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Looking For A Used Nissan X-Trail Engine?

Plenty of good reasons that demonstrate why you could be seeking a Nissan X-Trail engine for sale. Maybe you have dealt with a crash, the engine might have seized, a cylinder head gasket ruptured, or perhaps many more reasons. A lot of our daily existence highly count on our cars allowing us to safely get to a job and then go back home again, which explains why you need to buy an motor as soon as possible!

Our company can certainly help any individual living in South Africa easily and quickly find an motor for his or her Nissan X-Trail. Regardless of the Nissan X-Trail model you have, whether it be a Visia or even a Qashqai we can assist you in finding the motor you need!


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Latest Nissan X-Trail Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2020-01-08 15:23:12 +02:00
JC Nel
2012, X-Trail
2 Litre
I need a 2 litre engine for a 2012 Nissan X-Trail, I am situated in Brits, please call back.
2019-12-11 11:06:59 +02:00
2010, X-Trail
2 Litre, Diesel
I need an engine for a 2010 Nissan X-Trail, 2 litre diesel, engine code is M9RD, I am situated in Standerton, please call back.
2019-10-23 09:37:10 +02:00
1.6, X-Trail
Very Important! (Found On Your License Disc)
I need a gearbox for a Nissan X-Trail, I am situated in Vanderbijlpark, please call back with price and availability.
2019-10-23 09:23:19 +02:00
Very Important! (Found On Your License Disc)
I need an engine for a Nissan X-Trail, I am situated in Johannesburg, please call back with price and availability.
2019-07-10 14:26:22 +02:00
Looking for an engine for 2008 nissan x-trail 2.0 xe 4x2
Engine No: MR20572599A
Why Use Engine Finder

We’ve got a big circle of Nissan Engine Importers & Scrap Yards

You will discover a big network of scrap yards as well as motor importers through Sa. Consequently , 1 request submitted to our business goes off to all of them. This helps you to save period of time trying to make contact with numerous companies individually on your own.

This kind of shows that you will have better results seeking the engine you’ll need. Alone, you will most probably merely call the junk yards which are local to you. Whenever you enquire with Engine Finder, its possible you could get an Nissan X-Trail engine from up country.

Absolutely no Intermediary Charges

There won’t be intermediary costs when using our firm. On no account will the price tag be pumped, you buy directly from the scrap yard. Every single scrap yard will have a diverse style of handling their business, but you’ll be trading specifically with them.

Be given various estimations either by phone or just email

No matter whether you want to speak to someone over the phone or even get several e-mails that you may print and examine alongside each other, you will definately get multiple quotes from junk yards by way of telephone or email. Occasionally you could potentially see a pricing among the numerous estimates you will get. Often the most cost effective option is not really the best!

The Nissan X-Trail Offroad Driving


We take the fuss out of finding second-hand Nissan X-Trail engines for sale throughout South Africa. All of our call agents are expecting to take your call from Mon to Fri anywhere between 8am – 5pm. Or our website’s on-line enquiry form is accessible At any hour! Determined by stock availability you ought to be getting estimates from different junk yards from across the country.

Our service is not constrained by just the Nissan X-Trail brand, we look for engines for all automobile models and makes. This really makes us a gateway to assist any individual find virtually any engine for almost any make of automobile. The old saying: “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking” is no longer correct! Save some time from much less calls and much less driving to every scrap yard.

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