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We’re typically saddened anytime a vehicle isn’t working efficiently, was smacked during an accident, or the engine overheats all too often. Not only does it generate additional harm to the automobile but also wrecks your driving experience. Nevertheless, thankfully you’ll be able to change your broken radiator or perhaps the spoiled old motor to give your vehicle a completely new life without the need of replacing it.

Previous Nissan Micra Engine Enquiries

looking for a new Nissan Micra, CR140, 2007 year model in the Pretoria area.
2019-07-22 15:55:42 +02:00
Imported 1.5DCi Nissan Micra engine to purchase
2019-07-19 15:07:58 +02:00
Complete engine
2019-05-29 18:20:05 +02:00
Looking for complete good condition Micra K9K engine
2019-05-27 22:55:08 +02:00
looking for a complete secondhand Nissan Micra 1.4, 16 valve, 2006 year model in the Port Elizabeth area.
2019-04-25 08:25:54 +02:00
I am looking for either the sub assembly ot a complete engine for a Nissan Micra, 1.5 Diesel, K9K.
2019-03-19 14:45:57 +02:00
Looking for replacement engine
2019-03-05 14:20:56 +02:00
I need diesel injectors for my 2011 Nissan Micra 1.5dci
2019-02-05 14:43:24 +02:00
I am looking for an engine for a Nissan Micra 2005
2018-12-07 08:32:51 +02:00
Hi np 200 ,Nissan micra 1500 dci k9k ,looking for alternator bracket,same braket for Aircon,also need v belt tensoner,also oli dip stick
2018-11-22 19:52:01 +02:00
2018-11-19 16:10:06 +02:00
I require an oil pump for a 2005 Nissan Micra 1.4, engine number CR14, I am at Linbro Business park, please call back with price and availability.
2018-10-25 08:31:38 +02:00
I am looking a new or low maleage CR 14 nissan micra engine
2018-09-20 22:20:44 +02:00
complete or sub
2018-08-22 19:51:10 +02:00
i am looking used engin
2018-08-01 10:57:39 +02:00
Hi, I am looking for an engine for Nissan Micra 2004 model, not sure of engine size, engine number: CR14037625R, based in Polokwane, request quote and return call.
2018-07-10 12:00:39 +02:00
I want to know the price
2018-06-27 10:26:31 +02:00
I need either petrol or diseal angine
2018-06-11 20:02:04 +02:00
I need a sub assembly.
2018-06-08 16:41:52 +02:00
Need a newrecon motor at reasonable price
2018-04-30 13:36:40 +02:00
I am looking for a Nissan Micra Engine (HR12 - without the variable Timing sensor at the cam shaft)
2018-04-13 12:51:54 +02:00
Can you please help with 1.5 dci Nissan Micra engine
2018-04-11 10:07:46 +02:00

The spontaneous reaction of any Nissan Micra owner would be to purchase a completely new engine when it comes to changing engine parts. Nevertheless, this is in no way low cost and you will probably wind up spending a pile of cash. In these cases, the best choice is to choose a used one. The issue is, you have to find one, that is manufactured by the very same maker, arises from the exact same design and also the same year of manufacture to help make your car reunite its older and golden days.

In some cases there are plenty of used Nissan Micra motors for sale which are pretty much brand-new. It is because sellers sell motors of Nissan Micra damaged in crashes that are still in operating condition. These types of components are, hence, genuine and fully genuine. Consequently, you can always grab original brand new parts that are approved by gurus just before putting it in the 2nd hand marketplace.

Used car Nissan Micra motors tend to be at a great need with regards to exchanging vehicle parts. Probable buyers really are deciding on used car components because they are pretty much as good as well as legit so as those in a new automotive. Acquiring a second-hand Nissan Micra motor can reduce your servicing fees by up to 50 %, with out compromising on quality and performance.

One more reason why individuals are no longer concerned about going for used car engines is due to assurance. Used car motors supply you with an assurance time period covering everything from Half a year to two yrs. This ensures a consumer of good as well as reliable support as well as very little potential for the part wearing down prematurely. Now and then finding the the right part might be a problem specifically for hard to find brands. You could nonetheless go online and search for Nissan Micra engines, take advantage of the enquiry contact form on this great site, or maybe subscribe to Nissan Micra components buying forums or maybe marketplaces. We can put in your search and find the specific car part for you personally. It’s fairly simple to locate a nearby importer who is eager to send the various components to your location.

An additional of buying a good pre-owned Nissan Micra motor is that you may get the best prices. Because of the brutal rivalry between many dealers, a lot of vendors are likely to offer you wonderful discount rates on solitary units. As being a purchaser who will endeavor to get the best quote by evaluating prices from various sellers. To minimize the prospect of acquiring the wrong component, invariably you should consult the guide that was included with your Nissan Micra.

Engine Finder serves as a platform designed to put you into contact with vehicle dismantlers through South Africa. In addition to offering Nissan Micra engines for sale, a professional junk yard likewise will offer related automobile parts such as pistons, gearboxes, window mechanisms, bumpers, looms plus more.

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