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Looking For A New or Used Nissan Engine?

The procedure of hunting for Nissan engines for sale in SA is particularly trying when you find yourself in a big hurry to get your Nissan back on the road. SA has lots, or even 1000’s, of 2nd hand spares companies. When you find yourself on the go to acquire a 2nd hand car motor, contacting everyone is not a clever usage of time.

Our company is aware the need for finding a dependable Nissan engine inside a almost no time. If your top priority is selling price, longevity of the motor, or turn-around time to receive the engine, you will find solutions that will achieve those priorities. Just give us a call or complete the enquiry form and you will be a step nearer to finding your replacement motor.

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Latest Nissan Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2018-10-15 10:29:31 +02:00
2005, 16 Valve
Not available
Good day, I need an engine for a 2005 Nissan, 16 v, 2.4 lit, 2005 model, KA24, I am based in Boksburg, please call back with price and availability.
2018-10-11 21:42:52 +02:00
monezi goobe ndyambo
double cab engine NP300
2018-10-09 16:43:09 +02:00
i need a rebuilt or reconditioned engine
2018-10-09 16:35:04 +02:00
240 desiel
2018-10-08 15:27:50 +02:00
2.7 Diesel
I am looking for a engine block or a complete engine for a Nissan Terano2.7 Diesel, 2002 model, VSKTVUR20U0427425, please send quotes on both.
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Juke Sani Sentra
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Langley NV350 Tiida
Livina Navara Ud
Maxima Pathfinder X-trail
Micra Patrol
Murano Primastar

Identifying the 10 Most Frequent Nissan Engine Problems

used nissan engine

Engine breakdown isn’t good news. It will not only place your Nissan out of working order, however it can also be tough diagnose plus more complicated to repair. You will find a great number of warning signs that may be present, like misfiring or overheating, nonetheless the cause can be difficult to find unless you know your way with engines.

What Might possibly Be the Issue?
Consider the “check engine” light not the end of the world for your Nissan, but instead being an indicator that something requires replacement. Ones car computer might find any one of the pursuing troubles.

Subpar lubrication.
Diminished oil pressure often is among the reasons for engine failures due to the fact oil is definitely the life line for the engine. Oil but not only decreases friction of components yet also lubricates the engine and takes in high temperatures. Seeing that motors are full of moving parts, making oil levels high is crucial. Unbalanced lubrication causes overheating and could lead to your engine failing. Engine oil cuts down oxidation and also puts a stop to undesirable debris from accumulating so maintaining suitable ratios is definitely important.

Oil pump failure.
If the car’s oil pump is not functional, the engine will break from oil starvation that will generally lead to beyond repair damage. Confirm you’re making use of the ideal brand of oil for your engine, specially in the higher-risk over head cam engines.

Grimey engine oil.
Engine oil ought to be swapped out on a consistent basis. This is because aged oil will leave particles or debris on components inside engine. Components for instance timing gears and valves do the job particularly smoothly, and having deposits obstructs the efficiency. To help you fight this, switch oil as consistently as you can and ensure your oil filter is not obstructed.

Worn spark plug.
The spark plug lights pressurized petrol within the engine so as to make your automobile move. It lights petrol by transmitting energy from the spark plug’s end towards the electrode inside the Nissan engine. A damaged spark plug will cause an inadequate spark. It could moreover prevent ignition fully, or cause ignition at the improper moment. This damage can lead to a poor ignite, which in turn triggers engine malfunction.

Spark knock.
Generally known as spark knock, spark detonation is really an surcharge of pressures inside of a ignition chamber. When this occurs, a metallic knocking or pinging sound is usually noticed. Consistent detonation can certainly leave cracks in the motor or else can significantly harm the engine’s structure. It is not a trouble in many today’s engines that are well maintained, however badly maintained engines may experience this trouble. However, within these circumstances, the time is right to purchase another engine.

Defective or faulty oxygen indicator.
Inside of the engine there is a sensor that quantifies o2 expenditure out of the exhaust system. Then it talks the car’s computer system the amount gasoline is within the fuel tank. A bad O2 system implies the car receives wrong data.

Subpar compression.
If oxygen and petrol are not effectively compressed, the engine can not complete its combustion process. If combustion is not taking place, the engine will not run. There are multiple issues where compression could possibly be malfunctioning, such as the cylinders and pistons.

Coolant loss.
Typically, coolant loss is the most common cause of getting hot. Vehicle engines utilize coolant for a regular resource for heat reduction, and the losing of the liquids causes intense heats.

Obstructed radiator.
Just like oil, coolant becomes unclean after some time. In the event the radiator ends up being rife with grime from unclean coolant, it will eventually probably bring about your engine to overheat. Your radiator can also get corroded if hard water is used.

Loose or absent petrol lid.
Tightening up or replacement of the fuel cap is among the least difficult and most inexpensive fixes your vehicle will need over the course of its lifetime. Nevertheless, it should be taken seriously.. A loose or absent fuel cap triggers gas to evaporate from the automobile, decreasing its fuel economy and costing you potentially thousands of rands. Should you be realizing that petrol is exhausted a lot before it should, you may want to purchase a new gas cap.

Has your dash panel lit up the “check engine” light? The important engineering in your automobile commonly display specialized warning indicators so contact an automotive mechanic promptly. Equipped with the above guidance you have a considerably better understanding of what might be wrong on your motor. In case you are wanting a replacement motor, our company will help you get the best feasible options by way of our scrap yard network.

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