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Used KIA Engines For Sale in South Africa

Whether you drive a KIA Picanto, Rio, Sportage, Sorento, or a KIA Cerato, trust Engine Finder to help you find a quality used KIA engine for sale for your vehicle.

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    Used Imported KIA Engines For Sale

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    About KIA Engines

    kia-logoKIA, synonymous with durability and efficiency, offers a range of engines known for their longevity and performance. In South Africa, KIA engines, including the 1.6-litre GDI and 2.4-litre MPI, power popular models like the Sportage and Rio. These engines are engineered for optimal balance between fuel efficiency and power output.

    Each engine is identified by a unique code (e.g., G4FG, G4KE), indicating its specifications and compatibility. This coding system is crucial for ensuring the precise matching of engines to specific vehicle models.

    Popular KIA Engines & Specs

    Engine Model Application Type Displacement Max Power Max Torque Bore x Stroke Compression Ratio Valvetrain
    G3LA 1.0 Picanto Gasoline 998 cc 66-120 hp 95-172 Nm 71 mm x 84 mm 10.0-10.5:1 DOHC
    G4HG 1.1 Picanto Gasoline 1086 cc 63-69 hp 96-99 Nm 67 mm x 77 mm 10.1 SOHC
    G4KD 2.0 Sportage Gasoline 1998 cc 145-165 hp 190-200 Nm 86 mm x 86 mm 10.5 DOHC
    G4LC 1.4 Rio Gasoline 1368 cc 100 hp 133 Nm 72 mm x 84 mm 10.5 DOHC
    G4NA 2.0 Soul Gasoline 1999 cc 150-167 hp 190-200 Nm 81 mm x 97 mm 10.3 DOHC
    J2 Diesel K2700 Diesel 2,665 cc 79 hp 16.8 kg·m 94.5 mm x 95 mm 21.5:1 OHV

    Engine Finder: Trusted Source for KIA Engines in South Africa

    In need of a used KIA engine? Engine Finder specializes in connecting you with a network of vetted suppliers, ensuring quality and compatibility. Our process is straightforward: submit a request via our online form or phone, and we’ll provide multiple quotes from reputable sources. We prioritize transparency and reliability, ensuring you get the right engine at a fair price.

    FAQ for Buying a Used KIA Engine

    How Do I Ensure the Quality of a Used KIA Engine?

    Choose engines from reputable suppliers with verifiable histories. Check for warranties and consider a professional inspection for added assurance.

    Why Are KIA Engines Reliable?

    KIA’s commitment to quality manufacturing and technological advancement results in engines that are both durable and efficient.

    How Does Engine Finder Ensure I Get a Compatible KIA Engine?

    We use your vehicle’s details and the engine code to match you with the most compatible options from our network of trusted suppliers.

    What Should I Check When Buying a Used KIA Engine?

    Confirm engine compatibility with your car, verify the engine code, and review the engine’s maintenance history for reliability.

    Can I Install a Used KIA Engine Myself?

    While self-installation is possible for those with mechanical expertise, we recommend professional installation to ensure proper fitting and function.

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