With our website, you can find the engine you will require 100s of km’s away, regardless of whether there was no companies close to you.

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You enquire direct with our junk yards. E36 engines for sale are for sale through the company, and you’ll make your purchase right from that junk yard. Each supplier have a diverse way of controlling their organization, but you’ll be doing business specifically with them.

Receive different quotations either by phone or e mail

Don’t be alarmed as your phone all of a sudden begins ringing non-stop, mainly because all sellers are given your request at the same time! Periodically you may view a price in between different estimates you get. At times the cheaper option is not the most suitable!


Taking advantage of our service is a obvious when you recognize how good linked our company is with all the current engine importers in South Africa. Either you can phone us or make a web-based enquiry. Before calling make sure you have your engine number handy (located on your car license papers). When you have posted your request, you only need to wait for the responses from our network of BMW junk yards.

Keep in mind we won’t only help you find E36 engines, we find engines for every automobile companies in South Africa. Our website’s assistance saves you an immense amount of time, from preventing you from phoning each salvage yard one-by-one.
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