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Used Volvo Engines For Sale in South Africa

If you’re scouting for a quality used Volvo engine for sale, you have arrived at the right spot. Whatever engine dilemma you’ve got, we will instantly allow you to get in contact with a huge community of engine suppliers in SA.

Our website may help discover the appropriate engine for your Volvo at a good price. Regardless if you are an auto mechanic, car dealer or a motorist it doesn’t really make any difference. Simply enter your contact information using our on-line form and wait for the prices from our Volvo scrap yard network.

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    Why Choose Engine Finder for Used Volvo Engines?volvo logo 1 1

    Engine Finder streamlines the process of finding used Volvo engines for sale in South Africa. Here’s why Engine Finder should be your first choice:

    • Comprehensive Inventory: Engine Finder collaborates with numerous sellers to provide a wide array of used Volvo engines, enhancing your likelihood of discovering the precise model you require.
    • Time-Saving: By eliminating the need to search through various websites or physically visit multiple auto shops, Engine Finder saves you valuable time. Locating a suitable Volvo engine is just a few clicks away.
    • Budget-Friendly: Engine Finder allows you to compare prices from different sellers, ensuring you secure the most cost-effective deal on a used Volvo engine.
    • Reliable Providers: Engine Finder collaborates with trusted engine importers and scrap yards that have been thoroughly vetted, guaranteeing the quality and dependability of your purchase.

    When it comes to finding second hand Volvo engines, Engine Finder delivers a user-friendly and dependable solution, proving to be an indispensable resource for vehicle repairs and engine replacements.

    Average Price & Specs Of Popular Volvo Engines in South Africa

    Here is a table of popular Volvo engines for sale in South Africa with their specs and average prices:

    Engine Model Description Average Price
    Volvo B5204T/B5244T 2.0L/2.4L 2.0L/2.4L gasoline engine used in Volvo S70, V70, and others R14,000
    Volvo B6304S 2.9L/3.0L 2.9L/3.0L gasoline engine used in Volvo S90 and V90 R15,000
    Volvo B4204 2.0L Used imported 2.0L gasoline engine for Volvo S40 and V40 R11,000
    Volvo B6294T 2.9L T6 2.9L turbocharged gasoline engine used in Volvo S80 R17,000
    Volvo D5244T 2.4L TD 2.4L turbodiesel engine R16,000
    Volvo B4184S 1.8L 1.8L gasoline engine R11,000
    Volvo B5234T 2.3L Used imported 2.3L gasoline engine for Volvo 850 R16,000
    Volvo D4164T 1.6L 1.6L diesel engine R17,000
    Volvo B6254S 2.5L 2.5L gasoline engine R14,000
    Volvo B5254T3 2.5L 2.5L gasoline engine R28,000 – R36,000

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